To commemmorate Iqbal Day (NOV. 9), JAIHOON.TV has come up with a special show on the thoughts of the greatest Muslim Philosopher of 19th century. Mohammed Zaheeruddin, President of Iqbal Academy Hyderabad, elaborated Allama Iqbal’s views on the progress of Self in the light of Sura Ikhlas, a chapter of Holy Quran.

The show, in Urdu, runs in three parts and provides an excellent insight for common man to appreciate Iqbal especially in the the present turbulent times.

“Development of the Self is not possible until one lives among the society. Isolation is not conductive for growth. A seed can grow only when it is placed in the soil. A system or discipline is required for the molding of the self. This is the theme of Rumuz-e-Bekhudi. Iqbal has summarized this concept of community life in the light of Sura Ikhlas”, says Zaheeruddin in the show.

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