– by Jaihoon

Last night my little one on my shoulders climbed
As he laid aside the ball game on his play-pad

He noticed the beach boys’s pic on my timeline
Asked he whereto and wherefrom they ran

‘Running for life,
Away from death’, replied I

‘Did they win the race?’
Asked he with a curious face

I had no answer for my sweet n cute one
How could I disclose to him the Death’s win?

He was too little to even realize Life
How then would he recognize Death?

‘These young angels had no rockets to launch
Nor even rocks at the enemy to toss

These were just little Davids
Armored with nothing but innocence

How then could the Goliath kill
With wounds their bodies fill?

They were the children of the then native hosts
Mean men and money now call them the hostile guests

My sweet dear. All we can do for them is vote and tweet
And lay back on our comfy couch and pray in words quiet

I watched my son curled in sleep
And thought of the father of Gaza’s angels

How many more angels have to lose their smile?
How many more bodies and hearts need to shatter?

The spineless system has tied our hands and voice
They wash their hands of this mess having no choice

Their loss is ours and our conscience’s
We failed in courage, they won in innocence

We hang our heads and hearts in shame
Even as we shed tears in their name

Unable to move a finger
Nor even a worthy word utter

Though our prayers in palatial mosques did no good
These young heroes shall play on paradise’ ground”

Ramadan 21 1435

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