Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2013

New year’s eve is not to ‘sandwich’ your Time in traffic JAMS. #NewYear #NewYearsEve – posted on 31/12/2013 18:43:56

Don’t simply seek God’s protection from dangers known to you alone. There’s a host of hidden threats from which He’s saving you. – posted on 30/12/2013 19:00:49

#Parenting success isn’t about Father/Mother becoming the child’s role model. Instead, it’s about Child becoming the Parents’ role model. – posted on 30/12/2013 18:47:18

Man-made too is Divine-destined. #God – posted on 29/12/2013 13:17:22

Revolutionaries destruct. Evolutionaries construct. #change #revolution – posted on 29/12/2013 10:19:07

Her gentleness is stronger than his harshness. The sooner women realise this truth, the easier will be her success. – posted on 29/12/2013 07:41:27

The might of Falsehood is no match for the confidence of Truth. – posted on 28/12/2013 20:02:56

Kings turn to beggars when they allow others to think for them. – posted on 28/12/2013 14:54:42

‘Disconnect’ may soon become the fashion statement in near future. – posted on 26/12/2013 21:55:49

Rushing to masjids leaving cars parked on the road obstructing traffic is against the very spirit of prayer. – posted on 26/12/2013 21:45:36

Life’s happiness is somewhere between Need & Greed. Very few know that invisible point. – posted on 26/12/2013 21:41:13

Hope is where Belief is. – posted on 26/12/2013 18:06:31

There’s always something out there to observe and absorb. Radiate good and recycle the rest. – posted on 26/12/2013 07:31:55

You have to be QUALIFIED to wish like a king. Most wish like beggars. Be royal with your wishes. – posted on 26/12/2013 07:28:35

Happiness is like a lotus flower present inside everyone waiting for the sun’s rays to bloom. Our mission is to find such rays around us – posted on 26/12/2013 07:25:10

Love your parents as much or more than your favourite celebrities. – posted on 25/12/2013 07:17:39

Muslim educationists in Kerala need to unite for a premium Islamic learning center for the rich NRI community. Coz Morality ain’t cheap. – posted on 23/12/2013 18:52:14

Why should Islamic learning in #Kerala always have to be free ? It’s this free ride which give its candidates the cheap position in society. – posted on 23/12/2013 18:05:35

The silky cushions are nice. Green mountains are fun. In my beloved’ hands, life’s joy. But nothing can match ecstasy of my sujud for YOU. – posted on 19/12/2013 06:37:02

Tea is no Tea if not heated on the flame of Love. 😊 – posted on 17/12/2013 11:49:39

With instant messaging as the norm, today’s lovers can only romanticise’ their predecessors’ longing for one another. #InstagramDirect – posted on 13/12/2013 00:21:49

Our speed of communication has increased. But Quantity isn’t always proportional to quality. – posted on 13/12/2013 00:14:22

Money can’t buy you happiness. Neither can Love. – posted on 11/12/2013 17:34:18

Beauty doesn’t require permission to share. – posted on 10/12/2013 21:25:39

Truth doesn’t wait for applause. – posted on 07/12/2013 20:58:32

Arrogance about Truth is as good as denying it. – posted on 07/12/2013 20:57:20

Humanity knows no hues. #RIPMandela #RIPNelsonMandela #Mandela – posted on 06/12/2013 09:55:29

Making mistake is one. Not learning from it is yet another. – posted on 06/12/2013 00:25:05

If one truly listens, Nature’s melody sounds loud and clear. – posted on 05/12/2013 21:42:00

Melody is music in meditation. #music – posted on 05/12/2013 21:40:21

Melody differentiates music from clamour. – posted on 05/12/2013 21:39:13

In the rumble of every sinful city, there a group of silent souls who celebrate the remembrance of their Lord & keep His Wrath away. – posted on 05/12/2013 18:09:04

Instant Messaging apps should now also carry new status message : LAST SURVEILLED ON. #prizm #nsa #surveillance – posted on 04/12/2013 21:53:12

Could our thoughts travel faster than light? It should be which is y they are able to effortlessly travel back & front in Time. #timetravel – posted on 04/12/2013 20:40:01

Blessed are those relationships whose spouses remember their better half in prayers before they ask for own. #love – posted on 04/12/2013 20:29:29

Blessed are those relationships whose spouses complain life is too short for love. #love – posted on 04/12/2013 20:27:40

Blessed are those relationships whose spouses wonder why men and women delay their betrothal. #love – posted on 04/12/2013 20:26:24

Blessed are those relationships whose spouses wish they’d met decades earlier than their wedding. #love – posted on 04/12/2013 20:24:46

You will never feel bored on #Kerala Railway platforms, especially at night. Trust me, mosquitoes will love to keep you actively awake. 😜 – posted on 04/12/2013 17:45:31

I don’t know what to say. Words dry up when Allah’s glory is in its full. – posted on 04/12/2013 15:35:48

Muslim #Kerala is today bustling with the nuisance of Religio-tainment : common man & women enjoying sermons for entertainment only. – posted on 03/12/2013 20:31:04

Sunnah brings about the dictatorship of love where the Beloved dictates your choices and preferences. – posted on 02/12/2013 20:22:31

Sunnah enables us to live a conscious life with the awareness of its joy & beauty – posted on 02/12/2013 20:19:18

Sunna adds a Divine value to our otherwise mundane habits. – posted on 02/12/2013 20:16:25

A sunna-compliant life is your fee voucher to Jannah-fragrant lifestyle. #sunna – posted on 02/12/2013 19:38:41

Allah is ALWAYS with us. It’s our mind that’s absent. – posted on 02/12/2013 18:47:00

Judgement Day is the Cup. Our preparation for it the Wine. – posted on 02/12/2013 18:23:13

We clearly see illusions. But are blind to Divine allusions. – posted on 02/12/2013 18:14:59

The signs in Nature are our bridge to understanding our Creator. – posted on 02/12/2013 11:06:43

Not very encouraging to see passengers from a Malabar-based flight rushing to the Duty-free for liquor shopping. #drinkingkills – posted on 01/12/2013 13:17:47

Love is to lose sleep dreaming about the Beloved when awake. #Love – posted on 30/11/2013 09:45:00

It’s not easy to discover life in today’s myriad of gadgets and accessories. – posted on 30/11/2013 09:43:38

