Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2017.

As every year whispers adieu, Im constantly reminded that not even I can avert or divert the good destined for me. Embracing the new year with the same hope. InshaAllah.

Everyone admires the Rose for beauty and love. But the secretly adores the Full Moon at night.

All the pharmacies put together on one side. And my Mom’s Love on the other.

Behind every bankrupt Man is a spendthrift Woman. #bankruptcy #genderequity #genderneutral

If Love isn’t Jihad, what is? #Love #Jihad

Forgive the wrongs. Remember only in duas. #Arafah

Right to Privacy is rather a Divine Right. #RightToPrivacy

Indian politics always have an ‘extra’ concern for the tears of country’s Muslim women. #TripleTalaqOver #Hadia #Conversion

Dear Islamophobe. Forced Conversion is an ideological oxymoron, at least in Islam. #malappuram #conversion #islam

Dogs & cows have ‘ministerial’ admirers in Indian Parliament. Alas, lives of lil’ infants with 0 politics have no buyers. #GorakhpurTragedy

There’s cowards. And then there’s lunatics. When both combine, there’s terrorists: JAIHOON #BarcelonaAttacks #nototerrorism

Sanghi junkies may hide Mughals from textbooks & govt events. But could they resist millions of tourism $ frm their monuments? #DelhiInADay

A true friend is one who will not come to you even when in need: Jaihoon #HappyFriendshipDay #dignity

Love is a beautiful boat, sailing in the sea of tears & driven by the winds of pain: Jaihoon

If you long to swing in the cradle of Love, be ready burn in the fire-pit of Solitude too. : Jaihoon

Theories explain Leadership. Character demonstrates it: JAIHOON

Islam’s spirituality is essentially democratic, not patriarchal as its men innocently assume: Jaihoon

Women, in both the letter and spirit of Quran, are only as much biological & spiritual as the males are: Jaihoon >

There’s no door a child’s love cannot open: JAIHOON

A Cup of Tea with the beloved is better than swimming in the ocean of the heartless.

Life is too short to forget your loved ones: Jaihoon

The world needed a Beloved to endear. And the Beloved needed a world to manifest. Alas! Kun fa Yakun. #Sallallahualaihiwasallam #medina

We religiously allow the dentist to torture us in the name of tooth-fixing. But doubt the mercy of GOD when tested for our Faith. #Trials

Believing Tawhid is Imaan. Islam, its everyday application. #Tauhid #UnityofGod #Monotheism

Divine Indulgence is as holy as Human Abstinence: Jaihoon #EidMubarak #EidAlFitr #EidulFitr

Indian secularism is at its rock bottom level infected by the B- Virus. #Beef

When ask men, they are beggars. When to God, they become Kings: Jaihoon #lailatulqadr

There is a mysterious joy in asking HIM. #lailatulqadr

Let not your heart and eyes be blind the 99 blessings and you arrest your time and attention on just one trail in life. Feel #Alhamdulillah

Invest in Complements. Save on Diamonds. #Relationship #Love

Being rich won’t make you happy. Poor neither. That shows Happiness is least related to Wealth: Jaihoon

Sangh politics only cares about vote-Hindu and not devout Hindu. #cowslaughter #beefban

Wishing for a wish the way it should be wished will make the wish vanish to a Reality

Technology-driven beeps, rings, alerts and notifications have colonized our already ruined hearts.

Ramadan is right time to submit to Lord our bucket list of wishes with zero hesitation, since, the only limit is the size of your checklist.

The fabric of Human relationship is woven with the gentle thread of gratitude

The month-long affair of abstinence can automate certain repetitive acts of worship, which may kill the thrill of the Holy Ramadan

Theologians say Iman, Faith, is a 24/7 phenomenon for the Believer. While that sounds spiritually romantic, there is a hidden danger of men and women falling into the trap of familiarity and thereby losing the spark in the ecstasy of Faith.

Ramadan is the conscious swim against the mechanizing tide of our formulaic life

May Ramadan be the re-humanizing experience for our mechanized minds

Denial of truth coupled with arrogance – both of which are misdeeds of the heart- are grave sins in the eye of Allah, perhaps greater than killing or robbery.

An intellectual sin is more evil in the sight of Allah than those with our hands or feet.

Ramadan is the month of Quranic quotient

Even as Quran insists on the triviality of this earthly existence, it has set aside considerable verses, among others, detailing the distribution of inheritance, a matter which apparently has zero spiritual significance

While the Compassionate Lord has exempted young children from obligatory prayers, including the dawn prayer, our kids are forcefully ‘evicted’ from their beds as early as 5am! They sacrifice their sweet sleep in the name of the sweet-coated torment called ‘education’.

Children are children until the age of seven, at least. If Lord has exempted them from His worship, then who are we to torture them with studies?

Do our children have the time, and energy, to pick up social and moral skills after they reach home? Experts need to come with answers. And parents need to pray!

True Compassion should be color and race free. Only then does humanity attain its true meaning.

The content of today’s religious media is more theatrical than theological

Religion has not seen a greater calamity than Religiotainment, i.e. entertaining the senses at the expense of soul.

The beginning of this universe may be vague and controversial, but its ending is ultimate and absolute

The ruthlessly democratic Angel of Death, unfortunately, does not differentiate a saint from a simpleton

Death is as much or a degree more truer than Life itself. Mercifully, Death can only erase our bodily existence, not our life purpose. And that is our moral score over its annihilating force.

The highest aim of every life should be to strive to become the most original, i.e., to elevate oneself so high that no other soul is capable of reaching its greatness, in order to welcome the Angel of death with an assuring smile.

