Highlights from Jaihoon’s interactive session at Jamia Arts and Science College, Manjeri, Kerala –India
Aug 11 2016


It is during college life that one decides and discovers about their passion and profession. And no other source of energy inspires one to their goal than Love.

Paddy. Field. Sickle

Since we are in Kerala, let us compare our campus life to cultivation. Life is like the field. And the yield we attain from it is Poetry and Literature. Poetry is the greatest harvest which we attain from the field of Life. And Love is the sickle which guarantees our yield. Sharper the sickle, greater the joy.

Cultivation is very important to our modern life, especially in Kerala. Food crisis is an imminent danger to our existence on earth. Religious and social organizations have to direct their energy to face this crisis instead of flexing their political and sectarian muscles.


Language is the king of all knowledge. Other subjects are its soldiers. Language is power. The world will be after you if you command beautiful language. Language enhances our presentation of our personality. Literature is the strength of a Civilization’s cultural legacy. The scriptures of all religions are literary, not science or technology.

Daughters are more than Diamonds

It is very unbecoming of Kerala’s jewelry outlets to promote its products by valuing daughters’ worth only as good as its diamonds collection. Their adverts portray a humiliating picture of daughters for the sole superficial purpose of wearing gold and diamonds alone.