We may know the good and better. But Allah knows the best – posted on 30/11/2013 09:41:59

Fragrance of Paradise is the gift for those who Love the Beloved of Allah. ﷺ – posted on 29/11/2013 10:39:19

Imam Shafi & Imam Shibli, two intellectual heavyweights in traditional Islam, both recited poetry on their deathbed. #poetry – posted on 29/11/2013 10:38:37

Turbanheads who say poetry has no place in Islam haven’t heard about Prophet’s companions who recited lengthy poems during last moments – posted on 29/11/2013 10:37:53

Dreams leave an infinite mark on our mind and body, sometimes literally. – posted on 29/11/2013 10:20:14

Dreams precede Reality or vice versa? And how would we ever know? #dream – posted on 29/11/2013 10:19:51

Since Islam has far more common with Judaism than Christianity, Muslims should look for allies in Kingdom of David than Nazarene. – posted on 28/11/2013 19:13:33

You can find poets’ cool in their verses. And Prophets’ in their lives. – posted on 28/11/2013 16:05:58

Don’t own a smartphone unless you are smart enough to know how to silence it in the mosques and meetings. – posted on 27/11/2013 12:43:37

The aim of religion is not to imprison man within the walls of Communalism. #religion #communalism – posted on 27/11/2013 10:48:55

Our of sight , out of mind. But never in sight, ever at heart. #love – posted on 25/11/2013 10:42:09

The ultimate aim of Islam is to install the Divine CC Tv within the believer, not outside. – posted on 22/11/2013 01:06:35

Our actions when alive are our true heirs when we fade away. – posted on 21/11/2013 22:22:30

There’s no drone as powerful as a loving smile. #smile – posted on 21/11/2013 12:35:33

Parents. Our everyday festival in Life. #alhamdulillah #blessed – posted on 20/11/2013 17:58:59

Submerge yourself in the love of Musthafa. Surface you shall then on the coast of Allah’s Pleasure. #Madinah #ProphetMuhammad saws – posted on 20/11/2013 10:59:45

Don’t waste time wondering to which floor of #hell would your enemies be damned. Instead worry about your own #Paradise entry pass. – posted on 15/11/2013 22:31:19

Love & Caffeine are the among the two best things that could blend with one another. ☕️💗 #coffee #love – posted on 14/11/2013 18:26:26

When THIRSTY, even water will taste like elixir. May Allah grant us all the thirst for knowledge. – posted on 14/11/2013 18:13:24

Every child has the right to know the historic legacy behind our ‘public holidays’. And story telling is an excellent option – posted on 14/11/2013 13:32:26

We are all trapped in the cave of ego. May Allah give us an opening by the blessings of this hour. – posted on 14/11/2013 05:08:19

Space travel to UP there is really exciting. Spiritual journey down to our soul is even more. #travel – posted on 10/11/2013 21:32:14

Some mistake Kerbala for wailing & mourning. Instead it’s the occasion to renew one’s fight against forces of disintegration, within&outside – posted on 10/11/2013 20:56:44

Truth is no rom-com for the couch potatoes. – posted on 10/11/2013 20:40:13

Good health of good leaders is the fortune of a good community. God bless them. – posted on 09/11/2013 21:05:36

Prayers are the greatest gift one can ever receive from their loved ones. #love – posted on 09/11/2013 01:33:39

Men-manufactured feminism does as much harm to women than patriarchal rule #sibf13 – posted on 08/11/2013 18:48:59

Dear Agents. Your gadget could surveil my body and it’s movements. Never my heart and it’s ideas. #surveillance #privacy #prism – posted on 05/11/2013 18:17:11

Men and women die. The talk of their conduct live. – posted on 02/11/2013 00:19:09

It cannot be denied that modern luxuries have considerably added to our intellectual metabolism dysfunction. #life – posted on 01/11/2013 11:17:47

Everyday’s a real life Halloween for the suffering children of Syria. #halloweencostume #halloweenparty – posted on 01/11/2013 06:02:41

Disconnected from own soul. Disconnected from own kin. And yet ‘connected’ with rest of the world! – posted on 31/10/2013 17:36:12

There was a pulpit made for poetry in the mosque of Holy Prophet DURING his lifetime. How many of our mosques follow the same Sunna? – posted on 31/10/2013 13:45:39

#Prism surveillance has been the single largest breach of human. And privacy rights fanatics are just cool about it. ?!? – posted on 31/10/2013 13:42:57

Life is beyond conflicts. – posted on 30/10/2013 07:48:49

Love is the uranium for the spiritual reactor within us. May GOD enrich us all with it. Good morning – posted on 29/10/2013 07:35:58

Dear queue breaker. Your nationality nor your costume is your license to overtake the others. Coz we all have only 24 hrs just like you. – posted on 28/10/2013 22:13:16

All troubles start when one begins to Think. That probably explains why most delegate the job for the pundits on the Idiot box. – posted on 25/10/2013 10:16:33

Evil used to be odd till recently. Now it’s Good’s fate. – posted on 25/10/2013 10:11:54

All Religious organizations in #Kerala have one Shaykh in common. Ego – posted on 25/10/2013 10:03:50

Salah (prayers) is the ultimate power pill of the believer. It’s hard to predict his reach after he has one. #prayer – posted on 23/10/2013 21:34:53

Love at Home: Express, suppress not. #family #kids #happiness – posted on 22/10/2013 10:53:00

Those who deny God in the name of universe and others who deny universe in the name of God are equally deluded. #science #religion #God – posted on 18/10/2013 21:16:48

Humanity knows no colors. – posted on 18/10/2013 16:04:40

Deluded with Notifications. 😳 – posted on 17/10/2013 14:02:20

Spiritual madness is tons better than materialistic sanity – posted on 17/10/2013 12:34:34

Human greed is drying not only rivers but minds too. – posted on 17/10/2013 10:35:59

Thirsty for an enlightening rain. Even drops would do… – posted on 17/10/2013 10:35:03

True friends remember us in their greatest moments in life. Today is such a day, especially at Mount Arafa. Let us remember them too. – posted on 14/10/2013 17:40:39

Last night saw I Love in a dream. “Embrace me&I shall cure all your pains”, said it. “But then you shall become my greatest pain’ replied I. – posted on 14/10/2013 00:23:48

