Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2011

Invest in children. For a better tomorrow. Invest in parents. For a better paradise. – posted on 06/12/2011 21:25:59

A good thing about being a minority in ones own country is that Nationalism becomes a psychological technique to preserve one’s identity. – posted on 06/12/2011 20:56:36

There are quite many alien ‘drones’ flying & spying in our cultural airspace. – posted on 06/12/2011 20:51:11

Could the political ArabSpring kick off the long-awaited Intellectual Renaissance in the Arab World? – posted on 06/12/2011 20:48:20

When we miss our loved ones, we are actually missing our own selves. – posted on 05/12/2011 22:59:03

The only middleman between man & his Lord is the prayer.

There is no ‘ism’ when it comes to power. – posted on 04/12/2011 20:30:56

Truth and Justice will prevail over tyranny and evil.

Love and Discrimination cannot emanate from the same heart.

The most severe the trial, the greater will be the hope of a man of God.. – posted on 02/12/2011 21:11:42

The ignorant will depend on their intellect alone. But wise ones will consult with their hearts too.

You’re rich only when your neighbors aren’t poor. – posted on 01/12/2011 21:42:35

Life is a test. It’s a folly to look for cheat codes. – posted on 01/12/2011 21:41:26

Nothing in the world is unexpected for a man of God. For, he is always expecting the will of God to happen at all times. – posted on 01/12/2011 21:17:22

Absolute beauty and power is the monopoly of God alone. – posted on 01/12/2011 21:05:27

Coincidence is in reality an Incident Coordinated by Creator. – posted on 01/12/2011 20:52:48

Are we hurting our freedom carrying too many passwords within us? – posted on 29/11/2011 09:28:22

Prison of Love is better than palaces of solitude. – posted on 25/11/2011 22:18:23

Man can be brain dead. But never love-dead. – posted on 25/11/2011 22:16:40

Love may have a beginning. It’s end is unknown. – posted on 25/11/2011 22:15:01

Love is the pearl placed in the protective shell of prayers. – posted on 25/11/2011 22:13:33

Sometimes we need to socialize with our Souls too. – posted on 24/11/2011 09:53:55

An educated community with their true identity in place will gain a better place in the future. – posted on 22/11/2011 21:25:18

But Politics is not the field to cultivate the seeds of Sincerity. – posted on 20/11/2011 20:35:50

Life is a river. And PRAYER is the boat to cross over. – posted on 18/11/2011 07:17:59

The biggest victory of Devil is convincing the world of the separation of religious and non-religious areas of Life. – posted on 14/11/2011 15:23:35

All the greatest epics on LOVE were written by MEN – posted on 13/11/2011 12:48:22

Beloved’s complaint hurts. But SILENCE kills. – posted on 13/11/2011 12:47:19

Artists are a step of children in their ego – posted on 12/11/2011 11:06:28

A thorn pricking your Faith is more dangerous than losing all your worldly possessions. – posted on 10/11/2011 21:36:26

We will never understand the ‘Y’ which differentiates PartYing from Parting – posted on 10/11/2011 09:40:31

Meeting makes sense only after a DeParting – posted on 10/11/2011 09:39:16

Silence makes beauty look even more pretty. – posted on 10/11/2011 09:02:33

Mom’s calling. Paradise must be nearby. – posted on 06/11/2011 13:20:39

Food inspectors have to be more observant than poets. Even a fly shouldn’t escape their eyes. – posted on 04/11/2011 23:41:46

Love and Thought are free of color of skin and odor of money. – posted on 04/11/2011 22:12:14

Liking to do a thing is simply not the license to do it. – posted on 04/11/2011 22:08:08

It is a sin to disobey LORD. It’s another sin to assume that HE cannot forgive us. – posted on 03/11/2011 21:34:43

Give charity with your wealth. Not with your deeds. Say no to backbiting. – posted on 03/11/2011 21:25:16

Envy is roadmap to the hell. Take a detour now. – posted on 03/11/2011 21:23:20

Pride and jealousy were the original sins of Satan. Don’t make it yours too – posted on 03/11/2011 21:21:34

We are all ‘locals’ of paradise and ‘foreigners’ on earth – posted on 02/11/2011 15:07:45

If you want to die of pessimism, stay glued to the idiot box.

Democracy is dynasty coated in chocolate

Revenge is cowardice. Forgiveness is all chivalry.

We have seen too much of Spring. When will the flowers bloom?

Those who come up with Roadmaps for others better find their own way first.

There is a special joy in asking HIM to fulfill other’s wants.

If not paradise, Mother Earth wanted a place as close as it. Her wish was granted. Humanity called it! HBD Kerala!

Faith makes sense only in an ecosystem of freedom.

We may have the talents. But it is ALLAH who gives the opportunity to express it.

Two ق are dangerous in history: Qarun for arrogance of wealth and Qabeel for murder due to envy

Ingratitude is another form of tyranny against the true nature of humanity

Arafa is a day of bonanza for forgiveness from Almighty.

We earn the right to Life by striving for the impossible.

A customer from Turkey says from his experience that is the official language of UAE?!?

7 billion population. How many of them are human by character?

It is a great achievement to end a day hurting no one around by word or deed.

Dream poverty in sleep is worse than material poverty while awake.

Man is created from clay watered with hope.

Silence is music for a yearning soul

Materialism has disillusioned us to think our life is just another TV commercial.

Our hearts’ thirst can only be quenched by a drink from a world other.

Not every variable in the equation of Life is visible to our naked eye.
Life events should be judged not by the standards of our immediate world. There are higher forces at work.

Everything in life may not be the way we want. But it is up to us to change the way we desire our wishes.

A non creative day is like life imprisonment.

At times when I look far and around for the zest of life, I finally find it quite closely. My own self.

Good is beautiful. Evil is ugly. Ma GOD help us realize

Religious Police is an oxymoron. Unfortunately some don’t get it.

We go to great lengths to accredit SteveJobs for his marvelous icreations but hesitant to recognize a’s hand in making of this world.

If you think you have reached your goal in life, you haven’t even begun the journey.

A major portion of Islamic knowledge is based on the conversations between Prophet & his wife Ayesha in their bedroom.

The Motive behind Witchcraft & Warcraft are the same.

A true believer shows discipline on the road as much as much as in front of his Creator.

Knowledge is organically linked to the understanding of realities of life.

Science deals with what’s wrong with our world. Religion teaches us what to do about it.

Beauty shines better in the cradle of Diversity.

Cynicism is the perverted philosophy of the hopeless

Reality SHOW is an oxymoron

#Tunisia will always be remembered in history for the kickoff in tournament.

All those whom we accept today as great were scorned and stoned in their times.

Keralites carry in them some of the most talented genes in humanity. However it takes a land other than to express it. 🙂

There is no good in hating anyone. But neither anything bad in loving everyone.

The natural law is another form of PRAYER. Unwilling prayer.

Some ask : Has Western capitalism failed? The real Q is has it ever truly won the hearts?

Everyone believes in Hell and Heaven. Some experience it here. Others wait for the hereafter.

It is very UNBECOMING of a civilized society to spread red carpets for socialites who’re known for making public their bedroom activism

Those under dictatorial regimes have no choice but to discuss & debate politics & conflicts of other nations.

Islamophobes do greater PR for the faith than its own priests

It’s agonizing to miss someone. But mesmerizing to be MISSED by someone.

We are all ‘locals’ of paradise and ‘foreigners’ on earth

Innovation & open mindedness are keys to the treasure of progress. Unfortunately, primitive, perverted politics prevail

Since many began to tweet on almost every act of their lives,it is becoming v easy to believe in the Book which has all our deeds recorded

When man was created,he felt this world was calm and QUIET. Lo! Women came into being & since then silence became unknown

Impossibility get new definitions as we read biography of great men.

When a woman says to man WE need to talk, it usually means ‘I TALK, u listen’

Age is not a limit for ambition and love of the DIVINE.

Kerala’s is a land known for it’s 24 carat pure tolerance and hospitality for the Other.

In case some didn’t get it, a nation’s real resources are in the heads and hearts of its people, not the ancient minerals below the earth

Love & Awe your friends and near ones, before Shocked and Awed by Death

Steve Jobs proved through his life the small i-ndividual is more important than the big I-ndustry

Ours and friends birthdays remind us we are getting OLD!

Those fighting to establish an Islamic state should first learn to develop an Islamic state of MIND

Countries, whose economy are powered by ARMS SALES, & yet preach peace, are like pack of wolves who take oath to protect sheep

Compliments. Most inexpensive way to win hearts.

With the popularity of smartphones rising, it is not all rare to see men and women hitting against poles while walking

Wife to Hubby: Tweet not when in paradise at least 🙂

ALLAH must have set aside a special place in paradise for the mothers who rear children. Patience. Sacrifice. Tolerance.

Irony of our memory : We remember our smartphones but forget to take our wallets.

Muslim men conveniently talk of Islam only when it comes to GIVING women her rights.

Hype is legitimized and organized form of Lies.

ALLAH does not #force HIS faith on humans. How then can we do it in HIS name?

Metro : #Kerala plans for years, UAE executes in months

Change is born in Womb of Poetry

Islam gave her the rights. Muslims snatched it from her. “Saudi women to get right to vote”

Flattery is a self-destructive time-bomb. Don’t do it to anyone you really love

People and organizations remember us the most when we owe them sumthing. Banks are perfect example of this phenomenon

Gadgets don’t matter. What you do with it do

Poetry is the messenger of love. The vice versa is equally true.

Prophets did not invent anything new. They simply showed humanity Reality as it is

The only problem with Old people is that they are almost ALWAYS right 🙂

Khidr is described as a servant of God who was granted MERCY&KNOWLEDGE’. One makes sense only with the other around. Sadly many don’t get it

Love has no patent.

I owe my worship to my Creator. But the rest belongs to HIS Beloved. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

We can imagine Picasso without his brush. But not a home without it’s Queen

Selfhood comes before Statehood. #Palestine

Regimes can choose to nationalize or privatize departments & companies. But Places of Worship will continue to remain humanized

The best way to avenge your worst enemy is to FORGIVE him/her

Give way to others on the Road. Who knows, ALLAH would show your way to HIS paradise

The thought of failure is more dangerous than failure itself.

Our greatest friend AND enemy both lie within us. Thus the strong is he who fight his own anger.

Humility is praised in all cultures. Unfortunately our movies try to paint a different picture.

Humility makes sense only if one has the means to act otherwise.

An average Indian politician can beat any national Award winner in acting

Revolution is mostly erosion of reason and ascension of emotions #ArabSpring

You know a country is Super Power or not by the degree of its meddling in the affairs of other countries

Some time in the future: Housewives hold rallies outside Smart phone makers protesting the loss of their husbands to the devices

Moses realized his intellectual limitations when he met the sage Khizr. I realized mine when my #kids were born

The best tutors in our lives are our own kids. Love, patience, tolerance and co-existence are their specialties

We hear of certain places only when affected by disasters #quake #sikkim

The best #stories are those which make its characters a part of our everyday lives

Natural calamities for others are testing times for the humanity within us #Quake

The more sophisticated schools are, the most severe parental headaches are

Every good deed is indeed a big deal

Traveling in one’s thoughts is like walking on a treadmill. We remain where we were.

