Jaihoon’s speech at Ibad Conference on the need to check the ‘spiritual noise pollution’ in the multi faith neighborhoods of Kerala. Kondotty- Malappuram, April 08 2016

Kerala’s Islamic activism and organizational capacity is a role model for not only India but the rest of the Muslim world as well. The Ulama and institutions here coupled with the history and culture are a unique community model. There is a vibrant spiritual energy here which could be found nowhere.

There are many movements here exercising their own religious, social and even political influence. But for some imponderable reasons, these organizations have the tendency to meddle in all sorts of issues. It is rather rare for Kerala’s Islamic outfits to have a specific area of intervention. And it is equally uncommon for these movements to have a vision statement outlining the aims and goals of its existence. Not many can give you a clear-cut response about the mission they wish to accomplish. Most groups are only interested in flexing their organizational power and highlighting the strength of its subscription.

A notable exception to the above scenario is the case of Ibad, the da’wa-centric movement with a superb sense of its vision and mission. Its leadership and activists are focused in their role in society. They stand in no need to prove their clout and might to the public. It’s a silent revolution, at least in principle, aimed at the spiritualization of the heart.

These days there are scores of public religious lectures being organized in urban and rural villages where speakers scream about the teachings of faith. However, one has to understand that Faith is the about of spiritual megawatts, not of speakers. Our families and neighborhoods are starving for spirituality, not decibels. Since we are living in a composite cultural ambiance, it is our duty to ensure that our preaching of torments of hell and blessings of paradise do not offend and disturb and annoy them as well as they don’t lose their diminishing love and respect towards our community. For, this noise pollution can easily add fuel to the fire of communal tensions.

Let this conference be a right step in that direction.

posted April 14 2016