If nothing else to do, join the birds in their sunset Tasbih. It’s quite an experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. #dhikr – posted on 10/10/2013 17:54:32

Weightlifting with eyelids is no fun. Those who do know how heavy it feels. #sleep – posted on 09/10/2013 20:31:59

Anger is like the diamond ring. You don’t need to put it on all the time. – posted on 04/10/2013 13:39:03

Haunted in dreams is as or more intense than in real life. #dream – posted on 04/10/2013 09:15:14

One wrong dream in sleep is suffice to screw up your remaining conscious life during the day. #dream – posted on 04/10/2013 09:11:33

Love buds greater in the garden of Poetry. – posted on 02/10/2013 13:12:26

Swear not to love just until the last breath. For, there lies a thousand more years after the last breaths. – posted on 01/10/2013 16:31:24

Surveillance Terrorism is the new way of vengeance from the Powerful Inc. #prizm #NSA – posted on 27/09/2013 00:38:21

This world and it’s temptations are too little to desire but too much to consume. #materialism – posted on 26/09/2013 15:35:42

Whoever said that meeting is essential in #Love has had no clue about the pain and sweetness of longing for the beloved. #love – posted on 24/09/2013 19:35:44

How could I then ask? How could I not ask? To ask or not ask- Was the question to my self I asked! – posted on 24/09/2013 18:02:09

It may be true that every woman may not be a princess. But it’s equally true that every woman craves to be treated as one. #love #woman – posted on 24/09/2013 17:50:44

Men of God are men of Love. #sufi – posted on 24/09/2013 17:46:44

Paradise will not register names of those who kill innocents in the name of GOD. #jihadagainstterrorism – posted on 24/09/2013 17:44:41

Visibility of our shortcomings & grey hair seem the same. Both appear pompous & Pronounced. #ageing – posted on 22/09/2013 14:07:48

Very few are informed that information isn’t essentially knowledge – posted on 21/09/2013 22:53:42

If you don’t think about Change BEFORE it comes, Change won’t remember you either AFTER it comes. #Change #Plan – posted on 21/09/2013 22:38:46

Evil has existed in all societies. But never before has it been publicized as now. #lastdaysign – posted on 19/09/2013 21:56:09

A believer is restless in matters of akhira, but indifferent to the worries of this world. – posted on 19/09/2013 21:42:56

We humans are the calligraphy of GOD: JAIHOON | #education #goalsetting #success – posted on 18/09/2013 15:45:31

Today’s education has been reduced to Google Search, MS Office formatting & HP Printing. #education #syllabus #teaching – posted on 18/09/2013 11:27:47

Our memories have rights to be cherished and honored. #Life – posted on 16/09/2013 19:04:47

We are forced to rely on reminders for our memories. #Life – posted on 16/09/2013 19:03:18

Strange times. Thoughts plenty. Memories few. #Life – posted on 16/09/2013 19:01:57

December 6 for secularism & Dec 16 for womanhood are both National shames for India. #delhigangrape #babrimasjid – posted on 13/09/2013 16:44:25

Some villains in Indian politics too deserve life ban. – posted on 13/09/2013 16:39:43

Parenting offers learning opportunities for both the parties concerned. #parenting – posted on 13/09/2013 16:35:25

Time-tested truth : Lost a thing? Recite Durood and you will find it even before you finished the recitation. – posted on 13/09/2013 10:56:38

Home is where bread is. #Sharjah – posted on 13/09/2013 01:57:31

News leak more these days than diapers. #media – posted on 12/09/2013 06:06:00

All that doesn’t glitter isn’t gold either. Good morning beautiful world. – posted on 12/09/2013 05:52:34

Propaganda pollution is one the critical threats to Kerala’s environment. #Kerala #Politics – posted on 10/09/2013 18:01:08

Perhaps it’s no wonder Parenting & Patience both share the same first letter. #parenting – posted on 10/09/2013 07:13:28

MONEY. It only matters how much you gave those in need than how much you earned. #charity #money #wealth – posted on 07/09/2013 05:40:17

Prayer. You are always CONNECTED. – posted on 07/09/2013 05:11:44

Like it or not, the Modern #Kerala psyche, albeit boasting of literacy & liberalism, continue to be Caste-conscious in its social hierarchy. – posted on 02/09/2013 16:36:58

Sun may be the center of our solar system. But earth is the spiritual capital of the cosmos. Madina explains why. – posted on 30/08/2013 12:20:21

Rosary at heart & Rolls Royce in hand. The secret is in placing them at the right place in the right proportion. – posted on 28/08/2013 07:29:02

Welfare, not warfare, is the real goal of politics. – posted on 27/08/2013 14:35:04

Spent some time with little ones in an orphanage. Lord dwells in the hearts of the heartbroken. Hence, may be, the fulfilling experience. – posted on 26/08/2013 18:27:26

Modern Malabar is home to many Arabic colleges for Muslim girls run by liberals/conservs. Sadly not a single notable lady scholar is visible – posted on 26/08/2013 18:17:02

‘As dear as my smartphone battery life’ is a serious romantic metaphor these days. – posted on 24/08/2013 20:42:13

English-educated Muslim youths in Kerala are heavily dependent on scholars such as @tariqramadan & @hamzayusuf for their spiritual ‘kick’ – posted on 24/08/2013 19:16:27

It’s old fashion to ask ‘why can’t women be as aggressive as men’. New fashion statement shud b ‘why can’t men be as compassionate as women’ – posted on 24/08/2013 07:34:44

World would have ended long ago had it not been for the forbearance and forgiveness of the oppressed people on the planet. – posted on 24/08/2013 07:08:13

Journey rocks when the route is rocky. – posted on 24/08/2013 07:03:29

Indian women’s dignity is where it was centuries ago. Rock bottom. This is despite the several goddesses that its men worship everyday – posted on 23/08/2013 19:34:22

Religion is too great a luxury for Poverty to afford. Or so it seems. – posted on 22/08/2013 11:47:01

Concerned how currency falls make it to headlines whereas the the fall in value of human lives go unnoticed. – posted on 21/08/2013 18:15:17

It’s personally embarrassing to be alive during times of ferocious tyrants &a community who silently watch the deaths of their brethren – posted on 21/08/2013 18:12:22

It is far more easy to create wealth than to manage the existing. – posted on 18/08/2013 09:44:57

