– by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Time and again doubts loom
Flowers of thoughts in me bloom
Mysteries of love provoke
Questions come without knock

‘Of Musa and Isa’s tales verses plenty
But of Mustafa’s not even scanty
Pages on Bethlehem and Babylon
Of Medina and Makkah unknown?’

Why this imbalance on Love-scale?
Why make lover’s face go pale?
What is the basis for this bias?
What lesson to take for the pious?

‘Drops of few verses & chapters will not suffice
HIS Beloved’s praises shall consume oceans seven
HE set aside a separate stream of knowledge
Books upon books are written on his life-age

The Holy Book is filled with His speech alone
But preserved is even the Beloved’s silence’


The Holy Quran, despite revealed to the Holy Prophet, contains very little direct references to his life incidents but is aplenty with the stories of earlier Prophets such as Moses, Jesus and Abraham. The poet justifies this ‘imbalance’ by referring to the Hadith literature, considered as the second source of Islamic knowledge. This stream of knowledge has recorded hundreds of thousands of authentic narrations related to the deeds, words and even silence of the Holy Prophet.