“Every night before sleep to Him I pray
Ah! With much hope my desire I say

‘If not in front of my thirsty eyes
At least in dream if my prince comes’

What does it cost him to travel in a dream?
What to ask so much from this world’s merciless system?

No need to pass through the man-made blockade
No need to break from the world of winning bread

O dear! For even a dream-hour visit your beloved
For how long is her soul waiting among the cloud?

My eyes and heart are thirsty for your presence
At all times do I run and stop at Destiny’s fence

I have become a mystery to my own self
Your face is what I read in all that is on shelf

Unfold to me, one by one,
The secrets of cool breeze
One by one make-
My little heart melt in His Mercy

O Jaihoon, in whom my soul swims!
Pay me a visit, at least in my dream
May He reach you the agony of my silent scream.”