One day my dear mentor gave me much scold
Listening to his voice, tears in my eyes rolled

I left the assembly unable to speak
So that none would see me so meek

That day my heart was drowned in pain
In search of relief, towards my friend I ran

And then I briskly narrated my heart’s plight
In front of my friend whose face is full of light

After listening silently for time long
I got a reply that made me strong-

“Why lose heart, O Jaihoon
Bold ones never cry so soon.

Your dear mentor gave you such painful advice
Since you are dear to him than anyone else

You should feel rather blessed and fortunate
That a great one like him is with you intimate”

O Reader! A friend’s role is to defend
When life’s trials upon you descend.

Alas! No matter how severe is the winter
Your friend will say, ‘spring will one day enter’

A true friend is a Him-sent candle
For hope in His Mercy to kindle

October 21, 2003. After returning from GITEX 2003, the tech exhibition held in Middle East.