The rose to the nightingale once complained
“Why do I cry when my heart is a little strained?”

I can bear no sad affair
I can see no one suffer

Tell me, is this a noble trait?
Any words you have to make me bright?

The nightingale thought for a while
And said to make the rose smile-

“O kindhearted rose! In cry is a joy
Which the selfish of today can never enjoy

You are so blessed to have a kind heart
A hue that is most lacking in life’s colorful art

Men and women are no longer compassionate
About their own wealth they are passionate

Forget this world and its mean creatures
Be proud of your tears which sincerely flows

Take it from me, O sweet one
Remember this when tears run-

For every drop of tear shed-
HE will give you an ocean of roses-red.

May 18th 2004. After Maghrib