O Tasbih! Look at the sky
Where He placed the stars high

They are stationed there
With a purpose for sure

“O Allah! You created them not in vain
Therefore save us from Hell’s burning pain”

They burn their own selves
Hence, light at night is seen by His Slaves

Tonight we are heading as guests
Towards that Blessed House

O Tasbih! These stars remind me
Of the talk whom Time called Ibrahim

He searched on the moon and sun for the true God
Not content with what those around in ignorance did

At first he saw the stars
And said ‘This is my Lord’
But when they began to fade
He said, ‘I like not that set’

Tonight we are heading for Makkah
Where Ibrahim with his son built Ka’aba

Within few hours, we well be there
Where all will the Ihram wear

So let not your heart rest now
In His Dhikr allow it to freely flow

May Allah reach us there very soon
After this night shall come a new dawn

This is the eve of the Blessed Friday
Why wait? ‘Allahumma salli’ let us say

After all, who informed us
About the acts of tawaaf and sa’ee
What would fools like us know
Had the Beloved for us didn’t show?

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

November 2003. On a Thursday night, while on the trip to Umra after reaching the Saudi Border.


You taught me the worth of smile: “Smile is a charity”