Which countrymen celebrate & capitalize on their nation’s currency fall? Indians (overseas)

MashaAllah. There’s nothing so refreshing as HIS HOUSE. One bow, and all wishes are as good as they became true.

Some claim to love God. And how is that they hate His Creations?

ALLAH is unhappy with those who deny or defy HIM. But HE let them live and prosper. How then can a believer be intolerant towards them?

Be fit. And you will befit.

Justify your life and its purpose. – posted on 14/09/2011 08:33:48

Sometime in the future : Signboard at a Home — Caution : Women at Work !

Our dire need for a leader is in times of crisis, not success.

The best way to remain friends for the longest period is to talk the least

Women’s Empowerment outside home is as good as Men’s empowerment at home

Women was originally created Strong. She became weak when she began to imitate the world of men

Muslim world is largely indebted to the curiosity of a young lady which later contributed to it’s legal system. #AyeshaSiddiqa

A chaste woman has nothing to fear.

Remember to do something good which will give a reason for others to remember you after you are gone

‘Allah is with those who are patient’. How then can a believer become a fanatic?

Muslim world is in a mess NOT due to ISLAM, but rather the lack of it

The beauty of #Islam is that it attracts the most beautiful towards it. (Most of the reverts to Islam are women)

Phone is the most attractive and distractive device ever invented by Man

Charity is an investment to better another’s physical future and one’s own spiritual destiny.

Vengeance is piece of cake. Forgiveness is of saintly make. (inspired from Quran)

Love is neither extreme nor moderate. The case of Islam is not different.

Love and Truth will finally prevail over Hate and Falsehood. It can’t be dark foreverأَلَيْسَ الصُّبْحُ بِقَرِيبٍ ؟

World’s best and tastiest chefs are our #Moms

If Muslim Men don’t come forward with the right leadership qualities, don’t blame their Women for replacing their position

Malayalees dream of a #Maveli era with zero liquor&theft. Why then does Kerala have record alcohol sales on for #Onam is a mystery

Terrorism puts even Satan to shame #Delhiblast

The greatest wealth in this world is found in the prostration to the Most Loving. Priceless Possession. Ceaseless Obsession. Masha Allah

LOVE is the language of His Creation

Ya Rabb! Yehi ek tamanna ko sach banaa de Bas Tere Mehboob ke deewaane hame banaa de

Instincts were earlier defined to include likes of hunger and lust. Tweeting could be added to the list

The Creation of Man by #GOD was an ‘out of the box’ news for the Angels. Don’t act in ways which would make them feel otherwise.

A scholar to a student ‘May Allah bless your father who brought you to this world’

The real challenge of #Ramadan is keeping its SPIRIT alive AFTER the Month is over

In the past, it took decades to make a #Gandhi. Now it doesn’t a week’s hype to create a Gandhian

Till today, I hardly used in life any Mathematical formula beyond my sixth grade. Wish I could tell that to my teachers.

A malayalee faces the greatest test of #love when his Mother, Sister & Wife takes him to #gold shopping. #MalabarGold 🙂

Some men are old only old in looks. They are much younger in their courteous actions and generous intentions

A picture is worth a thousand words. #Silence is worth a million pictures

Aging & Death have become the most despised REALITIES of our times

Love for Prophet cannot be substituted by wall posters or stickers. That partly explains the mess Muslims are in today

Originality is the soul of #Creativity

May GOD bless those sage-like men who patiently bear with the last minute shopping of their beloved ladies 🙂 #eidshopping

Celebrate, but moderate

Western powers who lecture 3rd world dictators abt freedom for people shud also remember their own colonial cruelty on humanity in past

The ultimate perfection of belief in GOD in some religions is the formless Being. Islam STARTS with this very idea

Can’t say when and where and how one would run into HIS MERCY. HIS ways are strange and unpredictable

Widespread Durood majlis and orphan care centers make certain parts of #Kerala little paradise gardens on earth

Everything happens on time. Its we who call it early or late

Fearing #death is normal. But there is no point in despising it.

Faith is a technology which will work even when it’s user is no more.

Arithmetics of #Libyan revolution: it takes only 6 months of civil war (US backed) to end 42 years of #dictatorship. All the best 4 others

Democracy is the mood of the masses. And Dictatorships that of short tempered snobs

Ramadan is the month to smelt our Self with the fire of His Fear and purge it of all the impurities

To transit from this world hands-free without the sinful baggage on our shoulders is the goal of every believer

This Holy Month is, in principle, the time to ‘socialize’ with the Almighty.

Have social problems been ever solved merely by “debating” them in public?

For the monsoon rains, Malabaris go to Kerala. For everything else they go to #Lulu 🙂

Islam need to freed from the ignorant heads & impatient hands of its own community

The greatness of noble ones are a reflection of their great #mothers. Just as Hassan & Hussein inherited from Fatimah the blessed. #AhlBait

Preserving our humanity is a part of saving our sanity

Reason is an infant in the cradle of Faith. Not the vice versa. #Rationalism

Materialism is the Pharaoh. Love of this world is his Qarun. Hatred for Death is his Haman.

Honor you lineage by ACTIONS!

Prophets are the greatest well wishers of humanity. It only takes death to realize it for the unfortunate ones

Life and times of #Moses have more lessons to offer Muslims than Jews. Probably the reason why his story is most repeated in the Quran.

The most lovable ones of any community are those who prove wrong the stereotypes tagged to their group.

A chapter in Quran is named after Poets. That explains the significance of this group in the scheme of HIS creations

A believer is a serene creature of God. Yet many consider it a virtue to scream at fellow beings around, especially in this Holy Month

Opening of the Russian Orthodox Church in Sharjah during holy month of Ramadan only elevates spiritual tolerance of the emirate

The #Russian #Orthodox #church in #Sharjah is a landmark symbol of religious tolerance since Ottoman Days.

Amazed at how poetic works such as Gulistan by Saadi hav survived centuries of Time’s Tsunami despite based on strong religious content

Be proud and you will be humbled before others. Be humble and others will be proud of you.

Only true heroes can #forgive their enemies, according to #Quran. And who is a greater hero in history than the Martyr of #Kerbala?

Recall a scholar narrating case of a lady #complaining to her husband that they shud be dumping more food the neighbors for social #status

Facebook : Treat at College canteen. Twitter : A classroom discussion

‘How can you be patient about a matter you know not’ Khidr’s question to Moses has a lot to offer for the philosophy of education

Mother Mary’s head cover has found better ‘fans’ among Muslim women than their Christian counterparts

It is interesting to note that all the biblical and Judaic Prophets mentioned belonged to the Arab lands, not European or American

My Mother. I don’t need any other proof for the infinite Love and Mercy Of GOD.

Love is infinite. Words are finite. Hence, O Lover, let not your description make Love as non-love

The Woman at home is a better preacher than the priest in church to bring her Man towards God

#Death may be on doorstep. And I can’t find the key. How much Time do I have to love Life ?

Legacy of Lineage is a responsibility, not a priority

Intimacy with one’s wife is an act as rewarding as charity. Only one religion can dare to say it. #Islam

Superstitions in the name of #Science is more ridiculous than in the name of #Religion

Humanity faced the greatest risk of its extinction at hands of the industrialized West than the underdeveloped East #Hiroshima #Holocaust

We too are in need another Spiritual #Moses to fight the Pharaoh of #Materialism that has enslaved us

God commanded HIS PROPHET #Moses to go and speak MILDLY to the WICKED Pharoah. Ring any bells for wannabe preachers?

Yet, #Moses (peace be upon him) faced greater trials from his own people than the Pharaohs. Great lesson for wannabe leaders

#Moses (peace be upon him) is one the most amazing one man revolutionaries in human history who challenged the mighty #Pharoah

People get paranoid preaching about pollution of all sorts like water, air, land etc. #Ramadan is Individuals’ fight against soul pollution

The pay scale set by the Creator is amazing. Smile, and that’s a bonus. Remain silent, that’s another one. Cool. #Ramadan

Immigrants who fuss with the systems in the host country should remember they are here for benefits their home country cud not give them

US’ Toons industry make countless young hearts around globe while its Arms industry starved to death millions of kids in Iraq & Afghanistan

The greatest blessings of GOD are sometimes the one which we rarely notice.

#LondonRiots Humanity still haunted by Color sentiments.

Why are we semi-consciously becoming the promoters of Devil by wishing frequently Go To Hell?

#Culture without #Religion is like the wedding without a bride. Religion without Culture is like the Bride without Gold.

Today in (my) History: 7yrs ago Allah had me wed-locked with a noble soul with whom I’m still incredibly in #love with. Alhamdu lillah

Love and hate in relationships becomes a silly thing if both parties involved focus on the reality of death

Remembering our dead ones and praying for them give us a touch of relief. And we too one day have to join their league of grave-dwellers

The reality of our passage from this world describes, derives and defines the purpose behind our coming to this world

GOD created ADAM from Clay. It was then up to the later EVEs to mould the destiny of the rest of the humanity into hell or heaven

The power of women in any country only means the power of that nation’s future generations. The WRECK or LUCK of a nation is in HER hands

Ramadan is the month in which a Book was revealed with the 1st command READ! It should be celebrated in a way to honoring that Divine order

We readily swallow any negative rumor published in science journals but doubt the verses in the Book of GOD

GOD is our most amazing observer. He sees our faults, but forgives. He sees our good, then rewards.

Today’s Efficient Man is tomorrow’s useless beast

Ramadan is (supposed to be) the dance of the soul, not the belly

Why don’t airlines divert advert & sponsorship costs to better & affordable service to it’s customers?

Oppression is the last resort of cowards. And committing it during this HolyMonth is challenging the Almighty

#Strip searches at airports are against the spirit of all the progress of human civilization achieved so far. It is barbaric & irrational

Citizens of #US should remind their government of royal treatment they enjoy in other countries who people are tortured in US airports

Rudeness can be Resisted. Not Kindness.

Technology determines the #design of the device. #Religion is concerned about the #content inside it

When I see the depth of my Mother’s love for me, I realize how many millionfold times more the Creator would love His makes.

Our children are our substitutes in the playground of #Life, just as we were our parents’

Dont hit me watching if I Am I driving safely 🙂

One of the greatest deceptions of our times was the women mistaking her destruction as her #Empowerment.

We recognize most cultures from their attire. Others are known by their Arrogance and Ignorance

thingswelearnedontwitter Brevity is common sense

Rudeness ruins, Kindness conquers.

#Love is a blessing of God. To Experience it is another. To Express it is yet another. #SubhanaAllah !
HERE is better defined and understood only in the context of a #HEREAFTER

Unfortunately, some religious mythologies are weird enough to inspire comics based on them

It was a #woman who consoled and helped the #HolyProphet terrified by the event of Revelation come to his senses

The dead in #Somalia would enter Paradise without a single why or how, or say it seems

The victims of #Somalia drought may even put the angels to shame

The scenes of #Somalia are too inhuman to be enacted on a film set.

