An eager stranger asked me yesterday
Your friend and mentor do you meet everyday?

I did not wait for a single moment
A reply I gave at the same instant-

“No. Why would one want to meet?
Those who are always in their heart
The purpose of meeting is to remind
About the ones they leave behind

Seeing dear ones everyday breeds familiarity
The wise ones said it is a poison for Affinity!

Others make an effort to remember their loved ones
The beloved’s image they fix on the walls of their homes.
Ah! But this fool is seeking an excuse to forget
Although he shivers of cold wrapped in the solitary jacket

In every worldly crowd I go
Their memories in me flow

When alone I am like the sunburnt sand dunes
With them, I become the evergreen Hind full of springs

Yes. Blessed are my eyes to have met them once
But my soul weeps parted I am from them since”

What is the remedy for this never-ending pain?
For how long shall I wait for Affinity’s train?

Bead by bead, O Rabb, since when I have been joining
But again and again why is my Tasbih still breaking?

November 1st, 2003. After Taravih