Highlights from Jaihoon’s interactive session at Muhammed Ali Shihab Thangal Memorial (MSTM) Arts and Science College, Perinthalmanna, Kerala –India
Aug 08 2016

Women & Poetry

I always used to wonder about a paradox between gender and literature. The majority of students in this session here are female. It is always the women who are more interested about poetry and literature, both of which chiefly revolves around Love. Perhaps, God has tuned the female hearts, compared to their male counterparts, for better absorption and appreciation of works on love. However, we also note that the majority of well-known writers and poets, who nourish and narrate about Love, are men.

Therefore, let us pray that the spread of women education in our society help to bridge that gap such that we may have more or as many poetesses as there are poets.

Sufism & Cookery

Certain Sufi mystics began their training of selflessness in kitchens. Since, only a selfless person can gladly cook for others to eat. Ego and Cooking will not make good bed partners. Cooking is thus one of the greatest selfless acts which, due to social and historic circumstances, are vested in the hands of women. The cook is neither rewarded in cash nor kind.

Women are by default made affectionate and selfless. And hence better cooks. They need to become better poetesses as well. For, they are naturally blessed with poetic hearts. Poetry, too, is a form of cooking.

Domestic Tyranny

Man listens and learns language for the first time from the Mother. We literally parrot our mother’s tongue with no knowledge of grammar. Motherhood is revered in all creeds and communities, scriptures and societies, especially Indian. Besides, women are considerably affected in conflict zones.
We often talk of political leaders as tyrants who savagely oppress their nations. But the truth is there are male tyrants within every home who oppress their women, which is conveniently overlooked by the society.

Born Sufis

Women relinquish their rights, in both ancient and modern homes. In that sense, Women are born Sufis. When women sacrifice rights, it’s deemed as necessary for practical life. When men do same, they are elevated as saints. Injustice has no better example.

Words: Embrace & Exploit

Road to Success will not give you the luxury and liberty to hold on to both ends of the rope. You have to let go one end, which is usually Fun in most cases. And remember, Words are God’s blessing to express our Love. Embrace and exploit them as much as you can.