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Justice Undone

Humayun's Tomb, Delhi Chained Angels / Liberated Devils / Masjids confined / Malls refined Read more
The rose and butterfly outside tomb of Shaykh Bahaddin Naqshabandi

It’s been years eleven

One and One / Love upon love / Patience and sacrifice / Not a complaint nor a taint Read more

Humayun's Tomb

Love Lunacy Let Loose

I begin my month and year / In the name of your Meem Dear / Embrace me, curse not / Grant me, withhold not Read more


Death – The Nemesis of Human Mortality: No more grand prayer from my Grandmother

Grandma Nothing does more damage to our creative ambitions than the loss of our dearest well-wishers. And the wound is even deeper when the loss is inflicted upon by Death, the nemesis of human mortality. Read more

A True Blueprint for the Patient Realization of Time

A critical essay on the four factors which would help one realize the full meaning of Time. Read more

Freedom is the oxygen of the Intellectual

This article is in response to a Twitter discussion, on public intellectuals in the gulf, triggered by the writer’s comment, I thought “public intellectuals" in the Gulf was an oxymoron! Read more


No-God argument, may be. Contempt of Prophet, never : Jaihoon

jaihoon-markazgarden2 We may allow atheist to debate if God ever exists. But never for a moment imagine a speck of dust to fall on the historicity of Rasool Sallallahualaihiwasallam... Summary of Jaihoon’s presentation entitled ‘Poetics of Prophetism and Manufacturing Cross Cultural Dialogues’ at Markaz Garden Group of Institutions Read more
Jaihoon darul huda

Easier to impress adults than young minds : Jaihoon

I consider it a crime of cause for you to focus on Malayalam writings alone. You are not fashioned here only to translate English or Arabic works to Malayalam. Instead, you are equally capable of composing originally in English or Arabic or even Urdu, says Jaihoon to students of Darul Huda Islamic University Read more

IAFS students @ SIGN Philosphere

Qualify yourself to dream like a king: Jaihoon

Your dream should be aimed at a larger horizon. For this, you need to gather as much knowledge and expertise for building a grand dream. Read more


Ishq-e-Rasool : Milad Celebrations in Arab World

View from Humayun's Tomb, Delhi

ഉദ്യാനം മറക്കാത്ത വാനമ്പാടി

JAIHOON is on cover page of Varthamanam Daily's Weekend Special (Qatar edition) Read more


Crossing the Organizational Factionalism in Keralite Islam: Jaihoon

Jaihoon's interview for Issue 4 of Cafe Dissensus Read more


Meem is for Mercy [my slogan. my revolution]

meem is for mercy-feature "You may occasionally stretch and struggle to keep up with his Slogans of Mercy, but you surely wouldn't want to abandon his Revolution of Meem." Read more

Mission Nizamuddin (The Twitter-based Micro-Travelogue) by Jaihoon

The book, which takes less than 15 minutes to finish, is a compilation of his travel across the four Indian states of Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan during the early months of year 2010 composed within the limits of the 140 characters. Read more


The Alchemy of Affinity

The poems are all variations on a theme of divine love peppered with splendid romance whose course does not always run smooth. Read more


Liberating Kerala Islam from Sectarian Priesthood

IMG_6620 Kerala Islam is today chained in priesthood and the constant sectarian bullying has robbed them of the opportunity of discovering the beauty of Islam Read more

Lavishing Legacy with Literature : Sami Yusuf attends Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

The three disciplines - Music, History and Literature – assembled in beautiful proportion deep in the chamber of their hearts. They took home the melodious words of this Nasheed artist, 'reading is the coolest thing to do' Read more


Meeting with the Mystic of Melattur

The silent scholar is not a regular darling of the religious establishments. He rarely attends phone calls and, though has a laptop, does not bother to check emails. Taking advantage of this rare opportunity of meeting him, I blatantly bombed him with a host of questions to which he very patiently answered Read more


Ramadan 1435: Day 29

madina-oldman As Ramadan draws to a close, the believer is eager if he would get another day ad night from the Holy Month. Would he get another chance of the Tharaveeh prayers? Would he able to weep before the Lord in the Qiyamul layl? Read more

Ramadan 1435: Day 28

Allah is not joking when HE says he will take us to task on the Day of Judgment. A believer will fervently shiver as he listens to the verses of chapters such as Qaf and Waqia from the Holy Book. Read more


Ramadan 1435: Day 27

Allah is our creator. He knows well our tendency to sin. But is we who are ignorant of His Forgiveness. Read more


GCC to the Rescue of Expats in the Gulf Opportunities have been created all across the Gulf Read more

True Scholars vs Google boys – Hamza Yusuf

A Friday Sermon by Hamza Yusuf Read more


Indian contribution to Arabic Sufi Literature

Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal at the Al Nahda international Arabic Seminar, Kerala Read more