– Jaihoon

I have heard…
In deserts are found mirage
In clouds are found rains
In paradise are found hoors

I have heard…
With oracles are found secrets
In the garden are found roses
Within the shell are pearls

I have heard…
Around the flame fly moths
Rays lead to the Sun
Shadow to its true being

I have heard…
Friends are with one another found
If one is nowhere seen
With other be found

I have heard…
If in realty be better
At least in dream
Life becomes sweet

What then of my Tasbih-
Who left my soul’s moon
Cleft in a state of doom
Shattered in pieces thousands

What then of my Tasbih-
Who is from me space far
Who disappeared since time long
Even in dream care not to appear

What then of my Tasbih-
Who maddened me in His Love
Who blew into my soul air of Merciful Him
Who made my life sweeter than I dreamt

What then of my Tasbih-
Whose love eats my heart as cancer
Cuts my nerves like thorn razor
Freeze my blood as in a bitter freezer

What then of my Tasbih…
No longer I ask Lord
No more words can I afford
No paths left to tread

My life a feast of pain
For onlookers seem vapid joy
I alone hear my silent moan
Love a crime in this lustful nation

Lips silent
Heart in complaint
I wail with blind hope
‘O My Merciful Him’

Oct 28 2008