It’s more important these days to seek protection from WE oppressing others than from being oppressed by others. Peace. – posted on 17/08/2013 22:40:58

Ordinary asked Extraordinary 1 day about their difference. Replied Extraordinary: I belong to Mustafa (saws). And you to the rest’ – Jaihoon – posted on 17/08/2013 19:32:19

Life is a tri-tablet story. Tech tablets when child for games. Scholarly tablets when youth for education. Medical tablets when old for cure – posted on 16/08/2013 13:38:33

The only way to be cool during travel is to embrace patiently any trials we face during the journey. Loss of articles is only one of them. – posted on 12/08/2013 02:07:18

The oppressed Indian women don’t yearn for the poets’ chaand nor the jeweler’s chaandi. Give her a little dignity instead. #Women – posted on 10/08/2013 12:09:38

Sleep and Love cannot rest on the same pillow. #love – posted on 10/08/2013 12:06:26

There’s no glory like the bad name earned in God-yearning. – posted on 10/08/2013 09:51:59

Maps are for those traveling under the sky. How then can one lost in God find their way out ? – posted on 10/08/2013 09:49:54

A broken heart is the greatest shrine of God on this earth. Give it solace and God will be on your side. – posted on 10/08/2013 09:46:38

Don’t count on Hate. Love will avenge one day. – posted on 10/08/2013 09:44:54

May Lord bless, bless and bless us so much that web run out of options. – posted on 10/08/2013 09:22:27

God does us one favor, perhaps, so that we turn to Him for another. He loves to be asked as much as He likes to give. – posted on 10/08/2013 09:19:42

No love story was meant to tally. It’s a different business altogether. – posted on 10/08/2013 09:17:12

Don’t find fault with the lovers. Their eyes are always love-colored. – posted on 10/08/2013 08:52:25

What good is the heart if it doesn’t emit Love? – #JAIHOON – posted on 10/08/2013 08:26:55

India is inherently harmonious in nature. Disturbances cone and go. But it’s the survival of co-tolerant here. – posted on 10/08/2013 07:23:54

Globalization brings about a ruthless form of homogeneity which robs us of the Divine given diversity. – posted on 10/08/2013 07:11:19

A sip from His unity and lo! Mountains of trials will seem like ant homes. Wow to those believers! – posted on 09/08/2013 08:03:00

A voice within whispered : Everywhere is the love-prints of the Most Merciful. Hate no one. – posted on 09/08/2013 07:42:02

When a child today screams Galaxy, he either means the smartphone or the chocolate brand. But unfortunately not the cosmic body. – posted on 09/08/2013 06:40:55

Life may be the battle of the fittest. And only the Mercy of GOD ensures our fitness. – posted on 09/08/2013 06:39:30

Our children don’t need a third parent at home. Keep TV away from kids. – posted on 09/08/2013 06:08:52

Don’t sacrifice our little ones at the altar of animated Realities. Blend them with the innocent Nature. – posted on 09/08/2013 06:08:52

Failure to distinguish between Information, Knowledge and Wisdom has been a great intellectual calamity of our times. – posted on 07/08/2013 14:41:44

Interestingly, even an electrician can become your life saving superhero in times of power cut. – posted on 05/08/2013 23:26:52

These nights are the way out for humanity’s spiritual bottleneck. #qiyamullayl #Ramadan – posted on 04/08/2013 02:54:50

Every step you descend in #humility, you rise higher in beauty and humanity. – posted on 31/07/2013 21:38:17

Deep fry your Nafs in His Mercy & Forgiveness. #ramadan – posted on 30/07/2013 20:36:05

Present turmoil in Egypt & Iraq paradoxically shows common man enjoyed relatively better peace & security during dictatorial times. – posted on 29/07/2013 21:46:25
There is no distinction between usual and unusual prevailing in Heavens. Duas often help create the same conditions on earth as well. – posted on 29/07/2013 16:09:41

Kudos to India for passing the Food Security bill. Now a Security bill for protecting those ‘Bangled’ hands who prepare the dishes! – posted on 27/07/2013 19:54:08

It’s unfortunate that certain parts of ISLAMIC world are ‘celebrating’ Holy Ramadan with street violence & suicide bombings. – posted on 27/07/2013 14:09:49

A drop of thought will help save a flood of faults. – posted on 26/07/2013 22:01:26

ISLAM has always been a futuristic & timeless tower. Free it from cave-like intellectualization & stone-aged implementation. #Islamophobia – posted on 25/07/2013 21:39:33

Yes. Rasoolullah is the only love-route to Allah. Salllallahu alaihi wa Salam. – posted on 21/07/2013 18:00:36

To live forever, be a slave of the Ever Living. – posted on 20/07/2013 14:38:09

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that to a woman’s is through washing the dishes the kitchen sink. – posted on 20/07/2013 13:56:36

Expenses impatiently bang our doors even as Income searches for the keys. #Economics #life #consumerism – posted on 19/07/2013 15:42:39

FEAR makes sense only when there’s HOPE! #JumaMubarak – posted on 19/07/2013 15:37:03

Arab Idol is an unfortunate oxymoron. – posted on 17/07/2013 01:40:12

It seems Corporate Gift vendors are far more concerned about our family relationships than ourselves. #mothersday #fathersday #Womensday – posted on 17/07/2013 00:19:21

Being a moderate during Iftar is a greater challenge than being an ‘extremist’ in Fasting. #Ramadan – posted on 16/07/2013 19:44:44

Controversies kill the noteworthy. #media – posted on 11/07/2013 13:49:17

A true Believer is a Divine Hotspot transmitting Peace and Love to all HIS creations. – posted on 11/07/2013 11:41:49

You may not be able to remember HIM until HE reminds you. #dhikr #ramadan – posted on 11/07/2013 11:39:04

Muslim men who boast of Women’s rights in Islam but treat their wives otherwise may face some extra Qs from the angels. GOD have mercy! – posted on 08/07/2013 00:56:31

One of the greatest challenges of Muslims today is to liberate Islam from the clutches of ‘Islamists’. – posted on 07/07/2013 23:59:45

Thugs get to do their best in Democracies. – posted on 05/07/2013 23:07:53
Radical minds coupled with Conservative Hearts is the need of every society today. – posted on 05/07/2013 15:02:27

