O sweet one sweetened by His Fear!
Tell me something new
Plenty are the news of Iblis,
Angels’ talk are but few.

Make my tears flow in His thought-
Closer is He than the vein around my throat

May I rest my head in your hands?
To sink my pain as water in the sands

Every morning I wake up in His Name-
“Allah! Let there be no killing in the world
May I approach closer to my Merciful Lord!”

But it only gets worse and worse
I miss reading His Book’s single verse

I used to cry thinking about the Ummah
But the condition gets worse, everyday

The Rose is robbed of its smell
Nightingale’s song they silently kill

The creed is ousted from its own garden
For those who rule it has become a burden

For how long can I hope for a candle?
Where is a noble soul for faith to kindle?

I am fed up with this merciless system
Which strips the tree, leaving the stem

To whom will I complain?
Who will share my pain?

O dear! I have thus withdrawn to your company
Fed up with the world where all run behind penny

Show me anything but not the gloomy black,
Color my heart with love to bring the joy back.

Feb 29th 2004. On the night of Muharram 10th.


Closer is He than the vein around my throat: Referring to the Quranic verse that God is closer to man than his own jugular vein

gloomy black: The color of pessimism; darkness