Allah has created you
To obey His Commands

You are creatures of light
Endowed with power and might

You remember those bygone days
The Green Dome was at a distance

I had to sit and cry from my bilaad
So that on Last Day I shall be glad

Lord ordered you to carry my salaam
So far you’ve done it without any sham


‘Here is a gift, O Hijazi Beloved
It’s from Jaihoon, a Hindi walad

But at this blessed moment
May I make a selfish comment

Give way for this son of Adam
To greet alone the Sarkar-e-do-Alam

I am now standing just beside the Habeeb
Who can listen clearly to this sinful gareeb

Therefore give way to my selfish love
Without any means it wants to flow

Tell me, O Jibreel
Which selfish lover can afford to accommodate?
Even the dust that between the Beloved shall mediate

He wants to directly communicate
All the pain that make his state passionate

Tell me, O Jibreel
Did you not obediently move aside?
After a while on the heavenly ride

Ah! For now…
For now this sinner too is in his Miraj
Towards the love of the Heavenly Siraj!

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

November 2003. While seated beside outside the wall of Rawdha Shareef after performing the Umra.


bilaad: country

walad: son (here a little one)

Sarkar-e-do-Alam: The chief of two worlds, i.e. the Holy Prophet

Habeeb: Beloved

gareeb: poor

Miraj: The journey of Ascension

Siraj: The Quran in one place refers to the Holy Prophet as Sirajul Muneer, the lamp spreading light

Arabic Translation