Talk replaced by Chat has been the single largest damage to human relations. – posted on 05/07/2013 14:55:46

Allah’s indifference is a greater damnation than His trials. – posted on 05/07/2013 14:53:28

Fulfillment is the reward for Eagerness. – posted on 05/07/2013 14:51:18

Religious Police is an unfortunate oxymoron of our times. Religion seeks to establish policing within the individual, not outside him/her – posted on 01/07/2013 00:38:53

Wealth is a temptation only until one becomes rich. – posted on 21/06/2013 21:04:22

Every believer is a VIP in the banquet of TRUTH. – posted on 21/06/2013 20:24:20

Truth has a charm of its own. Skeptics be warned. – posted on 21/06/2013 20:21:46

Our youths are already Fast. Make them CURIOUS too! – posted on 21/06/2013 20:21:00

Truth has no fear of extinction. It is meant to live as long there is Time. – posted on 21/06/2013 20:18:56

Neighbors can quickly tell when I take in charge of dish washing. The sounds of breaking ceramics leaves no room for their doubt. – posted on 20/06/2013 11:44:50

Only a GOD-conscious state of mind can save us from the mechanistic onslaught of our modern times. – posted on 18/06/2013 15:28:32

Pain in dream is painful than in reality. – posted on 17/06/2013 00:07:57

Moments of heart-anguish are perhaps great opportunities for our souls to become GOD-lush. – posted on 17/06/2013 00:05:08

GOD continues to be ‘sold out’ thing among the faithful, irrespective of the fluctuations in economy. – posted on 14/06/2013 08:05:39

One of the most frequent times when modern believers remember their Lord is when their smartphones are about to run out of battery. – posted on 03/06/2013 22:05:36

There’s an artist in everyone. Nevertheless, our conduct is the most beautiful form of Art. – posted on 03/06/2013 18:18:34

Your life-ball is and has always been in the Merciful Court of Allah. – posted on 01/06/2013 11:52:07

Kerala roads badly need one more track for the useless marches to respect common man’s freedom of movement.

YOU are love. From YOU is love. And we shall return to YOU in love. Enjoin us in the abode of love! – posted on 25/05/2013 17:06:05

We have had too many platforms by now. Lets get on the train before we miss it. #socialmedia – posted on 21/05/2013 22:39:09

Women may or may not be successful in business. But business definitely cannot be without Women. – posted on 20/05/2013 22:06:25

Politicians thrive on the forgiving forgetfulness of the masses. – posted on 20/05/2013 16:40:30

Only the super intelligent can afford to believe in an unintelligible Divine. – posted on 17/05/2013 22:46:41

Let it set fire to every dormant nook of your thoughts. And then watch how new realities appear on the mirror of your heart. QURAN – posted on 16/05/2013 16:27:47

One misstep in sleep is a giant leap in wasting time. – posted on 16/05/2013 16:01:41

Nakba is not the displacement of Palestinians alone. But of modern world’s sense of justice & sanity. – posted on 15/05/2013 21:56:32

‘Poppy Taliban’ in East and ‘Plastic Terrorists’ in West equally disgrace human civilization – posted on 15/05/2013 13:41:05

Diversity is great as long as there is Dignity for one another – posted on 15/05/2013 13:34:11

You may have missed the Fortune 500 listing by few digits. Aim for the Fortunate 500 instead. – posted on 14/05/2013 22:47:45

The most challenging part of repentance is that we’ll never know if it’s accepted by GOD. – posted on 12/05/2013 15:49:36

Even the most advanced supercomputer would not succeed in estimating the amount of thanks we owe our Creator. Alhamdulillah – posted on 11/05/2013 21:20:22

Human to get angry. Heroic to remain calm. And that’s easier said than done. – – posted on 10/05/2013 08:43:12

We humans are the Calligraphy of GOD – posted on 05/05/2013 20:50:54

Leila is the Pain, Majnun the love. How can there be the Rose without the Thorn? – posted on 02/05/2013 08:12:59

Pain and Love are perhaps the most profound hues in the rainbow of Life. Strangely, one inspires the other. – posted on 02/05/2013 08:03:02

It just takes five minutes of an ICU visit to realize our deep dependence on GOD. Life is realistically romantic. – posted on 02/05/2013 07:53:53

Hospitals are a unique abode of democratization of humanity. All walls collapse here leaving everyone equal – posted on 01/05/2013 17:04:24

The simplicity of Islam is its greatest challenge for the skeptics – posted on 30/04/2013 22:55:27

Prior Experience in life shouldn’t rob us of innovation & intuition when implementing our ideas – posted on 28/04/2013 22:01:01

You are right only when you respect & fulfill others’ rights. – posted on 28/04/2013 21:57:35

Belief is the Beauty of heart. – posted on 26/04/2013 22:01:21

The love you find in the air, who knows, may be that which overflowed from your own heart. – posted on 25/04/2013 00:11:36

Love begins with lunacy. Only Lord knows where it ends. – posted on 25/04/2013 00:08:56

Respect is the greatest weapon to win hearts. Use it lavishly. – posted on 24/04/2013 11:23:57

Triumph is for those who TRYmph. #struggle #hardworkpaysoff #jaihoon – posted on 21/04/2013 21:48:44

To bitter-express TRUTH is only as good as falsifying it. – posted on 21/04/2013 21:45:20

Life is full of art. Death isn’t empty either. #Jaihoon #art – posted on 20/04/2013 14:17:59

Better reach late than to not reach at all. Drive safe. – posted on 20/04/2013 11:25:24

Neither junk food nor nightclubs, but Intellectual Freedom is the bread & butter of an enlightened nation. – posted on 19/04/2013 22:36:37

What we need today is a compassionate vision of our suffering brethren. Am not sure if #googleglass can help accomplish it- posted on 18/04/2013 14:03:28

Contrary to popular belief, hypocrites, as per Quran, DO pray albeit lazily & remember God albeit v little. Are we exceptions? #Quran #faith – posted on 16/04/2013 21:08:00

Simplicity is a very complicated makeup to put up in these hypocritical times. 😕 – posted on 16/04/2013 21:02:17

Turn your germ of an idea to a gem of an action. – posted on 12/04/2013 14:29:10

Fatigue is a feeling. You CAN ‘unfeel’ it. – posted on 12/04/2013 14:26:08

An Egyptian man I met on rooftop prayer area asked if Amitabh Bachan had become Muslim? ‘I heard him reciting kalima in the movies’ #umra13 – posted on 06/04/2013

