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Miraj : Every Love has a Secret

jaihoon-masjid It is not My habit to ask the ants to carry the mountains / Nor do I ever command the wax to guard the flame / No fish will be forced to cross the river of fear / For, I decree only that which a soul can bear Read more
Natives posing

To the Selfie Offspring

The wine of Lord’s pleasure / Is in their cup / The song of His mercy / Is on their lip Read more

Alleys of Lab i Hauz

When Time Forgot to Pass

The sight of this human form humbled me / My feet remained numb and so did my sense / Even as he traveled far and far with his angelic friend / I rested under the shade of this benevolent bewilderment . . . On Time and Space dimensions in Miraj Read more


Silence of the Kashgar Daughters

Upal Village, Kashgar What would it be like to set foot on that timeless soil where Past and Present played hide and seek from the other? My head lectured on the impossibilities even as my heart whispered about the possibilities. And I knew Truth would finally triumph even if Falsehood would stage its deceptive dance to snare my dream. Heart got its due, but after patiently knocking for more than ten years at Destiny’s doors. Read more
Native Nepali woman

Hunting for Himalayan Hope

Very hardworking lot, Nepalis sweat their soul out to make a living Read more

With the little visitors to tomb of Shaykh Bahaddin Naqshabandi

Of Bukhara’s Brides & Babar’s Belligerence : A Travel Tale to Timur’s Towns

When I boarded the flight back to Delhi, the land that used to be playground for the power games of the Timurian descendants, I felt an extraordinary connection between the two nations. Uzbekistan was no longer alien nor foreign to me. With the Two Bs, Baber and Bukhari, I had to acknowledge the Uzbek contribution to my own country and creed... Jaihoon's tryst at Uzbekistan Read more


Iftar is ½ of a Believer’s Joy: Jaihoon

Jaihoon @ Dubai KMCC Iftar Speech at the Dubai KMCC Iftar meet Read more

Voyages surge Knowledge : Jaihoon

Travel is a passionate experience which helps to discover exciting cultures and peoples. A large part of Islamic knowledgebase is a product of beloved scholars’ journeys and travels.... Intro of Jaihoon's talk at Markazu Tharbiyyathil Islamiyya, Markaz Campus Valanchery. Read more


No-God argument, may be. Contempt of Prophet, never : Jaihoon

We may allow atheist to debate if God ever exists. But never for a moment imagine a speck of dust to fall on the historicity of Rasool Sallallahualaihiwasallam... Summary of Jaihoon’s presentation entitled ‘Poetics of Prophetism and Manufacturing Cross Cultural Dialogues’ at Markaz Garden Group of Institutions Read more


Death – The Nemesis of Human Mortality: No more grand prayer from my Grandmother

Grandma Nothing does more damage to our creative ambitions than the loss of our dearest well-wishers. And the wound is even deeper when the loss is inflicted upon by Death, the nemesis of human mortality. Read more

A True Blueprint for the Patient Realization of Time

A critical essay on the four factors which would help one realize the full meaning of Time. Read more

Freedom is the oxygen of the Intellectual

This article is in response to a Twitter discussion, on public intellectuals in the gulf, triggered by the writer’s comment, I thought “public intellectuals" in the Gulf was an oxymoron! Read more


Dubai KMCC 2.0: Cherishing a new Culture of Compassion

Jaihoon with Anwar Naha Philanthropy should be able to bring about a positive change in the life of the beneficiary and ultimately make him self-sustainable, says Anwar Naha, the president of Dubai KMCC, as he shares his vision of “reform-oriented social change” with Mujeeb Jaihoon. Read more

Liberating Kerala Islam from Sectarian Priesthood

Kerala Islam is today chained in priesthood and the constant sectarian bullying has robbed them of the opportunity of discovering the beauty of Islam Read more


Lavishing Legacy with Literature : Sami Yusuf attends Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

The three disciplines - Music, History and Literature – assembled in beautiful proportion deep in the chamber of their hearts. They took home the melodious words of this Nasheed artist, 'reading is the coolest thing to do' Read more


Ishq-e-Rasool : Milad Celebrations in Arab World

View from Humayun's Tomb, Delhi

ഉദ്യാനം മറക്കാത്ത വാനമ്പാടി

JAIHOON is on cover page of Varthamanam Daily's Weekend Special (Qatar edition) Read more


Crossing the Organizational Factionalism in Keralite Islam: Jaihoon

Jaihoon's interview for Issue 4 of Cafe Dissensus Read more


Meem is for Mercy [my slogan. my revolution]

meem is for mercy-feature "You may occasionally stretch and struggle to keep up with his Slogans of Mercy, but you surely wouldn't want to abandon his Revolution of Meem." Read more

Mission Nizamuddin (The Twitter-based Micro-Travelogue) by Jaihoon

The book, which takes less than 15 minutes to finish, is a compilation of his travel across the four Indian states of Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan during the early months of year 2010 composed within the limits of the 140 characters. Read more


The Alchemy of Affinity

The poems are all variations on a theme of divine love peppered with splendid romance whose course does not always run smooth. Read more



jaihoon bamboo I'm a proud son of Gandhi's #India. Why wouldn't #ISupportGaza? Read more
jaihoon bamboo

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Jaihoon's selected tweets from 2015 Read more

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