Leila insists that he looks at none besides her
Majnun complains ‘Why I see nothing besides her’?

Love steals the color and scent of the world
Near ones have to scream for a word to be heard

Who said in love is much joy?
The soul gets restless fighting this ploy

There is no perfection for it but after death
It is too great a flower to bloom on this earth

In these sixty or seventy years
How much can lovers share?
Oh dear! Isn’t this span so little (for)
Love’s song to happily whistle

Ageing and weakness is for the mortal body
Time’s march only adds to Love’s sweet melody

When have lovers ever stopped asking Him?
Their greed takes them further closer to Him

My Tasbih! You are for me but a sweet excuse
His Mercy I received which I dared not to refuse

Help Jaihoon make his love for Him to further bloom
Would you sit beside even when he lies in the tomb?

I swear to keep my eyes fixed on yours sweet
But would you nail His Love in my heart’s seat?

May 05th 2004. At midnight.


Sixty or seventy years: The average lifespan of human being