It was moon-lit dark
When I began the walk

The stars above were shining
And the heart in me was whining-


“Look at the stars, O foolish man
See their splendor besides the moon
Did you still not learn the secrets of Affinity?
What a shame, on you may descend Lord’s pity.”

I did not say a word,
What to fight with no sword

The cursed devil is selling that fruit for free
His slaves unable to identify that Forbidden Tree
He has chained the slaves of God
In their own lands they are tied

Mischief is dancing in the streets
Those in authority are giving the beats
Ah! Those who have any shame left
Hide their faces in the passive blankets

His slaves’ hearts are scattered
For bread’s worry their minds cluttered
Whatever good remains in them
Devil steals their time to perform

God made His slaves
So that Him they worship
Devil shaped their lives
In paying bills and tip

I did not say a word
What to fight with no sword

At such a time-

O my heart, where to find my soul’s friends
In pain I cry, even when joy in my life blends

I smile merely as a cause for Sadaqah
‘coz that was a part of the Beloved’s Sunnah

Or else what is around so joyful
When good remains just a handful?

In the east and west I fail to find any soul
That burns me in His Love like coal?

What worth is a star, tell me
When it’s distant from its galaxy?

I can pierce the Time like an arrow
But who will launch me like a bow?

I am the fragrant sandal from the beautiful hind
But where is the breeze that will spread the Hijazi scent?

I did not say a word
What to fight with no sword

October 11, 2003. While returning from Isha prayer


Forbidden Tree: The tree God forbid Adam to approach.

Sadaqah: charity. (Every smile is a charity- Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa salam

Sunnah: way of the Prophet

Hindi.. Hijazi: Indian and Arabian.