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Jaihoon’s thoughts & notes during Holy Quran commentary lectures by Simsarul Haq Hudawi

Dec 05 2008

• The birds which fly in the skies are glorifying the Creator. Man who walks on the earth should learn lessons from this.

• The word ‘saffat’ (wings spread) is used as adjective since it is the normal attribute of birds, while ‘yaqbidna’ (wings folded) is used as adverb because it is rare.

• The waves ask God every late night ‘Shall we punish man sinners for their sins’. His reply would be, ‘Had you created them, you wouldn’t say so’

• Man is accountable for today’s worship only, not tomorrow’s. Similarly, Allah would give him today’s sustenance, Man is not to worry over tomorrow’s.

• Ikhlas is known to God alone, angels cannot record it.

• Prophet Ayyub (alaihi salaam) was fully resigned to the will of Allah. He suffered great illness but his lips were wet with his thanksgiving and praise. It was only when his tongue was infected he made the dua, ‘I’m afflicted’, which was not a direct request to cure him.