by Mujeeb Jaihoon

The tale of Love
Is the fail of laugh;
A state so restless
A life so lifeless

Love is a fine mirror faintly kept
Amid the twin rocks of meet & part

Love is that fine thread
Upon which lovers subtly tread

Last night my heart whispered,

‘A life without her-
Wondered have you ever?

To share your joy upon joy
For a sincere bosom will you cry’

Just then my mind intervened
A new argument had it weaved

‘Life without her if you cannot imagine
Death’s parting will blaze you with kerosene

Meeting beloved may bewitch to be a rose
But Parting is the thorn that will prick twice

Life without her may bring the rain of tears
But Death’s parting will drown you in its rivers

As I continued to battle my nightmare
Appeared she in my sleep with beauty bare

She asked me a ruthless question-
The sin of doubt did she chasten

‘I care not if you are terrified-
Life and Death sans me you are horrified
My love! Have you given a thought-
Live or die; can you dare to love me not?’

April 24 2016