by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Words slip
Limits cross
Rules break
And then,
Reason cries
Insanity smiles

Therefore, take heed O lovers
Swallow not the Love-wine in a gulp

If you wish not for –
Heart to be seized
Senses to be froze
Friends be loot
And sleep be rout

If you wish not for-
Blood to be tsunami-like
Memory be cyclone-like
Food nor drink will you then like
Gold and silver too will you un-like

If you wish not for-
Insane like this lunatic
And utter words so fanatic

A sip at first
And then may be again
But imbibe not all at once

May Lord have mercy on this lover
Insane indeed is what he utter

For, the gush and rush of Love
Throws him in a pitiless awe

Gold and silver appear too trivial
His own soul seem just little

Nothing worthy in this world nor next
To trade the madness of Love for a thing other