Miraj: For the first time since its inception, Light found a soul more faster itself— Time & Space reimagined in Jaihoon’s poem on the Miraculous night.

Last night saw I an immortal dream
In the lap of Space was resting Time

Time appeared a young child
Un-aged, un-fazed and un-failed

Space gave me a wrinkled smile
Feeble in voice, unable in words

Asked I to Time,

Forever and ever are you memorable
Nor for a moment have you remained idle

We wonder at your eternal speed day and night
We give up our thoughts at your very sight

You contain not in the chamber of our Reason
You force us to commit the illogical treason

O beloved son of Eternity

Has there ever been a moment
Which made you forget your mission
Has there ever been a moment
Which pushed you to bewilderment’

Time took a deep breath
And nodded with eyes closed
I and Space sharpened our ears
For, we were to hear what no ear heard

Said Time,

‘There was once a Night
Not for once will I forget

Sky had dressed itself like a bride
And stars danced like kids on a joy ride
Moon blushed in white and whiter
Angels sang lines anew to celebrate

And then I saw
That which I saw

My senses left me then and there
I lost my knowledge of when and where

For the first time since my creation
I lost myself to Love’s distraction

For the first time since my inception
I found a soul more faster than light

He had with him all the beauty of this world
The reins of Time and Space was in his hand

I heard the angels praising this Orphan
Calling him the Sultans of worlds twin

Sun and Moon were reflections of his light
Rivers and oceans’ shallow in his knowledge’s depth

His eyes were mounts of compassion
His cheeks were the valleys of nobility

The sight of this human form humbled me
My feet remained numb and so did my sense

Even as he traveled far and far with his angelic friend
I rested under the shade of this benevolent bewilderment”