He said Egypt was in love with indian movies and prayed for @SrBachchan to be among the believers soon. #umra13 – posted on 06/04/2013

He asked if Indian Muslims were oppressed & killed. ‘Tell me a land where they aren’t. Even in #Muslim countries they aren’t safe’ I replied – posted on 06/04/201

02:26:44 Muslim blood, honor& freedom is now become extra cheap especially in traditional Islamic countries. No one to ask, forget to act. #umra13 – posted on 06/04/201

02:27:22 Muslims are considered ‘write-off’ accounts on SuperPowers’ conspiracy books. And no one dare to audit the Mighty Right. #umra13 – posted on 06/04/2013

En route Madina. En route my Self. #umra13– posted on 06/04/2013

Madina. Air here is like silk. #umra13 – posted on 06/04/2013

Madina is the land for love-abiding believers. The most exotic spiritual destination for love-lorn souls. #umra13 – posted on 07/04/2013

What reason/excuse would one need to visit one’s own parents. Rasoolullah is even more related than them. #umra13 – posted on 07/04/2013

Tell me, o lovers, is dreaming of the Beloved in sleep as sweet as losing it for his sake. #madina13 – posted on 08/04/2013

Mother India has v little to be proud of as long as her two children, #Kashmir & #Nagaland, remain oppressed & persecuted – posted on 02/04/2013 15:53:35

Heroes praise Lord during prosperity. Superheroes do it in adversity too. #life – posted on 02/04/2013 13:48:11

A true lover absolves the Beloved of all faults and blames himself for the trials. – posted on 02/04/2013 13:45:05

Love turn the Apparent hidden and Hidden become apparent. #love – posted on 02/04/2013 13:40:41

Some insane dictators innocently mistake good governance for beastly butchery. Lord save humanity. – posted on 31/03/2013 18:52:19

Shopping at love-point does irreparable damage to families. #justsaying – posted on 30/03/2013 10:14:14

Physical harm on women in homes is as condemnable as emotional attack on men. #justsaying – posted on 30/03/2013 10:09:46

You only get to live once. Die too. – posted on 29/03/2013 19:18:03

There’s no point of soccer without goal. Imagine then the case of Life! Good night players. #Jaihoon – posted on 28/03/2013 01:14:49

Don’t superimpose God’s rules over God. – posted on 27/03/2013 22:02:38

Expect from others only what you can perform by your self. – posted on 27/03/2013 22:01:34

Usually either of the oils only matter in most Gulf political meets: Olive on the dining table or oil in the rigs. – posted on 27/03/2013 21:18:57
Blessings last. Riches perish. #Jaihoon – posted on 25/03/2013 20:54:55

In olden days people used to be superstitious about religion. Today we are equally blinded by brands. #Jaihoon – posted on 25/03/2013 11:08:24

Today’s Tech giants’ smart-branded gadgetry gives the idea as if the world till date lived with ‘foolish’ technology. – posted on 22/03/2013 19:08:33

Rebel against dunya. And Angels will join your revolution. #juma Mubarak ! – posted on 22/03/2013 09:50:27

Is it JUST a coincidence that women happen to be at the receiving end on almost all the *days*. #valentinesday #mothersday – posted on 21/03/2013 11:23:30

Austerity was till recently a lifestyle practiced by notorious Sufis. Today it’s the favorite buzzword among economic experts. – posted on 20/03/2013 21:05:36

Keep them both at the top of your Favorites. And paradise will add your name to its inmates list. Parents – posted on 16/03/2013 11:14:06

It takes great courage these days to be modest. – posted on 15/03/2013 13:34:26

Muslim men can continue to enjoy as long as their wives & mothers are either ignorant or unmindful of women’s God-given rights & privileges. – posted on 15/03/2013 13:33:39

Gardens are full of flowers But where is the fragrance? Mosques are filled with followers Sigh! Have you recently seen Faith – posted on 14/03/2013 09:56:37

Lord, YOU bless. We disguise. – posted on 13/03/2013 06:34:34

Although Death winks at us from afar, the zest and purpose of a creative life keep us hooked to hope of living – posted on 12/03/2013 07:21:54

Sleep & Dream give a sneak peek into the world of what Hereafter would be like. May Allah make both Here & After easy for us – posted on 12/03/2013 07:18:23

It’s a beautiful morning listening to the spiritual orchestra of birds glorifying their Merciful Lord. Peace & love to all – posted on 12/03/2013 07:16:08

God is perhaps the greatest secularist in His Mercy & Justice. #Jaihoon – posted on 11/03/2013 21:20:16

It’s time hyper Muslim org.s in Kerala opened their eyes & ears to widespread alcoholism within community. Each should have deaddiction cell – posted on 10/03/2013 20:10:27

Hunger-slammed. Traffic-jammed. Sleep-damned. Alhamdulillah. There’s Durood to keep heart alive – posted on 10/03/2013 20:06:58

Believers are love-collared labors of God. His pleasure is their greatest reward. Good morning lovely world. #Jaihoon – posted on 09/03/2013 06:33:12

Belief in Truth is not just because we understand it, but by the credibility of its Trustworthy Source. – posted on 08/03/2013 21:37:13

Quran is the last and ultimate God-sent upgrade for TRUTH – posted on 08/03/2013 21:36:41

Quran’s edition is exactly the same both UP there and down here. – posted on 08/03/2013 21:36:03

The BELOVED will appear as and when HE wish. It doesn’t behove for a lover to demand HIS sight on his own. – #Jaihoon – posted on 08/03/2013 21:33:28

Every martyred dream in dunya is an investment for akhira. – #Jaihoon – posted on 08/03/2013 19:08:00

Women will continue to be objectified as long as alcohol remains the subject of men. #womensday – posted on 08/03/2013 16:47:51

It’s not men, but alcohol, that’s the biggest enemy of women. #womensday – posted on 08/03/2013 16:15:19

Women’s emancipation will continue to remain an unrealized dream until the elimination of alcohol from men’s reach. #womensday – posted on 08/03/2013 16:14:41

We are your garden You, our Rose We are your field You, our crop We are your heart You, our Love. Greetings, o Rasulullah! – posted on 08/03/2013 09:17:12

