Summary of Jaihoon’s address at the Pravasi Meet, Darul Hidaya 30th Anniversary Conference, Edappal, Malappuram – Kerala, India. Jan 01 2016

It is only when man shifts out of his immediate surroundings that his God-given & man-nourished latent talents bloom in the apparent garden of life. As we have learned from the lives of great men and women, expatriation was the key to the beginning of their creative career. They made major strides after setting foot on a foreign territory.

The Holy Prophet migrated to Madina and was an expatriate there. The Companions who travelled to Kerala settled here as expatriates.

Keralites who traveled from Kerala on ‘mission bread’ continued to support the humanitarian initiatives undergoing in their home country, even as they struggled for their own existence. They had left their comforts, wives and children, friends and folks, sometimes to the extend of endangering their own lives- in their bid to support their dear ones. Sacrifice upon sacrifice, all they had in their balance sheet was tons of renunciation and resignation. To use a poetic metaphor, they were nothing short of the Sufi saints who did more or less the same as they shared their love for the human fraternity.

The old generation of Keralite expatriates left their homes in favor of the bread-breeding Gulf countries as they could not afford to lean on the couch of choice and convenience. But the new generation of the same group are well-equipped with the choices of earning at either lands.

As for this Orphanage institution, which was generously funded by the Gulf-based expatriate community of this township, it has spread wings to a multi-faceted group of educational institutions. The force behind this explosive growth perhaps lies in the billions-megawatt sincerity and dedication of its founding members.

I pray that Almighty help us all in facilitating the growth of this magnificent institution.