GOD created the treasure of #LOVE and buried it in the cave of a Woman’s heart. And then said to Man ‘Lo! Go and seek it’

Arguing one another is simply the roadmap to destruction

I am sure of my #prayer’s answer, NOT because it ME who calls, but it is HE who would reply

#Materialism is a #sin in every religion

As #Technology advances, our impatience multiplies

The 1st Quranic command was to #READ.Not to listen, watch or criticize. That explains a lot about the intellectual mess #Muslims are in

Prettier the Rose sharper the Thorn. Deeper her Love, more painful the parting #death.

Masha Allah. Nothing so lovely as #Love.

With Mans beastly manifestations it’s he who is becoming extinct, not animals.

Feminism is not womanly. Neither is chauvinism manly

Baked in Oven of #Globalization,dish of Life tastes almost the same wherever we go. The only difference is natural phenomenon like #Rain

Man doesn’t get tired if sinning. LORD does not get fed up of forgiving. #Ramadan

Poets & writers are generally honored in most cultures. Unfortunately in the others they are jailed or abducted #Bahrain

Someone told me #Twitter does to writers what #iranian censors do to filmmakers

We simply ask GOD for our well-being. Our #mothers DEMAND it from HIM!

#Love is more unbiased than the Sun over its audience

it is not just the #beautiful #woman who is a victim of men’s unchaste #glance. Even a scenic spot in Nature is seen with greed of #realty –

Sometimes the ones who cheer us the most are those whom we notice the least. The office T-boy is one of them

In Kerala people follow politics religiously and religion politically.

Lady in the train: I don’t look good today. Sumthing must be wring with the mirror. #blame

If #Democracy is al about #equality then Day of Judgment would be it’s all time harvest

To suffer the heat of #democracy is never a poetic experience.

Exorbitant #Legal fees is as good as denial of #justice

Love leaves its marks more deeper than a shoal of sharks

#Media get seduced and carried away by rumors of the Establishment. The WMD case is just one of the examples of such seduction stories –

Our fathers used papers and we emails. They reached home early to spend time with us while we still get late with no time for family

Our fathers worked with papers and we with emails. Their work ended at offices, while we bring it home

Twitter and WordPress are among the gems of the Internet treasure –

The Supercomputers and Smart Phones can never beat Man in intelligence. For, only he can conceptualize & believe in a #GOD

Every human being is in his original essence a believer

That Prayers & #Patience begin with the same letter says a lot about the relationship between the two.

Is Technology on the path of becoming an independent Religion? –

When we understand a thing, it’s simply Common Sense. When we don’t, it becomes a school Textbook. #education

Religiosity is getting popular but #Spirituality is losing subscribers

Why do couples face #coldfeet despite the ‘liberal’ values of the society and love marriages ? #paradox

The souls of Einstein, Newton and the like should thank God that education was free/cheap in their days.

We call ourselves a Knowledge Economy and then make learning the most expensive phenomenon

No generation before has been so dumb. Our forefathers never spent so much in their lifetime as we spend on education –

#Twitter & #FB make us #social to rest of the world, but strangers within our own homes

MAN : GOD created him as a WONDER for the rest. But his deeds made him a BLUNDER

Despotic Artists hold the License to Abuse with absolute powers. #Women & #Language are its two frequent victims – posted on 03/07/2011

Troops, Tanks and Teargas. When nothing works, start the Dialogue 🙂

‘So your wife is gone home and you must be on vacation now?’

We seem to have donated our intelligence to the smart phones.

Luxuries makes us socially rich, but individually poor.

To sin is not our right. But repentance is our duty

I had my try @ dusting,washing,gardening,ironing. I then realized my #mom & #wife deserved at least 6-digit pay for their #home-based jihad

Ours is one of the most unfortunate times. Our appreciation of historic events is reduced to relaxing on it’s public holidays.

Angels will pray for those Rulers who selflessly build parks for the joy of little hearts.

We need to applaud the ‘magnanimity’ of Terrorists. They literally take ‘responsibility’ for everything, even kids’ balloon blasts 🙂

Love may have some sad episodes. But the SERIAL is overall an interesting gone

When there were no billions of believers to support, only his wise wife was there to assure the greatest Man on this planet #MirajUAE

While the other Prophets’ miracles were on earth, HolyProphet’s miracle extended beyond the heavens. #MirajUAE

The Beloved is the Promised Land of the believer. #MirajUAE

Love needs no interpreter nor any translator.

You can afford to miss/ignore any call. Except your #mother’s.

Underworld and Terrorists make it easy for cops to blame suspects who are otherwise untraceable to media and people

A lover’s pride is as innocent as his love

Remind yourself of the Beloved. And worries will forget you altogether

Democracy or otherwise is just the Cup. Welfare of the people is the real wine

#Life is a dish of sandwiched decisions

I have never had to put up with even a mosquito bite for my beliefs. And I consider myself a believer!

A Moses is imminent when Pharoahs persists in tyranny

It took centuries of torture and persecutions for the Enlightenment to arrive in any civilization #ArabSpring

A Moses is imminent when Pharoahs persists in tyranny #Arabspring

When old men wag their tongue out of jealousy, some mistake it for intellectual activism

RE-Discovering #Love is more challenging than finding it for the first time #family

Successful Democracies take years, if not centuries,in making.Some evn don’t.The Q. leaders and ppls ask : is it worth violence & killings?

Life without hereafter is no life at all

The biggest proof of the #hereafter is it’s own necessity

We all have a dark side, but there is nothing so bright in exhibiting it to others #modesty

The biggest fool is the one who thinks himself an #intellectual

Love builds bridges covering miles and centuries of time at a speed faster than light

Our true friends are those who remind us what we HAVE than vice versa

Poetry,after Prayer, is perhaps the most refined and disciplined outpour of human emotions

Knowledge does not profess any religion. History’s fatwa is very clear on this

That the lantern of #science in Europe kept burning with the oil borrowed from #Arab learning is a historic fact mostly ignored/forgotten

Thomas Edison’s teacher considered him a retard. We shouldn’t panic when our children get such rating from school 🙂

Lo! There is no communal patent for blessings of GOD. Hard work & commitment alone qualify for the prize

Like or not, some of the greatest scientific minds who are responsible for our progress were #Jewish in faith

Marx tilled. Lenin sowed. Stalin harvested. Gorbachev buried in it’s birthplace

Many mistake Dieting to mean Die Eating

Muhammad came. And Love got it’s true Lover. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

I don’t need proof for #mercy & forgiveness of GOD. He let me live this far

GOD wanted me to know what #paradise would be like. He blessed with the love of my #Parents

To Super Cops out there: you may not be able to become a saint. But you can stop sending troops killing innocents due to ‘mistakes’

The literary community owe a big THANK U to the IT firms for their word processing s/w and online libraries #microsoft #google

It takes 3 to make a fight. X, Y and the Devil

WAR ON TERROR has tagged Terrorists’ heads worth millions of prize money. But how much do they value their victims lives?

#ArabSpring has turned to be the WINTER for many power-drunk dictators

Just as the wind makes the fire burn fierce, parting adds to the ‘terror’ of #Love

Love has no politics.

Imam #Busiri is indeed the envy of every poet. His poems have withstood generations of different races & languages. MashaAllah!

That ALLAH invited HolyProphet to the highest heavens only shows HIS #love for the Beloved and humanity at large. #miraj

The highest form of intellectualism is the elimination of intellect itself. #faith

It is a folly to believe that #Light is the fastest thing in this world, simply because we haven’t KNOWN anything besides it. #Miraj

Million$ r given to those who score in sports&dance,but our society doesn’t show same appreciation for intellectual talents

Na’at :Muslims of subcontinent wil have a special place in paradise for developing the most unique form of HolyProphet’s eulogy

Love turns a sinner into a saint and a ignorant to a scholar. It is hard to estimate the power of love.

Love wounds. Love bleeds. But isn’t it what keep us alive?

Seeing our #kids sleep in peace, away from the roars of hunger and war, is one of the greatest #blessings from GOD

A GOOD lover is a SMART artist of surprises for the Beloved

Islam asks its its believers to be dutiful to Creator and beautiful to Creations as well

Poets&Lovers were traditionally fond of Spring season.Now it’s bcom the candy of revolutionaries&nightmare of dictators #ArabSpring

Our justifications for #lies are personal. But lawyers do it for #professional reasons

Our lives have become more conspicuous and pretentious. Is that why we unanimously bless actors with stardom without a second thought?

Our ancient Mothers were far more creative singing self-composed lullabies & expressed their pain and joy in home-made proverbs

No idiot in the world would try to win people’s heart with drones&tanks. Sadly Uncle Sam’s INTELLIGENCE think otherwise

Cultural and intellectual bigotry is more sad than religious fanaticism

He began to introspect if he had any #FAULTS only # to conclude that hardly did he have any GOOD

Only the saints can ACCEPT people as they are, with their faults and shortcomings

Every #blessing, big or small, is in fact a bonus from the Heavens

No action of the believer is a ‘#secular’ act

When all else fails, politicians take political argument to personal bombardment. And public forgets the original argument in the 1st place

They say pen is mightier than sword. I found Love to be even more powerful

Corruption: When individuals do, it’s a sin. When politicians do, it’s NEWS

The OFFER for help is more important than the help itself

Feminism in #Islam makes sense only in the spiritual context

A major part of the job of many foreign ministers and secretaries go in poking than rubbing noses

Empty vessels make the most noise. Sad, the prize normally is awarded to such vessels

Arab world needs Meritocracy first, #Democracy second

We are all HUMANS in our true ethnicity

In #democracy, the leaders are generally the superlative of the good AND bad among the people

When hearts are fed up, even roll of tanks may not make a difference

Your Beloved is your greatest admirer and critic as well

At times I have felt the Man in the Mirror is the eight “blunder” of this world

We can scare #kids with anger. And they defeat us with #Love

Only GOD can COMPENSATE in full for the #LABOUR pain a #Mother suffers for her child

Some ideologues in #Kerala require WD-40 sprayed to treat their ice-aged thoughts

Arab, Jew, black, white, asian, american… Were all originally human

In midst of all the gadgets, we are forced to ‘google’ for productive #Time

Our loved ones’ prayers are most inevitable in our success

Beauty should be supported with beautiful #conduct

When politicians enjoy, people suffer

#LOVE is the kernel of #faith

Every news is in essence a breaking news

I have no clue why the most advanced of #SMARTPHONES have the ancient OLD PHONE as the default ringtone…?!?

Most of what we believe as #Science are unproved #fairytales in our lives

True Lovers will rock each other in the cradle of their prayers

Love of the creations make life look longer. Love of the Creator makes death look impossible

The beginning and ending of love is in silence. Speech is merely cosmetic

#LOVE, like the sun, will dawn when it’s Time. We may simply Wait for that moment to arrive

Love may be innocent. But lovers are intelligent

Do we need need MEDIA to be SOCIAL ?

Never gave a serious thought that the religious texts are the all time best selling books in this world lasting since centuries.