Beauty is in the image that’s in beholder’s eyes. – posted on 07/03/2013 12:42:10

A sharp visualization of goal is half the success. – posted on 06/03/2013 22:00:34

Chivalry lost a sincere friend with the death of #Chavez. What remains are poodles of Imperialism. God give #Venezuela a befitting leader. – posted on 06/03/2013 21:42:07

Disobedience & Disputations are two shortcuts for a community’s Doom. – posted on 06/03/2013 21:38:52

Certain men & women led such remarkable lives. They please & inspire even those who write & read about them after they died. God bless – posted on 05/03/2013 17:32:20

Life’s troubled nuts are easy to crack when coated with love-jaggery. – posted on 05/03/2013 17:24:18

Love was there then. Love is there now. But it’s melody isn’t the same now as then. – posted on 04/03/2013 21:34:48

Falsehood is a trial for Truth. And Death for Life. Good morning world. May peace be the booty in your life-battle – posted on 02/03/2013 06:40:18

Impart lessons of mercy to the children in their early age. This will help build a civilized generation – posted on 01/03/2013 20:58:11

Islam teaches to divide & distribute wealth and multiply happiness. Materialism preaches vice versa. – posted on 01/03/2013 19:55:43

Charity gives greater relief to its giver than its beneficiary. We normally assume the vice versa. #philanthropy – posted on 01/03/2013 19:55:30

Money isn’t wealth. It’s benefit is. – #Jaihoon – posted on 01/03/2013 19:55:20

Creative savants of GOD not only wrote books, but also prayed for the benefit of those who read them. – posted on 01/03/2013 17:56:01

When on earth, do as humans do. #Jaihoon – posted on 28/02/2013 19:18:24

Advertisements dry your heart with their mouth-watering promises. #advertising – posted on 28/02/2013 12:05:46

Verily, with comforts there are pains and aches. Rich pay higher medical bills than poor. – posted on 26/02/2013 02:21:26
Iman is the EVENT and Islam its MANAGEMENT. May Allah make both easy & strong for us. – posted on 25/02/2013 05:21:45

Yearn for Mustafa and this world will yearn for you. Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam. – posted on 24/02/2013 05:52:28

Life’s mission becomes complete if you succeed to have Mustafa recognize you. Paradise, then, will plead to God to host you. Sallallahu… – posted on 24/02/2013 05:50:58

I don’t, & don’t wish to, know when is Day of Qiyama. But Mustafa’s praise will & has to last till then & after it too. Sallallahu alaihi – posted on 24/02/2013 05:47:16

Even if the whole of earth were Roses, it wouldn’t be equal to the beauty of Mustafa’s face. Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam. – posted on 24/02/2013 05:42:26

If light & love had a home, it’s under the Green Dome. Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam. – posted on 24/02/2013 05:14:40

Men and women equally wail the Dowry evil. But how many women can dare to say no to gold & diamonds ? – posted on 23/02/2013 11:30:49

Spend the first part in creating wealth by exhausting one’s health. And then in second part invest wealth in preserving health. Lo, Life! – posted on 21/02/2013 22:18:16

Families enjoyed better safety and security under traditional patriarchal societies than in its decline today. – posted on 21/02/2013 15:01:09

Regimes loot taxes, public cry. Rioters leech freedom, public weep. #hartal #bandh #strikes – posted on 20/02/2013 16:53:43

Mountains of lethargy melt when you endear the love & fear of Allah. Greetings my beautiful world, wonderful children of Adam! #Jaihoon – posted on 18/02/2013 07:06:37

Constantly consumed in the concern for humanity. That’s Rasoolullah! Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam.

Madina. The Marketplace of Mercy! – posted on 16/02/2013 13:07:17

Beauty. Wisdom. Power. And Rasollullah is the scale to measure it all. Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam. – posted on 15/02/2013 12:05:22

Love doesn’t tolerate suffix and prefix anywhere around it. #Jaihoon – posted on 14/02/2013 23:14:52

Man is the flute. And Love its wind. What would one do without the other. #Jaihoon – posted on 14/02/2013 23:12:49

Love turns left. Joy to the right. And Life moves on through the middle path. – posted on 14/02/2013 23:09:26

Lovers have no rights. Even human rights. #love – posted on 14/02/2013 23:01:57

The greatest love songs are those with saddest melody. How then can lovers expect joy from love? They don’t. Love is free of any expectation – posted on 14/02/2013 23:00:09

Life begins where Trivia ends. – posted on 14/02/2013 22:54:34

At last, only LOVE lasts. – posted on 13/02/2013 22:42:47

Every woman is unique. Except in the case of shopping. – posted on 11/02/2013 19:01:12

A dacoit does not qualify to accuse a commoner of robbery. Verify the sources’ credibility before shedding tears for their plight. – posted on 10/02/2013 21:13:30

A woman’s honor is only as holy as a man’s. Defend it both ways in cases of allegations. – posted on 10/02/2013 21:07:07

The Truth is clear It knows no fear Aqsa will soon become free Oppressors will one day flee – posted on 10/02/2013 16:52:37

Money is to be kept in pocket and love in heart. Many, unfortunately, mix up one with other. – posted on 09/02/2013 15:05:19

Humanity today need long range ballistic SMILES, not missiles. War-mongers take note please. #Jaihoon – posted on 08/02/2013 13:49:43

Our prayers for our children are more sincere and focused than for ourselves. And so are our parents’. – posted on 08/02/2013 13:41:15

Quran. That Magnificent word of GOD which never had anyone bored since it’s revealed to the Beloved of GOD. Subhanallah! – posted on 08/02/2013 13:26:15

He celebrated Love and Love celebrated him. Greetings to you, O champion of Mercy. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam… – posted on 08/02/2013 10:50:17

He never was and never will be tired of appealing with his Lord for the betterment of humanity. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam… – posted on 08/02/2013 10:49:03

Prayer is the ultimate ‘snooze’ button to press against the ‘alarming’ challenges in life. #dua #prayer – posted on 05/02/2013 09:13:36

Forget. Forgive. For, life is not forever. #Jaihoon – posted on 03/02/2013 19:35:05

Queues are the privilege of ‘Others’. That’s why they’re called Others. #racism – posted on 02/02/2013 19:29:44

