What good have I done?
To deserve this dear one…

What should I in return say
For this gem made of clay

Even before I coin words of dhikr
On the ground fall tears of shukr

I now stand helplessly silent
Content, with no complaint

The beggar had asked for a penny or two
The Master gave him a treasure full

Ah! You have granted me such a ‘mercy’
O Merciful Him! Help me to be grateful

What an ungrateful fool I am
So ignorant as a lad in the pram

I cannot believe what my eyes saw
I understand not the ‘mercy’ You did show

Oh my sweet Rabb!

I am with You more than pleased
You alone can have my pain eased

Bring me closer to Your Love
Make me firm on Your Beloved’s Law

You are the one to whom I can submit
My actions that happened by chance and habit

Every moment I secretly fear deep in my mind
Will my Rabb make His Justice over His Mercy ascend?

Whom to seek refuge,
When You are in rage?

I am a wretched soul
O Allah! Leave me not alone

I feel blessed
Very, very blessed

So much tears of joy
My soul wants to enjoy

O Allah! Count me not among those
Who give not thanks as Your Mercy flows

Let every drop of Jaihoon to You say thanks
So that he falls among those pious ranks

If you reveal not the mystery of ‘Mercy’
At least open for me the gates to show gratitude.

January 16 2004. During the flight from Calicut to Sharjah, reading biography of Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (ra).


made of clay: Humanity, according to Holy Quran, was created of clay.

Dhikr, Shukr : Remembrance, Thankfulness

Your Beloved’s Law: The dos and don’ts of religion as taught by Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

His Justice over His Mercy ascend : Will Allah turn to the poet in His Mercy and forgiveness or will He deal with His Justice and Glory?