#Poetry would have been a difficult business had there not been Woman

Men are great politicians outside the homes. And women inside it

It is the very founders of certain religio-political organizations who prevent the movement from accepting ground realities

Ageing politicians should retire from the electoral battlefront and instead head training institutes for moulding the youths

We claim to live in an open & free world compared to our ancestors.Y then do we have blocks of nations based on race,region&revenues?

Why are break-ups more popular with celebrities than make-ups?

There is a reason behind everything. Except in the way we feel

Attract yourself to the Beloved of GOD. Then rest of the world will pull towards you like a magnet.

Some mistake hooliganism with political activism. #change

A doctor is one of the most #democratic in profession. Hurts everyone EQUALLY 🙂

#Greed for power always keep us young at heart. Hence, our politicians never retire.

#Politics is the most aesthetic form of real life drama

Sleep can do wonders. Lack of it can do blunders. Filling diesel in a petrol car is just one of them.

Trees enjoy an enviable sense of freedom alien to us.

Indian beauty is specially crafted by God, Masha Allah!

Border towns have some of the most intriguing accents of languages.

Smarter the phone, dumber the battery.

FoundingFathers wud have never imagined names of its first black president&its worst enemy wil b different by 1 letter only #OBL

It’d be a ‘sin’ NOT TO TRAVEL and see the wonderful world Allah has so lovingly made for his servants.

Lovers call upon ALLAH more than the priests.

Love at it’s best is the intellectual expression of insanity.

I have heard that some of the best intellectual writers & poets here are the best drunkards too. Life couldn’t get more #ironic. Sigh!

Harassing the wife and her parents for #dowry is like a pirate who robs at gunpoint, but with the society’s silent approval. Shame, shame!!

Men who demand #dowry don’t have the balls to look after their women on their own

Some paranoids fancy by releasing certain images & video clips Muslims worldwide will lose all their senses

Willingness elevates Man above the Angels.

Able to do is piece of cake. Willing to do is the real stuff #dedication

The thought of growing #old and death never cross our minds except while watching life #insurance ads

While #globalization is great, it has a tendency to eliminate the amazing diversity of human cultures. #consumerism

Life may be prose. But #death is poetic. What is real? What is not? Ah! The tragic comedy of Life

Beauty when revealed, angel. When veiled, a real #Woman

Democracy in poor literate societies bring more harm than a dictatorships in a progressive educated people

Countries who strive to produce the tallest towers should now focus on moulding the world’s smartest brains

#Kerala should have more frequent elections. Infrastructure development, which were delayed for years, get complemented in days for votebank

#love is excess #baggage for some. For others, it’s the ONLY baggage in life

#Humility is the greatness of the Great. #Arrogance is the poverty of the poor

#Dreams act as trailers for our upcoming Future movie. But the script is co-written by #GOD and you

Friendly reminder from history to all paranoid freaks : It was the worst enemies who later had the greatest crush with Islam & its culture

#Media is has become ‘color’ sensitive. It’s NEWS when a mobile phone launches a white version of its existing model

The Beloved carried with him the hue and shade of every human being in all their conditions

Our sincere respects for the whole judicial process withers as hardly a paise from #corrupt convict is ever recovered for the nation

#Heritage of a nation is for it’s natives to LIVE, not simply for the tourists to READ in pamphlets

Only a strong MAN can respect the weakness of woman

Arab world need education much more than revolution

While #Israel has many advancd R&D centers,what has crippled its neighbors frm pursuing the same level of progress? money?

#Love is the show of the heart. We can’t pretend it further

Dunno who coined the term ‘FOOD for THOUGHT’. One simply spoils the other

Skepticism makes sense only when it leads to a conclusion

Thanks to the vicious regimes in the region, Israel seems to have become a cute democracy for many

The ultra liberalism is another form of #orthodoxy

A believer, like wind, is a carrier of the pollen grains of goodness. Everyone expects only good from him

Either Kerala Muslims adopt #Urdu as second language or other states learn #Malayalam.Naturally only the first is the only practical option

Learning takes place only when the learnt is something which was previously unknown

Rulers in the region will have to sweat more to win the hearts of the people fascinated with the changes happening around

Many are in the #jury, either for looks or bucks sake

Without accountability, there is no logic in the blessings in life

This is right and smart time for Arab regimes need to de-emergencize their countries. History will only praise such wisdom

When some lose all hopes in the power of humanity, they turn to animal and metal kingdom for inspiration #Batman # Spiderman #Ironman

Anna #Hazare is the real life Indian version of Batman and Spiderman

#Kerala badly need a Modi-minus-BJP leadership to fix the sick roads and ailing industries #BJP

With #Bollywood actors owning #IPL teams, Cricketers should start producing movies as well to set the score even

Filing lawsuits is among the first signs of fear of losing monopolistic grip over the market #Apple #Samsung #Nokia

Till recently Moms would say : All you do is eat and sleep. Now : All you do is Tweet and sleep

#Love is where home is & Work @ office. When one is confused with other, we get domestic conflicts and #office politics. Good morning!

Language is pure in it’s essence. It’s the speakers who make it sound dirty

Hajra ran between two Mounts, in tear and fear, for her child crying of thirst. And since then, believers imitate her as an act of worship

#Islam admires and reveres the sentiments of humanity. And #women too is a part of it. The rites of Umra is just an example

#Faith is primarily and ultimately a case of total submission to the Unknown Reality #GOD #RELIGION

Media first roars like a metro town. Then silent as a grveyard

Life is full of mysteries. Temptation of Chocolates is one of them #Patchi

#Politicians are greater than saints in patience They can wait any long to walk the corridors of power

It is the #People and their minds, not oil & gas, which should be the greatest source of Power and pride for Nations.

Present Middle East has become more inclined to the West than the East

We simply and blindly believe in the theories of Science without personally testing them.

We simply and blindly believe in the theories of Science without personally testing them.

Conscience is God’s spy within us

Recent #movie scripts are a hit inside courtrooms even when they flop in theaters #lawsuits

If Democracy is all about tolerating opinions, is TERRORISM an opinion?

How many of us can dare to RT our critics?

When political hooligans deface movie poster, it’s called progressive activism. When religious organizations do it, then it’s unfashionable

Decriminalizing unnatural crimes is as good as naturalizing sins

Indian politicians offered rice & grinders as electoral freebies. What could Obama offer : burgers and iPads?

We being humans is itself the proof for the need for #morality

#Gold prices are record high. Respect for #Women is record low

#Life can afford any Tense, except Perfect Tense

We can abscond from our employer. Not God

#Tahrir could be the popular name for the new age Arab babies

#Quran inspires a poet in every believer. It makes him romantic about the mundane creations of God

Human beings are ‘halal’ in their true nature. Their latter actions make them otherwise 🙂

The price of love:: Husband – I love you. Wife : Then let’s go SHOPPING !

We should not be arrogant about our ancestors. But definitely proud of our heritage

A picture is worth thousand words. Really? A tear is worth a thousand poems 🙂

Death like love is an eternal mystery

Love attracts, dominates and even kills. Yet, love is not to be blamed

Politics is by nature opportunistic. Can’t really blame politicians for that.

We can afford to buy food,waste it and then throw it, then buy again. Remember, many can’t afford the first buy itself

Woman is among the sweetest things Lord created for man. And that is only the beginning of the problem

We live in a world of increasing tech Beeps. Sounds of Nature are becoming extinct

Just when we thought traffic on the roads were getting better, there comes the rush of human trafficking. SAD 🙁

We are all STARS in our OWN skies. The only question is the vastness of the skies 🙂

#Hazare has become hazaaron ka taara, overnight! Thanks to democracy 🙂

Ladies strip more & wear less in the name of fashion. Ugly truth. Beautiful paradox

There’s more to feminine Islam than just a cloak.

Some time in the future: Corporate training gurus in the West consider using WHITE MAGIC to undo workplace tensions 🙂

Electoral freebies is the it’s the victory of neither political parties, but of the creed of consumerism

Makkah may be the capital of Islam. Madina, then, is the capital of Humanity

Planning for career,family,kids,investments, retirement make no sense if we don’t plan for death.

Duty free shops have everything except our necessity items.

It’s hard to cool the heart once baked with love in the oven of Desire

Having billions in banks is good. Respect for honor and blood is more important

ALLAH made this world and filled it with countless blessings. The HE created something special: the love of our #parents.

We know the count of all our wealth. Except #Love.

A friendly understanding boss is one of the finest blessings of Lord. Al hamdu lillah

An Atheist can only envy the courage of the Believer to take the risk in the Unknown

God is Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt and Unknown. And that’s why it’s cool to BELIEVE in HIM!

Religious life is perhaps the highest form of Creativity. It revolves fully around the Hidden

Public parks are one of the most blessed welfare projects of any government. Public should appreciate them with gratitude

We cease to exist when our todays are no different from our yesterdays.

#Time and Patience are adjectives to each other

Cynicism is the jugglery of the easy and lazy mind which yield no positive results

#Accidents are like any other events. The difference lies in our expectations

We all spend millions. The rich do it in one go, others take years

It only happens in Indya : Chief Ministers tweet about a sports scores. The power of democracy

Indian politicians have the best of the two extremes on the planet: fanatic suicidal followers and blood-thirsty critics

Facebook wud have what we did, Twitter wud reveal what we thought. Either way, Future would have to recycle both if they care to use them

Psychologists cud do better R&D on the spectacular power of #patriotism on people’s minds

Life can be enjoyed. FOC, really

If you lose something, don’t go searching for it. It will seek you instead.

Ya Mustafa! My soul’s nest! Your throne be inside my chest. You are my life’s fest.

Winners will take the cup, the losers have to learn to drink tolerance

Every war is dirty

More well known the brand of a firm, less the common sense in its #management #bureaucracy

Revolutions: Poets scribble, leaders write

When we are successful in identifying our enemies, realizing true #friends become easier

Politics is the license for legitimate betrayal

Men race for Power. Women envy beauty

Was the sandstorm across the region inspired by the metaphor of changing political winds in the region?

Luck is a necessity. At least #Cricket force us to believe so #wc2011

God cool (save) the people of Kerala. They are in the twin oven of Sun & Electoral burns #Keralaelections2011

Twitter always come handy for the ‘silent dissent’ 🙂

As I approached closer,said the voice:This is the chamber of Love.You shall not enter here except by laying down your Arms. Let go your Self

Life is full of temptations. #Falooda is one of them

Actors act in movies, Politicians in Life

BlackBerry PlayBook Will Run Android Apps” Corporate love couldn’t get better 🙂

U know its an indian restaurant when it smells spices a to z

Humans are limitless in the height he can rise and the depth he can fall.

One of the finest jugglery of the 21st century economics is the widespread debts restructuring practice

When all else fails, try a pepper mint tea 🙂

We randomly come across strangers who are so sweet, it dilutes the bitterness in us

“Musharraf, Zardari are FB friends… Who’s next : Obama and Osama?

US #Libya attacks make me wonder as to who actually wanted the regime change: Libyans or West?

When we identify the true position of ourselves in Nature, locating the rest in world is a piece of cake

The wine of Belief is the mix of a Sharp intellect and a moist heart

Husband: You look very beautiful today. Wife: I’m always. You simply have to look at me with love.

