My days were passing quite harsh
The system had my head and heart crush

My heart from love was so delicate
I tried hard but no care could I dedicate

I sent a plea to my compassionate sweetheart
‘Pray for me as you sit after prayer in the mat’

The wonder of dua’
Is as is strange as its reply
More than you, it is you dear ones’
That will from Him a reply comply

O elegant one who covered me in love
As a blanket that keeps solitary cold away

Reveal to me the age-old mysteries of Affinity
Why Nightingale sits always in Rose’s vicinity?

Tell me the sweet secret of His Reply
That He heard your prayer made of love

You pretty face and sweet voice
Have often come to my rescue
From the devil and his cunning plans
Much of it did I defeat or eschew

Praise be to the Merciful Him
My hopes in life are no longer dim.

May my state of heart be of some benefit
For those who around the river Jaihoon sit.

January 26 2004. Inspired after a conversation