Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2017. Last updated Jan 16 2017

Mercy is the Mother. Justice her child.

Gadgets were made to wipe tears off Time’s face. Instead, it made Time bleed even more. #time #timelessness

If Gratitude be a tree, Happiness is its inevitable fruit. #gratitude #Happiness

Gratitude shall be the first synonym of Existence. #gratitude

Advertising. The art of manufacturing discontent among the have-nots. #advertising #media

Love is that ruthless robber who will loot and rout your sleep & friends.

Take lovers’s words neither lightly nor literally. Laws of land don’t apply to the insane.

Nowhere does the fragrance of freedom smell as sweet as when within the walls of prison.

Only the wounded will know the joy of healing. Alhamdulillah.

Love can afford to have very few friends but may attract lot many enemies. #Love #Dervish