The world to Syria : Don’t worry about your deaths. We’ll fund the funerals, anyway. 😪 – posted on 01/02/2013 17:47:19

It’s more important to know WHERE you are going than HOW you are going. – posted on 31/01/2013 12:25:23

Those who have lost all hopes in God transform religion into a political ideology. #politics #MyJihad #Jaihoon – posted on 31/01/2013 12:17:44

Suicide becomes the easiest way for even greatest of writers when they get confused how to end their character’s life, or even their own – posted on 31/01/2013 11:27:48

Spacious Roads is what we expect from Gracious Regimes. #traffic – posted on 31/01/2013 10:29:19

Welfare, not warfare, should become priority of regimes, be it in name of man or GOD. #DEMOCRACY #theocracy #tribalocracy – posted on 31/01/2013 10:27:31

Life’s seat and its belt are both from ALLAH. – posted on 29/01/2013 19:22:59

I seek refuge with GOD from the fitna of those who conspire to establish a state in HIS name. – posted on 28/01/2013 10:40:35

Drone your smile, not pain, at others. Good morning world. – posted on 28/01/2013 07:49:22

Do all you can for your kids. Except thinking on their behalf. They’re better at it than you think. #parenting – posted on 27/01/2013 22:59:43

Delay is for those who plan on earth. Everything happens on time as per Heavens. – posted on 27/01/2013 15:58:31

Growth of Shopping malls are no benchmarks of progress nor civilization. Unfortunately some think otherwise. #shopping #culture – posted on 27/01/2013 15:50:49

We would never let a Bing Bang randomly arrange our ideas & creations. Why would God? #creation – posted on 26/01/2013 23:50:08

Patience is half of faith. And three quarter of Love. Good night world. – posted on 26/01/2013 23:46:08

It’s not the REgime, but PUBLIC that matters on a country’s republic day. Happy Republic day #India #republic #democracy – posted on 26/01/2013 13:36:02

Only the bold can take the risk of love. – posted on 25/01/2013 19:15:18

Sun may set today, rise tomorrow. But the light of Truth lives on. – posted on 24/01/2013 17:48:50

‘Beauty’ was blessed with a new form and honor after #ProphetMuhammadWasBORN sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam – posted on 23/01/2013 21:04:36

Prophet Muhammad. It’s love at never-sight. Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. – posted on 23/01/2013 20:59:21

We have never had a glimpse of our Beloved Prophet. But that doesn’t stop us from loving him more than any creation we’ve ever seen & will.. – posted on 23/01/2013 20:57:32

Bathe your heart in the love-well of Mustafa and thereafter it will never be dry of love. Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam. #Jaihoon – posted on 23/01/2013 17:36:34

That you belonged to family of humanity to which Prophet belonged is enough to make your whole life blessed. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam – posted on 23/01/2013 17:29:46

Love without responsibility is like the army without a general. – posted on 22/01/2013 23:49:07

They say Marriage is the culmination of Love. Nay, its only the beginning. #Alhamdulilah – posted on 22/01/2013 23:45:57

‘As far as we know’ isn’t THAT far as we think. #Jaihoon – posted on 21/01/2013 22:05:14

Life is Beautiful. Terms and Conditions Apply. – posted on 21/01/2013 10:07:01

No one is perfect. But that’s no excuse from becoming one. #Jaihoon – posted on 20/01/2013 21:32:43

If mind had a State, Muhammad is its Capital. Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam. – posted on 20/01/2013 20:42:09

Knowledge begins and ends with realizing the amount of knowledge we still DON’T know. #Jaihoon #learning – posted on 19/01/2013 15:29:12

Let the Cold numb the tree in your garden or cool the Coffee on your table. But let it not touch your curious mind or zealous soul. – posted on 18/01/2013 08:12:18

Muslim minorities need to introspect their humanitarian contributions to larger society of their host countries, be it even Israel. #Jaihoon – posted on 17/01/2013 22:08:12

That a Gun lobby exists in US to protest proposed gun control law is a sad/bad news for children around the world. – posted on 17/01/2013 20:13:58

Associating Love with Shopping is the greatest injustice women have committed till date. – A Victim – posted on 16/01/2013 21:40:28

Life is too short to even think its short. – posted on 16/01/2013 12:01:50

Warmongers are in serious need for psychological counseling. – posted on 16/01/2013 12:00:49

We may not be able to exchange expensive gifts. But there is nothing as precious as Duas. Lets remember each other. – posted on 11/01/2013 11:33:54

There is no greater magic wand than Dua wrapped in Love. Have a blessed ahead. #Jaihoon – posted on 11/01/2013 07:00:08

All is fair in love and ‘Engagement’. – posted on 10/01/2013 14:02:33
Ummayyid war generals had a barbaric habit of impressing their ‘Khalifas’ by couriering beheaded face of their opponents. Pray its not back! – posted on 09/01/2013 09:24:01

Don’t allow others the opportunity to make you become what you are not. Good morning. – posted on 09/01/2013 08:55:34

Marriage is both a learning and turning point. – posted on 08/01/2013 17:13:15

Taqwa. 24/7 God-sync-ed Consciousness. posted on 07/01/2013 12:40:22

All conflicts end when thought of Death begins. #Jaihoon – posted on 07/01/2013 07:27:52

Love at first sight. Death too. – posted on 07/01/2013 07:26:34

Death is a taboo in Love. Albeit, true. #Jaihoon – posted on 07/01/2013 07:25:55

It’s easy to hate. Love takes effort. #Jaihoon – posted on 07/01/2013 07:24:56

Love is a tree and your loved ones are its leaves. Cherish them before the windstorm of Death blows separating them. Good morning world! – posted on 07/01/2013 07:23:47

Criticism is the prize for the creative souls. #Jaihoon – posted on 06/01/2013 13:07:38

Dentists invoke all our forgotten prayers we learned in childhood. 😦 – posted on 05/01/2013 19:42:11

World economy is essentially driven by men’s ‘weaknesses’ & women’s ‘strengths’. – posted on 05/01/2013 14:19:29

When all else fails, ask your little one at home to pray. – posted on 02/01/2013 20:14:10

Develop better & exciting smartphone apps for Indian DRUNK men to divert them from eve-teasing women. Prevent Gang Rape

ManKIND. Are we really? Good morning 2013! – posted on 01/01/2013 09:23:08