Father: why are you going to sleep with keys on hand. Son: So that I can drive the car in my dreams

The ignorant simply experiments with #Knowledge. Intelligent goes a step ahead to Experience the Knowledge

While Pen creates the #writer, Tongue qualifies the #politician. Sadly Conduct is ignored in both.

Earth envied. Sky shied: Love. O the fortune of Man alone.

Bottom line verdict of Islamic history: The Caliphate never worked after the end of Four Grand Caliphs

I complain why Time is too fast. #Time blames why I slog like an old man

Happiness: Don’t put in the freezer. Enjoy it NOW!

We are all indispensable VIPs at our workplaces 🙂

The present unrest in the region are “missed calls” from the Future on the shape of things to come

Regimes should rethink about spending money on #PR to impress columnists in foreign #media

LOVE is the eternal companion of our souls

Only the best of the best of relationships will ask each other to pray for the other

Wish I cud understand the pauperism of #Paparazzi going Paranoid over a wedding of a prince. #Monarchy is already past tense for #humanity!

LOVE: how much is TOO much?

Kerala Muslims are most organized&affluent of Indian Muslims.Yet Communism has significant following among them endorsed by prominent ulama!

#HelpJapan They gave us Lexus and Playstation. At least pray for them during this crisis

Our minds have become OCCUPIED TERRITORIES of Materialism

Life is all about paradoxes. Cookery and Dieting books outsell each other

The smartphone will simply be a dumb phone for the color blind

It’s bad the dictators are metaphorically blind. It’s even worse for them to put the people in dark, literally

Revolution when becomes regular is boring

A thing becomes forgotten only if it is recollected later

So forgetful… I hate to remind myself that again and again… wish I forget what I forget

When we preach our faith, it shouldn’t breach others’ #interfaith

We cease to live when our todays are no different from our yesterdays

Son: What will Allah give in return if I put this coin in the charity box” Father : A red color Ferrari in paradise

A believer is here to shop for the best of actions. And the Hereafter is the check-out counter to get the receipt for #Paradise entry

#iphone is a blessing for men as ladies shop

Events such as in #Japan make both atheist and believer speechless #prayforjapan

Human sufferings have a single brand, wherever it may be #prayforjapan

Humanity is one when it comes to coping with disasters #prayforjapan

#prayforjapan trending only shows humanity’s belief in God. May patience and courage prevail.

Make it a mission in life to Love and care for others. For, you will get the same, if not a millionfold, during or after your death

Life is about Men AND Women. Most assume it men vs. Women

Honor Killing is an Oxymoron

#IWD Poor SHE! Everyone, even feminists, takes HER for a ride

The Election Commission should charge political parties for recycling the pollution from boards&flags

Sleep is so cute. We love to watch it with eyes CLOSED 🙂

Money is always white. It’s our hands which make it black 🙂

#Bollywood should take hints from Politicians who are better at scripting dramas than its own directors

#Democracy is no guarantee for the leaders to be from the best of the #people

Changing human minds is the toughest job on earth. That is why people take the short-cut of Revolution for change

Life has become so shallow. We are in dire need for something deep

Quran respects the diversity in its audience by not superimposing a minimum intellectual standard on its readers

It is our ACTIONS, than our words, which have to be REtweeted #Twitter

Many of us will be surprised to know that mild speech can colonize listener’s hearts without the aid of guns or swords

As I come across the lives of great ones, I realize again & again, my only virtues are my faults 🙁

Mustafa came. Subhanallah, this world is so beautiful! Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam…

It is only natural for Lovers to keep the best for each other

Failure to recognize the Prophet is failure to recognize one’s own Self

Quran ! The all time eternal bestseller … Ever!

All the creations, not just humanity, waited for the arrival of Holy Prophet

Love for Prophet burns stronger than the hell fire

Love for Prophet is the DNA of the epic poem, Burdah Shareef

Junior to mom : ‘My friend says M&M’S are grown on trees in paradise.Shall we ask my baby brother about it, as he just came from there?’

Anarchy is fun, Restoring order isn’t

There is a hidden tyrant in all of us

#Poets inspire, #Politicians despair

Media is soon becoming as nuisance as it is indispensable for our daily living

SECULAR Indian Government to provide Rs 6 billion for Hajj Subsidy to Indian Muslims. Muslim governments, please take note!

Love is in it’s high, when lovers with pain cry

The moon of LOVE shines full only in the night of Pain and sacrifice. صل الله عليه وسلم

Truth is indeed absolute, but it is also a personal experience

Perhaps there’s nothing as extraordinary as the ordinary #life

Most protest against capital punishment for rape coz the victims are OTHERS’ sisters or daughters

In Islam there are no men vs women. It’s only Good vs Bad

The only time to do something is NOW

The glory of life is going back to Basics. اللهم صل على محمد…

Islamists do bigger damage to faith they claim to further

Monarchy is a shame for the progress of our civilization. And Human politics need to rise higher than Democracy

I was down till recently thinking about the non-occurrence of any revolutions during my life. #Tunisia , #Egypt , #Libya changed all that

Power is sedative

I’m more intelligent than my #Father. But he is more wise than me. #generationgap

It’s a beautiful world. The media just make it feel otherwise.

Listening is the 1st step to resolution. Even God was ready to LISTEN to Satan present his side of the argument for his disobedience!

Lust be the child of Love, not it’s parent

The WHAT of Love is as mysterious as its WHY

He kept awake for humanity to sleep in peace. How cud I then fall asleep forgetting that savior of humanity? صل الله عليه وسلم

When you fall in love with Power, limit is the last thing you want to hear

The #Censors authorities should start rating #News #channels too. The crimes and scandals, both true and manufactured, embarrass even adults

Let the drops of HIS LOVE run down your cheeks. And then even the hell fire cannot put down your smile.

The #Arab world need to revert back to the ruthless democracy of Caliph Omar.He showed no mercy for aristocratic aspirants in his Caliphate

Light upon Light. Love upon Love. روحي فداك يا رسول الله

Love is the business of tears, be it out of admiration or sorrow

America should learn from the people of #Egypt at #Tahrir how to ‘regime change’ without the bloodshed of Iraq and afghanistan

It is indeed a challenge to like those who dislike us.

Accountability is not for sins alone. We are responsible for our joys too #Quran

Integrity continues to disintegrate

Love is always at first sight. The challenge is to keep the feeling going AFTER the first sight

Smart technologies necessitate the invention of WD-40 for our brains

Health is the epicenter of Confidence

When a puppet falls, the PuppetMaster has enough reasons to worry

Media feeds on the fodder of politicians

Prayers may be more powerful than RT #Twitter

If Life is a story, then Anger is its antagonist.

Restraint is also another form of action

Thinking is a passion, not a designation

We at times come across ‘thinkers’ who insist everyone perceive reality as per them. Fascist Intellectualism !

The irony of Partition is a believer can prostrate more safely @ an Indian masjid than its neighbor’s!

Those we hate hurt when around. Those we love hurt when NOT around.

Justice conspired, is justice denied

#Mubarak Sr. should give a consolation toy to Jr. for losing a golden dictatorial opportunity

Even warring politicians have talks (to resolve conflicts). What stops from friends from doing the same after a quarrel?

I said to a lover : My religion is OF the Beloved. He replied, “My Religion IS BELOVED”

ALLAH’s Mercy is free from any bias

Prayer is a process of self discovery of the mystery of Allah

Prayer is a process of self discovery of the mystery of Allah

Perfect Man marches beyond where even angels fear to proceed

Revenge is merely the Plagiarism of another’s evil

Revenge is merely the Plagiarism of another’s evil

We, as parents, elders, superiors, bosses… dictate in one way or other. When politicians do that, we call them dictators 🙂

Poets imagine. Politicians intervene

There are no good or bad in a Democracy. It’s simply a matter of Majority vs Minority

everything is fair in love & democracy 🙂

everything is fair in love & democracy 🙂

True friends JailBreak us from the cells of moral dilemmas and conflicts. They need your prayers more than thank you. God bless

Every little joy is a miracle to celebrate

We are open-mouthed at the revolutions outside us. But close-hearted to the revolts within

When in love, GPS always comes handy. Coz lovers are mostly lost

Boy: Do you love me? Girl: Yes. But Terms & Conditions Apply

Psychologically and biologically, Woman has always remained the object of Man, the subject

Debates and Dialogs bloom in only areas with enough sunshine of Freedom!

Debates and Dialogs bloom in only areas with enough sunshine of Freedom!

Truth is neither sweet nor bitter. It all depends on which side of it you stand

Future crush:: Boy to girl: You are so tweetable 🙂

True womanhood can never be exploited. The fault is elsewhere!

Marital politics is worse than global politics.

Lovers are supposed to have greatest memory power.Coz they can’t afford to FORGET anything from love’s timeline,especially anniversaries 🙂

We are all bad, in one way or other. But that should not stop us from sharing the good we have known and experienced.

When one takes risk for profit its called entrepreneurship. When it’s for love, it’s calked foolishness

If there is no urge, how can you expect a surge

Does it always take revenge to make a hero out of a victim ?

Man is born free, even without the diaper strings

#jan25 is a warning for the rest of the brethren nations who are competing to be the favorite poodles of super powers

Future #History will recall social media of our times with gratitude for facilitating such incredible political changes #Jan25

Muslim husbands tend to forget Romance is Halal 🙂

Lies are actually our selfish version of the truth

Revolution anywhere is fun. The real challenge is to bring sanity after the bad guys are out

The superpowers only learn NOT to unlearn what they have already learned

We are all here shopping for Life from the mall of Destiny. We gotta check out one day or other

Religion without Love is like a bank without money

The biggest donor in this world is the true lover. He shares the greatest thing on this earth for nothing in return

Time condenses in dreams, because God does not want you to waste your precious Time simply watching it.

Arab states should not hesitate to openly learn a few lessons from their Jewish neighbor. The West is West today, thanks to Arab sciences!

Future headline : World’s deepest underwater cafe opens, marine life activists voice concerns 🙂

When bedtime, little year olds bring out the singer in you, unconsciously 🙂

Opportunity is the creed of politics

Islam is the all encompassing law of nature and nurture. It’s just and merciful even to the infidel

India’s the limit when it comes to dance

Promise to take her for gold shopping and she will have your favorite dish on the table, in minutes 🙂

Today’s music is just great to dance for, to clap at, to tap to. But not worth LISTENING

Ads are the Twitter form of movies

Few talk, most of us scream

No one has regretted their patience over a matter. Guilt is always about haste

Our prayers should be the ballet of the soul in patience and discipline

Fearing God doesn’t mean a Revengeful Being who is waiting to born you in hell. We should rather fear breaking His laws

Paradise is more eager to meet the Believer than vice versa

When His is the rain, His is the Book and His is the Path, why would I get late?

Language has not evolved to describe fully the ecstasy of Love. Sallallahu alaihi Wa sallam

Mercy, Thy name is Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)…

To those countries confused about what to do with the migrant workers: you can’t have the cake and eat it too!

