Walking across the bazaar one day
A bystander asked me the reason why-

‘May days had passed since-
You have not composed any lines?’

Every other day a new dish I would prepare
And soulful garments for the dispirited to wear

I burn by own heart in the oven of pain
I soak my eyes in the stream of tears

These are a favor from the Lord
Which shall link them and Him with an accord

But for past few days I kept myself busy
So that the heart would not feel dizzy

I masked my pain with the worldly glitter
I chained my soul with the comfortable fetter

For a day I put my head in the worldly matters
And my heart without His Love fell into clutters

For those eyes used to reading my painful tale
May Allah bless my pen to write without fail!

What harm for one solitary heart with pain to throb and bleed-
If it shall make a thousand hearts towards Him proceed!

There is a victory in pain too-
Ah! stones plenty, Pearls so few!

September 19, 2003.


These are a favor… : The eyes and heart are a blessing from Allah which is to be used in His Way, i.e. to help bring fellow beings closer to Him.