On earth and heavens has He assigned
Angels who at His service are inclined

Each group has their own duty
They are creatures of great purity

Yet there is among them a unit
Who wait to record man’s merit

Over those slaves they keep a close watch
Who make their actions with Beloved match

Who is there that precede their foot right
As they enter their homes at day and night?

Do they advance their left feet
As they take their sandals off?

Who smiles towards their neighbors?
Who lends a helping hand to the laborers?

These simple deeds raise merit of believer
Who knows, even from hell shall it deliver

O sweet-sounding beloved from my hind
Listen to what I write from land of sand

Let your every action with
The Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
be closely similar
So that one day even the hoors
With you shall become familiar.

January 23 2004. Inspired after Juma’ prayer.