Blaming the Almighty for His punishments is nonsensical as He indefinitely ignores the crimes of humans granting them excuse upon excuse to forgive — writes Mujeeb Jaihoon.

The other day to my treasured friend
I eagerly approached
To relate a news-
My ears had just fetched

My heart was heavy
With a sad news
Nothing around could
Lead me to amuse

I said,

“Did you know about the bloody quake-
And the thousands lives it cruelly take?

Homes are down, bridges are broken
The entire earth below them are shaken

What a fate has upon them fallen!
Their land with great misery is swollen”

While I impatiently vent all my shock
My friend with silence did towards me look

And as I concluded my pitiful talk
Few sweet words di my friend unlock

“How Merciful is my Him
Who is so patient with our Zulm

He indefinitely ignores crimes of humans
Excuse upon excuse to grant forgiveness

But when all limits are crossed
His judgment comes to be passed

Yet, how could you accuse His Mercy-
Knowing well how much Him I fancy?

Don’t you have any sense or shame-
To doubt His Mercy and put on Him blame?

During the day, you forget to praise
But when night falls, Him you criticize”

Hearing these words I got more sad
Thinking about Him I felt further bad

I thanked Him for what I woefully learned-
From the mouth of the Him-Loving Friend

August 21, 2003.