Summary of Jaihoon’s address at BASE Leaders Meet held at SIGN Philosphere, Wayanad – Kerala. May 01 2016

Dear Young friends

It’s an exciting and educating experience to address the energetic little minds such as this gathering. I am honored to have been given this opportunity, albeit impromptu, for sharing some positive thoughts at the behest of your team leaders.

To respect the limited time at our disposal, let me confine myself to give you four terms based on the very name of your camp.


The first quality you have to cherish is kindness and generosity towards your fellow humans. If you are to earthly creatures benign, then for sure will come on you mercy from heaven.


Do whatever you can to help others at home or school. That includes your parents and siblings as well. Helping others may prove to be the stepping stone to our success.


You need a well thought out plan to achieve your goals in life. Have you seen a dictionary? Every word has in it a specific meaning. Your life too is a dictionary. It is up to you to bestow upon its days and nights a memorable meaning. Life is about making sense of every day. Make it a point that you have given purpose to each day before the sunset.


The last point I wish to bring home is to ensure that life ends on a note of noble self-realization. A conviction that we are returning from this world with a mission complete statement.

And remember that while our sincerity determines the fruit of our actions. Sincerity is to actions what bow is to the arrow. The power of the bow will decide the speed of the arrow.

I wish you all the best in the archery of life.