by Mujeeb Jaihoon

They say
Luck is on the same side of the bed
And wealth is due when itches your hand
Do knock on wood when speaking of good
And forget not to wish when fly stars-shoot

They say
Ill-luck will smile when pass cats black
And evil befall the one who will under a ladder walk
An apple a day will make doc to never come back
And 13th is the count which will your fortune hijack

But your love has taught me lessons other
My life and luck with you flock together

Luck is on the side where you rest
Wealth descends by your prayers blessed

Good knocks on door when you touch my heart
Stars shoot when I spend with you moments light

Your care is healing to body and mind
Your love will ward off hard from surround

No letter nor number will bring any fear
As long as I am locked in your arms dear

(To my wife on 13th marriage anniversary)