O heart! ‘Tis true that you are soon about to meet
The Beloved who turned even candy more sweet

There is none like him in worlds twin
Hard it is to say if there is anything to him akin

Even then keep care as every step you advance
For you are where even wind is polite as it blows

Let not his love drive you mad
Be not in wilderness clad

It’s been your regular habit to throb
As if to make me cry is your only job

But this time be in better control
Blur not my eyes making tears roll

Don’t make me look here and there
No matter what you see around fair

Don’t ever feel a seed of pride
Be as a wood burnt and dried

Be patient!

Never at others push or cause rush
Be smooth as in the waters is the fish

I have borne much pain to here reach
Ah! How many times you shall I teach?

Don’t make my legs so weak
That I shiver unable to walk

And yourself become not so meek
That with love’s pain you break

I will give you another time and place
To show all your emotions as many times

But for now don’t break my voice
For I am about to greet him with ‘Peace’

Sallallahu ala Muhammad,
Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam!


Almighty has commanded to show the highest form of respect to the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. ‘If someone visits me solely for visiting me and without any other intentions, he deserves my intercession for him on the Last Judgment’ [Muslim]

don’t break my voice: Abdullah ibn masud narrates that one should recite salat clearly and fluently, as it is a thing reaching the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

29th December 2003. Seated in the car while reflecting about Rawdha Shareef.