by Jaihoon

Last night a sinner cried in sujood
‘What a favor ya Al Wadood

YOU raised our Beloved so high
Thanks upon thanks, ya al-Hayy

YOURS is the glory
YOURS is the grace

How great this magnificent manna
Limitless YOUR love, ya al-Mannan’

Came a Voice from the verandah within

‘MY compassion knows no limits
MY favors are beyond your digits

O son of Adam-kind!

MY greatest favor doesn’t end
With the event of Beloved’s ascend

Even as I brought him to my Holy Presence
I let him return to your humble human planet

His ascend and descend are from MY favor
Scent of MY limitless love, sign of MY infinite power

He is not the affair of planets and stars alone
The breeze of his fame has all over cosmos blown

May 26 2014. (Rajab 27, 1435)