“I used to be the queen among my peers
My wisdom was a wonder even to my seers

I put my heart and soul in my will
I renounced sleep to win without fail

I was the sole mistress of my attentive mind
No glitter around could make me blind

But now an odd state has taken place
I forgot the whereabouts of time and space

I have become the lost Leila of the vast desert
Majnun’s mirage she sees wherever her eyes set

During the day I intend to fix my mind in the night
During the night all my senses towards him take flight

O my distant Majnun! Leave a little of my senses behind
How else will I to the matters of the world attend?

O my distant Majnun! Make me not a lunatic with love
Like a poor bee that lost its way in the hive

Even though such is the case
I continue to adore my craze-

At all times I secretly beg to my Merciful Him
Ya Rabb!
When in my sight will Majnun appear to coolness bring?”

January 31 2004.


Leila and Majnun: The famous romantic tale of Arabia