O Allah! You have given me treasures full
And my thanks for them is no more than nil

For what I asked
Or rather beyond-
You have provided
Without any count

So now sitting near Your House
Much thanks do I wish to express
For everything big and small
For the bliss in spring and fall

With my lips I request, “O Merciful Him”
With my eyes I beg ‘O Sweet Creator’
What to call You,
O La shareeka Lahu?

O Rabb, how much?
To thank and praise You
How much should
My gratitude fetch?

Came the reply: O Jaihoon
Just the Beloved much!

sallallahu ala Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

June 25 2004. Inspired at Masjid al Harem on Day 7 of Umrah

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