The greatest miracle of the Miraj episode is that the Beloved chose to return to humanity, even after meeting with the Almighty— argues Mujeeb Jaihoon

‘This is the season of Love
And gifts excite its winds’ blow

Happiness call for rejoice
Therefore serve us a new dish

Spring has anxiously arrived
Have a new flower bloomed

The carnival has begun
A new fragrance be given’

I could not but oblige
With my folks’ plea had I to comply
For, it is hard for Beloved’s talk to resist
When with love, fanatic friends insist

‘Infinite Glory be to the Glorious Lord
To Whom the blessed Beloved ascent

HE summoned the Orphan of Arabia
And placed the cosmos under his feet
Were it any Lover than He, the High
Meem be not let to return from that nigh

Therefore, let seekers of Madina make merry
Almighty let his Beloved return to us earthly

Infinite glory and praise
be to HIM:
He summoned, and
Then let go for us our Meem

May 04 2016. (Rajab 27 1437)