The #infidel is as significant as the #believer in God’s master plan

Boycott, Conspiracy, Minority Rights, Suicide bombing, Sectarianism, Separate homeland- be removed from the Muslims’ vocabulary 4 their good

I nominate the Muslim countries be given Oscars for the largest number of boycotts, among themselves and others.

Love, like energy, can neither be created nor destroyed

Under dictatorial regimes, the only ‘uprising’ allowed is in praise of the ruler 🙂

Bad regimes create holes. Revolutions make craters

Revolution need not be external. The internal ones are most effective

#love sounds melodious, whatever be the language

Married Men become saints of tolerance after kids come in. Whose is the credit? Wife?

Does #technology make us social shy zombies ?

Thanks to smartphones, many have become decent in public places: head down, focussed and quiet. 🙂

Jealousy will make even the rich feel poor

None of is are truly happy. We just want others to think so

A believer will ask God for fortunes to manage with his hands, not heart

Only the true believer can refuse with smile an offer of mountain of gold

The believer does See the Unseen with his Inner Eye. It is not a superstition for his intellect

The atheist is chained by Impossibility, not the Believer

The Holy Prophet is the most widely read, researched and recognized and remembered personality across time

Love empowers the believer to accept matters of faith even if it defies logic apparently

For the true believer, even Reason becomes a Divine phenomenon for his enjoyment

Curiosity makes sense only when it quenches the thirst of the heart

#MALAYSIA is by far only Muslim majority,democratic,prosperous,literate,women-empowered & peaceful nation. Others please take note

Reform of one people is Revolution of the other

On a different note, I guess we are in need of Pan-humanism, than Pan-xyz

The best part of being a minority community is to get the majority of the sympathy 🙂

You can’t blame people for not thinking ‘out of the box’. Their Box is as big as the world itself. It only makes them unique 🙂

Our relationships demand Time, more than blood, donation

How do you see a dream clearly? Simple. Go to sleep with your glasses on 🙂

Love is in the air, and passion in the storm

To the New age Eco-conscious God-fearing believer : Say استغفر الله (Forgive me Lord) every time a paper goes in waste in printouts

Sky’s tease to the rain-awaiting Earth: It’s just on the tip of my clouds 🙂

An impatient little boy to his father, “How many hours more for ‘five more minutes’”

World is getting increasingly pluralistic and that’s only good

Prophets were sent with scriptures, not arms and weapons

Faith is a challenge of priorities in life

Hate and curse is not to be found in the dictionary of the believer

The Holy Prophet came to befriend humanity with the Creator

Prayer and charity are AFTER EFFECTS of faith, not it’s essence. Most of us think opposite

A lofty stage comes in faith when #intellect becomes an extra luggage in life

Paradise has zero tolerance for misery

Prose waves hi from a distance. Poetry touches your heart

Why do couples, who have known each other, dated, may be slept before #marriage, need to struggle later to keep their marriage alive ?

Does it take a New Year to resolve our priorities?

Muslims ruled Hindu India for 800 years. But #India was partitioned in the name of religion only at the end of the British colonial era

Quotes are always beautiful and imaginative, Life’s not 🙂

communism is an economic superstition

Absconding is a phenomenon between slave and master. How could it be used to refer to an employee-employer situation ?

Saying Asthaghfirullah (Lord I seek ur forgiveness) is another form of self criticism

Saying Asthaghfirullah (Lord I seek ur forgiveness) is another form of self criticism

Media should thank the politicians for keeping them in regular business – with content and income 🙂

“Taliban set up all-women branch of suicide bombers” : Bad news for those who accuse the T people of gender discrimination 🙂

I think, i believe : Finding the origin of an idea is suffice to reach an atheist to the shore of faith

Destiny is the chaotic painting of God. Every stroke makes sense

How do you say I love you a to fellow tweep? : You trend in my heart

When a woman smiles, there are a million possibilities. It is up to the man to guess which one 🙂

A problem is also another option of Destiny

They say untold love is more sweet than expressed one. What about hate?

When there is too much peace, especially enforced one, a #war is imminent

No one can beat #Arabs in hospitality. GCC demographics testify

Every nation has had to pass through a revolution

Every nation has had to pass through a revolution

It would be more fruitful for governments to invest in removing unproductive reservations in people’s minds than change reservations in jobs

We all wish for fortunes. But not what to do with it once we get it

If you want your loved ones to be always around, never answer them instantly like to your boss

Man has always been haunted by the mysterious question : what’s next?

When infant, parents don’t get what they want. When grown, they don’t get what parents want

O Rasool. I have tied my heart’s knot to your love. I have anchored my soul in the ocean of your desire. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam…

#Love is a sin if you cannot commit it 🙂

We recognize more #corporate brands than own family members

Development is most hotly discussed, debated but DELAYED happening in Kerala

Pluralism is the only way out to survive in today’s globalized ecosystem

One problem with #democracy is the erosion of individual’s dignity. And that’s one hell of a problem

Roman kings enjoyed beast eating msn in the Colosseums. Today superpowers cherish the same instinct watching man killing man

“removing a harmful thing from the path is least of faith”: Easy transportation shud be no 1 priority for Muslim govts

We develop more fear, than courage, as we grow up

The best and oft-quoted intellectual names in Arab world are also prefixed with “dissident”

What do #Keralites and #aliens have common for breakfast : Idli (‘coz the dish is ufo-shaped)

Do you feel humble when people call you arrogant?

Every verse of #Quran invokes an #Eureka moment for its reader

As a Muslim, I’m equally overjoyed to celebrate the b’day of Jesus, the son of Mary

Love and faith are like the chicken and egg phenomenon

Being different is becoming so common, isn’t ?

In the past, the Ottomans were portrayed as the villain of the region. Now the same antagonist honor is given to #Iran. Wake up !

Watched on TV Christian women reciting prayers in #Kerala churches with heads covered. Modesty is a universal psychology

love, asthaghfirulla. Love, mashaAllah. LOVE, Subhanallah!

Quran is a guide, not a reference

The West has done better service than the Muslim world for the understanding of Scientific facts mentioned in Quran

Truth resides in the heart. Lie in the brains?

When awake we feel dream world was fake.When in dream, the awake world seem unreal. Same is the analogy for doubt in life after death

The 1st Command of Quran wasn’t 2 pray, jihad, destroy idols but 2 READ. A believer is 1st a reader,then a worshipr

SUNflower blooming in winter, irony ‘eh?

Our minds are more polluted than the environment

Greed for love is only human. To give is divine

Every poet is essentially a politician

Why do we FALL in love? It is such a sublime emotion…

It would be meaningful for #jinn to make a horror movie about us than
vice versa

HE is as good as much as you appreciate HIM

You are only poor by the amount of your needs

Politicians lead. Artists inspire. Critics… Neither!

More people were healthy when healthcare was cheap. Vice versa now

A baby is cute in looks. A man in actions

The majority of people live as shadows of the few real ones

Comedy shows in tv make a cartoon of the viewers

If God has taken the risk to have faith in us, how can we afford to lose trust in our own Self?

Note on Santa’s gift to the diplomats for this #Christmas “Handle with care. Leaks inside” 🙂

The country should treat its own people first, not foreigners, as tourists

The high cost of education actually makes knowledge look cheap

Minds are not gifted

Ar Rahman is HIS name for the objective #compassion. Ar Raheem is about the subjective. Either way HE is Right

Few are blessed with an envious sense of cheerfulness and inner joy. Wonder of they would agree for a heart transplant?

Conscience. HIM-Conscious .

Tonite the Stream of Love has overflown. My eyes are drowned in it. Each drop in it is scented with the Beloved. Subhanallah… May it go

Night is sleeping in the chamber of my heart. It has discovered HIS fragrance there. The sky is lonely without the Night…

It is to HIM I belong. I came and will go to HIM. With HIM in the center of my life, it’s all beauty and love I see around….

I never had a dream in life to be something. ‘Coz there is always this next big thing, Subhanallah!

I know a lot when I realize I know so less

Prayer : Ah! What would a believer do without you!

Introspection. I don’t remember when was the last time I did it 🙁

#Media never get tired of #leaders, who in turn, do not get tired of #corruption

If you list down the tasks in front of you, Life, after all is not so messed up

Does #ISLAM need state patronage to profess, practice and preach itself?

Be it for a mosque or a Christmas tree, for religion or tolerance, spending million$ make no sense to humanity

Everyone gets their rights. Except the Right

The future looks bleak for kids. And we colored it so

Love is a state of tension at its best.

Believe it or not, Love is more important for the Lovers than the Beloved!

The sky is baffled at my wonder at it

Dunia has meaning only in the context of Akhira. But the vice versa is also equally true

Muslims’ real problems began when they started to hunt for solutions outside the Holy #Quran

No religious text is as revered,recited and researched as much as HOLY QURAN. And that’s proved

It’s the beginning of trouble when mulla’s rule is considered to be God’s

“Money can’t buy you love” Actually that depends on what the beloved thinks 🙂

An ideology founded on hate and mistrust would only inspire the same psychology in its followers #Ashura

Most entrepreneurs have no idea where their baby would reach if succesful

The #ashura violence only show the community has only learned the wrong lesson from historic events

If a poetic ideal is implemented by a bunch of secular politicians, the result is #Pakistan

A wish is no good if you don’t have an action plan

#Moses led his people through the sea and crossed it with the help of God. But now our leaders are drowned in #wikileaks #Ashura

The modern believer has not shed a drop of tear or sweat in the path of his beliefs. Sadly, I am one of them #Ashura

Despite Bill Gates,SteveJobs,MarkZuckerberg&Julian Assange being college dropouts,sum intellectuals stil imagine Uni can bring change 🙂

Intellectual is one who fits in nowhere in the society 🙂 (because of his/her different POV)

It takes our end to know our beginning

Skyline of a country is not the height of its culture, nor lasting progress

Do cheques issued in Love bounce in real Life ?

Why does REALIZATION never happen on time ?

‘Man is a rational creature’ is an irrational statement

Big Bang theory may help measure the infinite space. Not love

If you think Love is all joy, wake up

Starving of food is unbearable. Starving of #Love is even more…

A wish loses its beauty when fulfilled in a haste

Seek your Self, coz #God is inside you!

Tolerance should be lesson one for the intellectuals 🙂

Sugarcoating is bad, except for #Love sake –

Pride & Envy : Two attributes why Satan is so confident to take us for a ride (to hell, that is)

How wud host countries to mega sports events sustain #economic growth AFTER the prize giving ceremony? Hotel occupancy especially

The end of era of Rightly Guided caliphate was also the beginning of end of the individual freedom

Man was essentially created free, but it was his own doings which shackled him

#Freedom is the oxygen of the #Intellectual

All world politicians are united when it comes to one feeling: #Power

#racism is against the spirit of humanity.

#Pride is one disease all #artists should develop #immunity from. It kills, even before one realizes it’s there.

Sleep is nice. Little

Tolerance is an attribute of the strong, not weak

“Don’t get angry”. “Don’t get angry”. “Don’t get angry”. A lovely advice for a sane and peaceful world. Allahumma salli wa slallim alaihi…

#Religion will continue to be villain in the world until it finds itself in the right place:Heart

Does economic freedom (for women) lead to divorce freedom as well?

