by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Up on the land of mount terrain
You will find a paradise benign
For the spirit to peace attain
And for intellect to learn and gain

A powerhouse to train and design
It fosters a heart so humane
Its mission is to make man
His mind fine and character refine

It cultivates crops sans any poison-bain
And celebrates the glory of nature and rain
Meadows and gardens it does maintain
Whereto the anxious can in silence reign

For community change is its campaign
To remove from the kin every stain
With traditions it does not bargain
But thoughts anew does it everyday coin

Its goal is neither to present complain
Nor does it waste time to past malign
It builds dreams new for a future sane
So that life is free from every pain

In Sign if you ever sign
Life shall never be in vein
In Sign if you ever sign
From success you shall never resign

January 14 2016

Sign Philosphere, located at the heart of hilly district of Wayanad in Kerala, is a community living centre featured with the ambience of a fully fledged education-training-research village. Establishment as a unique abode for living for those who crave earnestly for peace, serenity and personal development.