In every inch of my nerve
In every atom of my cell
In every chamber of my heart
In every layer of my intellect

Ya Rabb!

What do I have that’s ever mine
For, YOU belongs my joy and pain

You have drenched me with YOUR Mercy
I know not if I deserve to ask YOU for more

Yet this insolent slave dares to implore
For gold and silver I wish to hoard more

I have given little or no thanks
Even as YOU have filled all my blanks

But how could I refrain my sweet Lord
To keep silent on this Night how can I afford

How could I not store few drops
Even as YOUR mercy pours limitless tonight

I shy not to demand my exorbitant want
For, I am asking the King who loves to grant

Alas! Tonight there are no limits
One is bound only as far as what they seek
And I have chosen to ask and ask until
My head and heart, hands and bag are full

July 13 2015 (Ramadan 26 1436)