#Islam is humanity-compliant

Superpowers better do something quick to contain the further diaper leaks. The stink only gets worse. #wikileaks

Some let the intel guys know that trust is won through transparency, not secret spying.

Were #Arabs more united in spirit before the discovery of #Oil?

The miracle of #INTERNET is has empowered individuals to compete, combat and conquer conglomerates in speed unimaginable

Every media runs with a minimum grudge towards one or more parties. Any claim otherwise is a lie

Every emotion is original and true. Pretension too is an emotion.

We, the children of modernity, lack the time to #read what old men of past #wrote

A #dream about #death is enough to fire the zeal of #life

Why are men of power in love with hate?

We cannot fix the past, even if Time travel was possible

The rise of Islam is also the rise in status of Women. Anything otherwise is foul play

Job generation statistics are always estimated BEFORE sports events and not evaluated AFTER they are held

Earth is spacious, only our hearts are selfish

Moon, like a woman,is a silent but powerful player in #nature

Fish in the water have no idea where their bread is when they get up in the morning. We at least know it’s in the refrigerator

The triumph of social media utilities over traditional softwares is a thumbs up for the #human element over technology

LOVE forgives love. Hate punishes Hate

There is no CORRUPTION in the Arab world. It’s just RECOMMENDATION 🙂

Wikileaks have leaked not just the political players, but the divisions in the #media fraternity as well

#India says ‘WE ARE NOT CONCERNED, ONLY INTERESTED’ on #wikileaks. Politicians outsmart poets at times in choice of words LOL…

Destiny offered me the Honey of Reason in one hand and Poison of Love in the other. I chose the latter

Politicians lie. Celebrities act. And then there are journalists…

#Wikileaks: How could the intelligence agencies let their diapers leak so bad LOL!

The only thing politicians can be trusted with is mistrust #

The telekinetic vision is the need of the hour. #

Politics in the region are like its #women: veiled! 😉 #

Ambition and Arrogance are born enemies. But we mostly realize this only after the fall

Funny humans:lavish modern building, ridiculously prized dishes and state of art ambiance.Yet only the traditional candle gives the romance!

Impossibility is just another possibility. Who can’t do away with possibilities?

We need more such operations into the bedroom secrets of power politics. But will such bean spills change them? #wikileaks #

The Prophet was also an #expatriate to Madina due to bad conditions in Makkah, his birthplace.Islam saw its glory during his stay in Madina!

With the increasing scams in Banking sector,I wonder if the auditing job hardly has any relevance…

Only a thing which ends has numbers/Love, but, burns ever without embers… New poem

the restless #lover. Restless to explore, Restless to express. Restless to expatiate. Explode & then expire!

If Man is a social animal then the expatriate is a hyper organized beast. #

#Love and #ego are the mother and father of human emotions

To know a word without its meaning is so mean a knowledge 🙂

It wudn’t be a bad idea to invest the mammoth royal fortunes in developing healthcare services so that head of states cud be treated locally

If one loves and fears God, then how to hate the creations of God? Faith and Love are twins, both in reason and emotion

“Whoever strives (to God),strives for himself”.Religion,in style & content, is wholly an individual affair. And individual is about freedom!

Faith is 0 if not allowed 2 influence thought AND actions of the believer. ‘DO they think they won’t be TESTED after they say they believe’

#LOVE is as old as man. Nay, it was there even before … #

Education empowers vision and ignorance makes you blind #

Man is unconsciously digging the mass grave for humanity #

Any #idea which later became successful was in its initial stages most absurd and non-workable.

When #media hide what dey know, its called #professionalism.When politicians do,it’s corruption.We,the people,are the victims anyway!

Man,in his present nature and character, is best suited for earth than paradise. The FALL was actually a ‘promo’ than a curse

#Love, simply the best emotion I have discovered so far. Is there a better one?

Why is #DEATH the least trending topic in our entire life – personal or social?

It is interesting to note God ridicules Korah for associating his huge WEALTH with KNOWLEDGE. The two are born enemies in essence

Thank God there are few billionaires on this planet. Earth just wouldn’t stand the pride of too many Korahs

Darkness precedes Light. Night before Day. Negation before Affirmation. #

#Truth is to be accepted, not understood. #

#God never compromises on quality in His blessings. Its up to us to experience so.

#Twitter is thought to be a great place to secrete one’s #thoughts

Culture is one step ahead of #politics in #Arab world

Optimism is the creed of any investor #

Great writers emit greatness on one and every who accept the warmth of their message. Sir Allama Iqbal is certainly one of them

EGO: An illogical construct of mind which has hampered the material and spiritual advancement of humanity

There is perhaps no better method of self discovery than the prayer of the HEART

The modern man has become so lazy, even to ask the Benevolent Lord his wants in life

The only thing that matters about #technology is that it works WHEN WE WANT.

Abstinence precedes indulgence. Maybe that’s why we fast before both eid

The man of God cannot stand #oppression on any form. That is why Moses cared to help the ladies who were stopped from the well

The history of Arabian #Islam is filled with tribal conflicts.But islam spread the farthest during this period is equally true #

Too much of anything is bad. Could #love be an exception?

Pain IN love is sweet. Outside it is much bitter #

Oh what would Man do without the silent thing called prayer?

What glitters can be deceiving. Simplicity is even more dangerous #

#Motherhood is the noblest profession on the planet, despite no compensation #

Quran asks believers to avoid guesswork. Why then is the community wasting its time on conspiracy theories?

The man of #God,like Him, is fragrance for the rest of His Creations. Time for self evaluation

Destiny has installed RADARs at various points of our lives. We just don’t see them

Gud thing about superpowers: they accept their mistakes.Bad thing: they keep repeating the same.Sad thing: No one can stop them

#God created #love. It felt lonely. He then made the world

Love fills / Hate floods / Embrace life / Or be drowned

Pressure mounts for immigrants to adopt German values(BBC). I only see the opposite happening considering the phobias reported in media

The warring factions’s leaders in hunger-hit #Africa needs too see psychologists for possible mental disorders

Blessings of Creator is amazing for teaching the concept of idea exchange among his creations.What more tech shall we see unfold

People are the greatest asset for any country. #Obama is in india for the same reason

I want to Be, without myself, being with Him #shjibf

All the greatest #poems written about #love were by men!

Education will take you places, Michelle Obama tells children(The Hindu).Actually India already proved that,time for recession-hit US to!

Michelle Obama danced & sang with 33 disadvantaged children from Mumbai.How angelic!Hope she did the same with Iraqi&Afghan orphans as well!

Islamic outfits should stop giving superman promises and wake up to the realities,both inside and outside the community #

Love is too sublime a thing to which we can only rise,not fall

Love is mostly an irrational #emotion. But it is the whole rationale behind what is called life

The O(bama) virus spreads across India. And the Media make sure the infection lasts

Peace is the innate character of humanity. #Islam is simply another name for such a character

Religion is the person and culture is the costume

Greatest irony of #LIFE is to ignore the most definite truth of #Death

Today’s #media headlines are largely based on the mood swings of politician s and celebrities

I wonder when #mother REQUESTS me to do sumthing.My service is her God given RIGHT

“what has been taken by force can only be reclaimed by force” I strongly disagree.Lasting Peace is the fruit of Love,not of arms and bombs

Regret/rejoicing 1’s past in afterlife is also another form of learning.Then,is it rite 2 say learning is frm cradle to GRAVE only?

We are forced to waste much time on deconstructing misnotions nurtured out of sheer ignorance due to actions of few bad apples

Knowledge does not speak any particular language.Only its learners do

It a matter of wonder that a single edition of the Holy Book has sufficed humanity since it was revealed 1400 years ago!

A MAN blessed with #Knowledge From BOOK cud bring the throne of Bilqis to Solomon faster than jinn.The POWER of Book&Knowledge!

Social media is becoming ruthlessly unforgiving with it’s non-followers #shjibf

#Men and #Women are #poetry to one another.It just takes the whole #life to REALIZE it –

The beauty of #Islam is in its appreciation of beauty #

I have never asked myself: Do I believe in #God? I never had to. #

How can #God, being so Merciful, be without any friends,asks my 4 year old son.The world of #Faith & #Reason are so personal to Individual

#Parenting is a joint responsibility:That is quite easy to tweet than to act 🙂

Muhammad is the end of my creed and logic. I never had to think twice about it. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Among the most testing times for a man: when his lady asks “do you #love me MORE than your #iPhone” 🙂

ARMS & MEDICAL are two diametrically opposite #businesses which will thrive as long as there are humans on earth

As India heads with 4th biggest GDP status,it is better 4 all practical reasons 2 stick with it than suicide with an independent state claim

Lucky are those #lovers who experience #romance from #nature – #

One great technology which sadly went unnoticed was the torrent p2p.

Islam is the return of man back to his true and pure nature

Everything in life is subject to change. Economy is just one of it

Technology makes sense only when & how you use it

Birds chirping their anxiety if today would be the Last Hour.I am thinking what to do for weekend

Islam is a grand pharmacy for the whole of humanity which can cure the ills of all ages

Accountability in hereafter is individual in form & content

Name 3 words #traffic #police would utter in the early morning? Fine, Fine and #Fines

Whats wud be the equivalent of the name Sher Khan in the West : Lion King? 🙂

It’s the credit of #Indian #Democracy that no son born on its independent soil had to live in exile for political reasons

DEMOCRACY is (also) another CMG (Common Men’s Games) to choose the dogs who can bark the best

True #LOVE requires more than this world to feel and express. Why then is AFTERLIFE so impossible to believe in?

An #Atheist maybe the most unscientific creature on the planet with his perverted and finite view of life

Men just can’t live without women: Is that why we see female models posing next to new car models?

LOVE; I personally don’t need another proof for the existence of God

Seeing children smiling is perhaps the most priceless blessing of God

Whatever olden people talked became QUOTES for us. Today we only live wearing COATS around! # (courtesy: my better half)

Ideas don’t speak a particular language

Paki paper Jang says the prime reason for the world’s water shortage is Bollywood films! IS THAT WHY THERE ARE FLOODS IN PAKISTAN?

Congrats to India’s membership to United Nations Security Council. What stops it from setting eyes on the permanent membership?

Poetry, like chocolate, should be consumed slowly to enjoy it to the fullest

Israel 2day proposd a new settlements freeze in exchange 4 Palestinian recognition of Israel.WHY IS IT SO HARD TO RECOGNIZE UR OWN NEIGHBOR?

Yemen Qaida chief announces formation of ‘army’ (TOI).WHY DO MUSLIM WORLD STILL BELIEVE IN SUCH SUPERHEROES & MIRACLES?

REAL EDUCATION starts after passing out of institutions

Geelani asks Hajjis to be diplomats for Kashmir cause(Risingkashmir).That wud be a waste of money and efforts for the pilgrims!

The Supreme court has acknowledged “nothing moves without money”over the growing corruption in govt machinery.OBVIOUS TRUTH LATELY REALIZED!

