‘Lie upon lie do you maddened lot frame
Walk at night and spend the day in dream
Love’s ecstasy is not for the weak to claim
Unworthy are you to even utter his name’

Inch by inch my heart melted
Stone by stone was I pelted

It was the mid of noon
Full was my desire’s moon

That day finally realized I the truth
To endear Mustafa require much strength
Like Kaleem atop the Sinai
His lovers can faint from a ray of his love

No soul can bear the weight of his Love
Save the ones who Lord alone bestow

Madina is the business of the chosen few
Night’s secrets are known only to the morning dew

Not many can behold that Divine Cup
Let alone consume the wine within
Inhale if you ever that fragrance
Unconscious forever will be your conscience

His name will you repeat
His actions will you recollect
He will become you melody
And the cure for your malady

And then will you plead
Like never before
Beads of Tears n words will you join
Like never before

‘Ya Mustafa!
My tears, the river-
Sail your ship within
Anchor therein forever’

Sep 10 2016