Highlights from Jaihoon’s interactive session at Ideal Arts and Science College, Cherpulassery, Kerala –India
Aug 10 2016

Jaihoon’s interactive session at Ideal Arts and Science College, Cherpulassery, Kerala –India

Empathy elevates Education

Education is very important for our success in the modern world. Education builds you and the nation as well. It is the foundation of our society. While Education starts with the letter E, there is another E which is equally or rather increasingly important. E is for empathy too. It is our compassion and kindness towards our fellow beings that would be the real fruits of our education. I am glad to know your college had recently provided free medical services to the poor tribal community in the neighborhood which is exactly the combined application of both the Es.

Empathy is what differentiates us from those bright but perverted minds who use their education to destroy lives and nations. While education has largely benefited humanity, it has also brought destruction to the world. The extremist elements who terrorize our civil society are also products of educational institutions but severely lacking in empathy. They have no place for empathy in education. We, on the other hand, strongly believe education has to be intimately coupled with empathy.

Science & Wars

Friends. We all know that it wasn’t Literature, but Science, that was the culprit behind the Hiroshima and Nagasaki disasters. You can mostly find the hands of Science behind almost every war and conflict happening around the world.

Adam was first Taught to Name, Not Count

There is a general ‘understanding’ among our society that the intelligent students join science and technology stream, while the average ones fall into the arts stream. Language studies, in their view, demand less brains than scientific topics. They belittle language students as mere memorizers.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Language is the most important basis of knowledge. Those familiar with the story of Adam and Eve will recall that when the first man was created, GOD chose to teach him the names of things, not the numbers to count them. Names belong to language, not technology. The cue of IQ comes from words, not equations. GOD, in his infinite wisdom, perhaps considered words were more important for Adam to start his life career.

Language & Living

Another perverted thinking in our society is that only doctors, engineers and technologists earn higher whereas students of literature end up as losers in life. These critics miserably lose sight of the reality that there are several career options in the modern world awaiting language students promising both affluence and influence. Media, Law, Politics, PR are just some of them.

Literature inspires. Science informs

Literature, unlike science, does not superimpose a truth on your mind. Literature inspires you, science informs you.

Healing by Words

Words and phrases of every language have a cultural and geographical context. Hence, not every idiom of every language could be literally translated into the other.

Words come to the aid of mending broken relationships. Words can heal wounds which cannot be cured otherwise.

Physics an chemistry do not evoke dreams. Poems and novels do.

Writers & Censorship

A writer’s thought is a part of his being. Therefore any attempt to censor his ideas is as good as arresting his mind. At the same time, the writer is a part of the community enjoying all the benefits of the social ecosystem, including safety and security. He is a native of the earth, not moon. The safety of the community is also the safety of the writer. Thoughts, nevertheless, are born free and should always be. It is the thoughts of social thinkers and reformers who gave us today’s civilized society.

Guide at T Junctions

One may comes across several T junctions in life where he or she may need to choose between two routes. It is at those decisive moments where we need a guide in the form of a friend, teacher or a parent who will show us the right path to success.