Introduction of Jaihoon’s talk at Markazu Tharbiyyathil Islamiyya, Markaz Campus Valanchery. June 03 2015

The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr. Therefore let us strive be more energetic than the martyrs in the battlefield.

Despite several unsuccessful efforts in the past by your senior alumni member and my close friend Nafih Wafi to facilitate this meet with you, it is only today that the destined moment has arrived.

I have always admired the dedication of your mentor Ustad Abdul Hakim whose single-minded commitment has resulted in the blooming of several intellectual roses from this garden. It is such scholars our society needs today to bring back our bygone glory.

By the grace of Almighty, I have been able to set foot on few historic lands which I consider are important milestones to our Islamic heritage, the recent one being to East Turkistan, part of China’s Xinjiang district.

Travel is a passionate experience which helps to discover exciting cultures and peoples. A large part of Islamic knowledgebase is a product of beloved scholars’ journeys and travels. You are well aware of the struggles and sacrifices they underwent as they set out in sea voyages and desert caravans. Imam Al Ghazali, the saintly scholar and scholarly saint, whose intellectual and mystical contributions spanned over centuries and continents, was an ardent traveler in seeking the Truth as he knew it. The Ghazali we know is not the silver-tongued Professor of Baghdad but the tireless traveler to Makka and Syria. His travels gave us Ihya Uloomuddin and Kimiya Saada, his twin masterpieces.

It is the anticipation for travel which gives us the complete experience of the destination. And farther the place, higher the ambition soars to set foot there.