– Mujeeb Jaihoon

Paradise appears somewhere in between their smile and the Fire is hidden in midst of their painful tears, urges Jaihoon in this poem about filial piety.

Beeps and bells sound and fade
Updates and notifications come and go
Bands and brands rise and fall
Friends and gangs are deceptive guests

Lord in His wisdom
Chose two souls
To unlock
Your earthly existence

They shed tears
To see you smile at day
They lost sleep
To see you dream at night

In the rush of prayers
For your fame
They forgot to mention
Their own name

In the struggle
To secure your future
They ignored
Their past and present

Neither what they earned
Nor in what they yearned
They stopped living for them
From the moment you arrived

Their only wealth
Their sole weapon

How can you ever afford
To even have such a heart
For, they can only be read
In the tales of the ancient

Your arts and sciences
Dull and soiled rocks
Their age and wisdom
Real and radiant gems

The wine of Lord’s pleasure
Is in their cup
The song of His mercy
Is on their lip

Paradise appears somewhere
In between their smile
And the fire is hidden somewhere
In midst of their painful tears

Forget not to be kind
when you speak
And to be compassionate
When you look

– Mujeeb Jaihoon

May 13 2015