One night in solitude I sat in prayer
I sent a gift of praise for Him to hear

I praised Him as much as I could
His Glory ran across my vein and blood

I saw my gift rising across the sky
But it returned don’t know why

I asked it for the cause
“Why heaven did refuse?”

It replied,

“I sailed through the clouds
Angels looked at me with wondrous eyes

I traveled faster than light
I raced ahead of my own sight

In the end I reached the eternal Tree
Beyond which to proceed I wasn’t free

I was asked to return back
There was something in me lack

Came a Voice,

“Return back, O earthly creature
In you We see not Our Beloved’s feature”…

Ah! Then did this foolish slave remember-
Madina’s mention he had forgotten to utter.

O Reader! If from Him an answer you expect
Make sure for His Beloved you show respect

He is the only link between Earth and Heaven
The thread by which this world in mercy is woven

You wish to win His Pleasure and Love?
Jaihoon says, ‘let blessings on His Beloved freely flow’

O the sincere slaves of God!
Why do you think this hypocrite writes this ode?

He too wishes to raise his hand from the crowd
When asked to drink from the Beloved at the haudh

A small corner in paradise is his only wish
Beloved’s love can only win him such niche’

That Beloved is the mercy for all worlds
Since ages many tried, but his praise still lack words

Ah! Our human language is shaped by limits
But Beloved has reached the highest of heights

He is the leader of the worlds twin
Earth, heavens, angels, jinn, and man-

Yet it is our biggest fortune:
(As God commanded him to say)
“I am but a man like you”

O the sincere slaves of God!
Why do you think this hypocrite writes this ode?

Love makes one so helpless-
Asthaghfirullah! To You I confess-

Forgive! If I crossed the limits of Law
I am young; the fruit of my faith is still raw.

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

May 5 2004. Inspired during a late night drive.


Haudh: The lake of Kawthar in the hereafter from which Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam will serve to the believers

Tree: The Lote-tree which is the highest point of reach for creation

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