They challenged,

“Until now, the field of life was your own
You solely chose which seeds to be grown

You never shared with anyone time’s crown
You were free to roam as much around any town

You could freely travel without any ban, by which-
Your ideas flowed as smooth as the water ran

None pulled you hard with the strings of love-
No rose made the nightingale in craze drive

Your ego burnt in the oven of pain
Like a sword became your thoughts’ pen

Your were lost in the world of books
You hardly knew how the reality looks

In the past,
Your pen was sharpened with pain of solitude-
Now with Affinity,
What will inspire your boat’s ride with such a tide?

Oh Jaihoon! Now with a soul to always love
What will keep your thoughts elegantly flow?

Your time and space are by her bound
To spare your time you are lawfully bound

So tell us in words straight
What about will you write?”

I answered,

“My thought’s waters gush like in an ocean
Watch how the Nightingale sings in Rose’s passion
The Heavenly Lord has blessed me with an earthly mercy
Watch how my lines soar as if to Rumi returned his Tabrez.”

March 04 2004