Sayyid Shihab was a noble politician and leader of masses. He commanded the following of millions of followers worldwide. However, everyone who endeared him considered him as his or her personal confidant and well-wisher. He appealed more to our hearts than our minds. He stood for the rights of the oppressed and empowerment of women. His concern for the poor and weak was unparalleled.

But along with being a humanist, there was something else this noble soul endeared. He was phenomenally fond of books as well. And we are eager to listen to the incidents of student life from his learned colleague, Dr. Muhammed Shuhaib Nagrami, about his campus days.

And it is these two qualities I wish to highlight in this poem I shall recite tonight before his lovers.

(Summary of Jaihoon’s talk at Sayyid Shihab International Summit, Rashid Medical Library Auditorium, Dubai – Oct 14 2016). Posted Oct 21 2016