Chinese and Saudis lead way in internet use(FT.com) WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE REGIMES THERE? All d best folks!

The Holy #Prophet is that concentrated formula of scent which is suffice for the entire humanity in this world & #hereafter

ISLAM is so far the latest upgrade to the other two semitic faiths.There is nothing at hand to suppose if it will ever be outdated.()

A Believer is the perfect vicegerent of God on earth.Hence, the term Backward Muslim is an oxymoron ()

Truth is yearned, not Googled ()

Jim Jones,Obama’s national security adviser,announces quit.HEARTY CONDOLENCES TO PREZ OBAMA IN THESE INSECURE TIMES!

Everything in life is to be shared with the better half,except chocolate and ice creams.

Geelani of Kashmir calls for protests from tomorrow.THE OLD MAN SERIOUSLY HAS NO OTHER CREATIVE JOB FOR KASHMIRI YOUTHS?

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi completes 10 years in office on Thursday. SHAME FOR HUMANITY!

“We don’t accept ur (US) democracy/ur freedom,” & “Muslims don’t abide by human laws”: The Times Square bomb convict. SINCE WHEN DID BOMBERS BCOME SCHOLARS IN LAW?


“The Kingdom of God on earth means democracy of mor/les unique individuals,presided over,by most unique individual possible on this earth”, wrote Iqbal once to Prof Nicholson. DID PAKISTAN EVER TILL DATE IN ITS HISTORY EVER QUALIFY FOR SUCH STATUS?

Saudi may hav built the greatest clock on earth.yet their public services are delivered far too LATE (mostly never)

Survival tip for Pakistan: REmerge with INDIA minus the suicidal provinces

What India needs is a vibrant forward-lloking generation with the true colors of spiritual secularism

I pray that the #Ayodhya verdict will lead to the triumph of secularism in India

Al hamdu lillah,it was a pro-Temple victory.Now,Sangh parivar wud have to brainstorm better for another electoral trick

# Ayodhya verdict is no. 3 now on twitter trends.even #GOD never came this close to this ancient monument!Twitterish Irony!

The call for peace from all sections in the country only shows the Secular Spirit of Spiritual India

Indian Muslims shud stop wasting more time with Babri masjid claim as enuf time and resources have been ill-spent for a ancient monument!

Salvation is the triumph of the individual,not a group

Conversed with a young Egyptian teacher who calld political,social,educational and economic situation in his country in one word:MISERABLE

The sharp rise in extremist websites is making recruitment much easier for al-Qaeda(BBC).DOES THAT MEAN ALL NET USERS ARE TERRORISTS?

In his new book,The Grand Design,Stephen Hawkings uses ‘M-theory’ to claim that the laws of physics created our universe unaided. Funny,this scientist lives completely AIDED by a wheel chair.And he says this entire universe was just made by accidental magic!

Disappointment is the child of Expectation ()

Drive the car of your Life fastening the seat belt of Allah’s Fear & Love 🙂

You cant undo the past, but you can make the present better ()


Publisher agrees to drop US spy secrets from book: Pentagon : SO MUCH FOR THE FREEDOM OF PRESS IN US

That the learning in Islamic world inspired the renaissance and later Industrial revolution in Europe is a widely accepted fact. My table lamp above my head is the first literal example of this development. Sallallahu ala Muhammad,sallallahi alaihi wa sallam

Came across this verse: The worst of beasts in Allah’s sight are the deaf and dumb who do not use their reason. (Surat al-Anfal: 22)

I got to interact with this Book more and more,for,it is the ultimate guide for dummies and genius to sharpen the minds

The fate of non-thinkers: If only we had really listened and UNDERSTOOD, we would not now have been the heirs of Hell. (Surat al-Mulk: 10)

No divine book nor any human-written book has used such powerful words to despise the unthinking brains (oxymoron though)

Has technology made us smart or more dumb:How many of us can type a para without aid of the auto spell check feature of the word processor?

Life is full of ironies:Indian filmmaker Vijay Kumar,invited by Hindu Congress of America,was detained in US for caryin jihadist literature!

Hamas says Peace Talks ‘Humiliating and Degrading’: OH YA,WHAT ABOUT VIOLENCE AND POLITICAL DEADLOCK?

Musharraf to launch his political party in London on Oct 1:one more cook enters the PAKi broth to make it even more worse

Parents tighten their purse strings as schools reopen:WHICH IS WHY THEY WAIT FOR KIDS TO GROW,WORK SOON AND PAYBACK

Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away. (Quran:Al-Anbiya verse 1)

What a powerful warning for the individual and institutions about the accountability of their performance.How sad is the case of government officials’ corruption and under-performance in the Muslim world.Tells a lot about the distance from the Holy Book


Six Christians rip pages from Quran in White House stunt: FREE PR NEVER STOPS FOR ISLAM & ITS SYMBOLS

Capturing or killing Osama bin Laden still priority: Obama: THANK GOD AT LEAST PRIORITIES HAVENT CHANGED,I ACTUALLY THOUGHT THEY DID

Kerala is to vulgar bigmouths what politics is to scoundrels

TN CM M. Karunanidhi,a known atheist,urged the spread of rationalism in Tamil movies.HOW ABT IN HIS OWN POLITICS AS WELL?

My colleague’s new definition on Women : Manufactured with Confusion Defect

Air India express cancels 203 flights from Kerala.Isnt it time the state started its own carrier than bear d brunt of others faults?

Reason cited is lack of crew members.R they kidding?The one billion plus population cant produce enough crew members for d national carrier?

Honestly I am really unimpressed by the argument that modern education is the cure for all the maladies of Muslim World

Educational backwardness is only ONE of the symptoms of the main problem.

Modern education today, practically speaking is pure pursuit of better economics of life.

Educational institutions, with the most noble mission statements, merely manufacture the candidates for the corporate world, not society at large

Who cannot accept the fact Colleges are no more than hang-out clubs for its students, social status for parents and livelihood for teachers

And for the same reason, how we can expect world movers and shakers from these institutions whose candidates haven’t heard the word: social commitment

Coincidences are like any other event, planned and decided by Allah. Just that we don’t get their inner meanings

14yr SriLankan SafarullaKhan has memorised complete Quran,but doesn’t know the meaning of any words from Quran.Thats no big deal becoz the ppl of d 22 countries who speak d language of Quran has learnt nothing from the HolyBook to apply in their practical lives.

India,though constitutionally secular, has strengthened the Islamic world with unprecedented contributions of scholarship and culture

The life&honor of Muslims here r safer than the neighboring Muslim nations ruled by dictatorships,where civilian die from street gun battles

…political assassinations and Masjid suicide bombings are regular events so much that the natives feel nothing new about it.

The reality of our passage from this world describes, derives and defines the purpose behind our coming to this world

The victory over the Self is not in killing the Desires,but in regulating them

Today ther is more CHAOS within the individual than outside

The greatest LOVER is he who restrains his love in obedience to his BELOVED

The tips and tricks for DOs have better results in people than warnings about DONTs

The first 2 objects mentiond in Quran r Book&Pen.This is tru in both chronologicaly&chapteriwise reading.How much 1st is it in our lives?

Hu said Love is blind?if it were,y wud lovers rac 2 a moonlit nite or a sunset scen.d amt of lite plays a major rol in d visibility of love

Most of d ORIGINAL discvries in d world wer made b4 d conventional education systm was intrducd.Unless professors hav a better xplanation!

Muslim parents need to REinitiate spiritually enriched songs 4 der lil 1s 2 hum.Hurry!Kids 2day start 2 sing evn b4 v thot dey cud!

Insted of wastin d littl availbl brain cells on how to boycot jewish prodcts,Muslim wrld can focus on how to create 1 of d same quality

Hav d self-xplosive bros ever thot dat history has never producd a single SUFI suicide bomber.Islam nevr gew so much as in sufis hands!

Why is the status of Freedom of Press almost the same in all Arab countries? That they share a common religion could definitely be NOT the reason!!

As each leaf falls from the tree of my life, the more I realize that the passion of my life lies in Creativity.

v r all paid,in one way or other,for d sweat we undertake in life

The majority of lovers in any part of d world accept God.dat shows d divin element of dis emotion

Every generation,old or new,is deracinated from d previous generation which is how humanity evolves

women in d past usd to walk head down with an umbrella for reasons unfound in todays female dictionary: modesty

Muslim Malabar have much to learn from Hindu Gujarat especially in d guts to ban alcohol. dont b shy to know y!

Fiqh answers the what and Tasawwuf answers the why behind the laws of God

Rumi said it wud tak ages to describ whts lov is lik.i say lovrs die so premature in der mission to lov

Lov beats hate coz it makes sense evn aftr death.Taj Mahal is just one example

70 pilgrms died in iraq suicid bombing within 3 days.whats d point whoevr is tryin to prov?

A problem is a problem only when you THINK it’s a problem

Dream of the Stars if you aim at the Moon

while d first object mentiond in d first revealation was pen,d first objct d quran mentions in d begnin is BOOK.

a 6yr old girl has been profiled in d US terror list by d security dept .No 1 knos how dis hapnd,includn her dad dr santhosh Thomas. obama bttr chek d common sens of his intelligenc dept or els d taxpayrs money wil contnu 2 b wastd for such blundrs

Kerala Politicians r unusually quiet&out of cntrovrsy numbrs in their bag of triks, at least till FIFA cup is ovr.

my bro attnded a wedin yest in which d singin trups had 2 prsnt songs frm fifa teams fan clubs dedcatd 2 d coupl.cultur cant fall belo dis

Simple accounting logic: debit is the sad and credit is the happy side of life

airports r emoports:bonds r made&separatd at this platform.d fastest means,but most risky also

What’s common between poet & a water melon : one quenches thirst of the mind, the other of the body 🙂 ()

Indian Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru says solitary confinement worse than death. (TOI).That’s more poetic than a poliical statement

Bailout : A processs in which the public repent for the blunders of the corporate world ()

Abstinence is more fulfulling than Indulgence ()

I dont think Believers shud get excited when Science confirms a fact said earlier established by Quran

Madina is more blessed than any other soil on d cosmos. Despite, Rasul askd us to go as far as China to seek knowledge. Ilm is so important!

Allah only commanded Adam 2 name d things in wrld.Allah never differentiated d things into islamic&unislamic.wake-up call 4 d educationists

Truth never gets old ()

Manners are the syntax of the body in a Culture ()

Motherhud is perhaps d most fascinting phenomenon created by ALLAH. It is too mystical to be true. But then it IS

Prez Obama says d biggest threat 2 US is d posiblty of terrorists obtaining a nuclear weapon.O yeah!We just saw that in Hiroshima & Nagasaki

How many of the believers opposing the face-veil ban use it in their own lives?A question for all of us to think about.

Faith is not, as miundesrtood by some, about simply knowing the truth.It wud be more correct to assume that Faith is acceptance of Truth

life,like a dice, is random, and that’s d fun of living it

Islam enrich culture, not eliminate it

Life is the integration of various realities. The web is attempting to do same with technologies

A hero shines whn he cares 4 d persnal pains of his admirers