It is intention which transforms the mundane to the divine. Action is the rose. Intention, its fragrance.

Faith is beauty. It has to be presented beautifully as well.

This is the age of clash of ideas. Military aggression cannot guarantee sustainable results as much as an intellectual or a cultural onslaught.

There are wonderful dreams and beautiful realities in life which cannot be reduced to numbers. Life is quintessentially about quality, not quantity

Muslim blood, honor and freedom have become extra cheap, especially in traditional Islamic countries than in non-Muslim ones.

We need Allah for our dreams to come true. We need Him again to enable us again to thank Him and show our gratitude. For, thanking Him for the blessings is as important as having them.

Ramadan is that magnificent marathon in which Men and women run that extra ‘spiritual mile’ to win His Pleasure sans any leisure.

If the men were to get an individual reward for their fast, the home-making women may be receiving the reward equal to the number of the pampered men in the household.

Home is the abode of that ‘invisible injustice’ where tyranny reigns without a court hearing or media trial.

If we fail to restrain home-grown tyrants, then we will continue to face oppression from the State-borne despots and terrorist outfits

We need to start seeking pardon from the children at home first before all others. Children and their innocence are the source of all goodness from the Heavens

Humanity is the celebration of Allah’s creative glory and magnificence. And Ramadan is the time to celebrate it in full color and vigor

Every manufacturer has a right to recall or dissolve its products. The ultimate ownership of a thing rests with its Maker. #Death #Destiny

A painter does not have to justify why the painting was trashed nor a poet to rationalize why the poem was torn apart. We generally call it a wrong only if one harms a thing which belongs to someone else.Verily, this whole universe belongs to Allah

GOD is not bound to justify His majestic justice to befit the the logic of our subjective reasoning.

Our salvation is by His Mercy alone. Hence, the last thing you want to ask for is His justice!

Hate mongers take note, don’t mess with Medina, the city of love and compassion.

Having completed the transformational 30th days of refrain and restrain, the challenge for the Ramadanian candidate is now to re-live the that culture of generosity and piety.

It is Man’s love for the impossible which raises man higher than the angels in the spiritual skies.

Our worry of future uncertainties is partly driven by our futile certainty of a long life

#Time is a deceptive drink. It tastes differently in different modes of existence: Jaihoon

Anticipation is to Travel what kisses are for Love. One incites and stimulates the other: Jaihoon

The hands of #Democracy beautifies but blemishes too. It charms and harms with the very same chant: Jaihoon

With the bottled wine, you lose sight of the near and dear. With the wine of heart, you envision the distant future today: Jaihoon

#Truth knows no strangers. Ignorance breeds Arrogance and Abhorrence. Both are enemies of humanity: Jaihoon

Everything has a time and place. The wheel of Destiny will roll at its own pace: Jaihoon #patience

Become sea-like, not a swampy lake: Jaihoon #discovery

Faiths should function as the operating manual for ensuring merciful human relations: Jaihoon #religions #interfaith

#Marriage is for the Lion-hearts. And the leftover love, for the chickens: Jaihoon

Sensuality alone triumphs when claim of #Love is divorced from reality of Responsibility: Jaihoon

#Marriage is to wrap the gift of love with the ribbon of #Responsibility: Jaihoon

Art and Thought would nourish only in the cradle of #Security. Bullies and Bullets would not enrich the breeding ground for genius: Jaihoon

Nature and people should be in harmonious sync with one another. That is the secret recipe to modern happiness: Jaihoon

Ethnic richness is replaced by lackluster uniformity: Jaihoon #globalisation #monoculture

There is limitless joy during the romance between human head and earthly ground. Divine Love rushes to that point of meet and greet: Jaihoon

Guides are common in tours and travels. But do we show the same willingness to find a Guide in larger life: Jaihoon

The Adamic project is reduced to alphanumeric realities verifiable only by soulless machines: Jaihoon

Purpose is the King of journeys: Jaihoon

Seed of Innovation will suffer an premature death in the lap of Comfort Zone: Jaihoon #innovation #comfortzone

Saintly scholars & scholarly saints of every religion traveled widely to discover new knowledge materials: Jaihoon

Travel restrictions, coupled with political rivalries between modern nations, handicap present-day wandering souls: Jaihoon #travel

Our soul loves mobility. Hence, we will become insane if put in a dark room with zero human interaction & no freedom to move around: Jaihoon

We came from an unknown departure point and, via death, we are heading to equally unknown destination: Jaihoon

A large number of modern men and women are completely enslaved to lifeless gizmos which make all kinds of choices on their behalf: Jaihoon

The Adamic project is reduced to alphanumeric realities verifiable only by soulless machines: Jaihoon

When Arab Nationalism betrayed Islamic Caliphate, Imperialism smiled and subsequently Zionism triumphed in the Holy Land. #GreatBetrayal

What’s a #Campus? #History sleep in its cradle. #Philosophy strengthen its pillars. #Science water its gardens. Theology plaster its walls.

Teachers today create intelligent imitators. A true mentor will sanctify the Self from the soil of imitation: Jaihoon

Dignity of Belief is better than arrogance of Reason: Jaihoon

Every morning comes with its own dew: Jaihoon

Times change and so do the tricks of the Devil: Jaihoon

True Religion is to Smash the Idol of Self Worship: Jaihoon

The primordial Self has conquered the world of creed and deed: Jaihoon

East and West are equally corrupt now with the worship of self: Jaihoon

Water is the plunder of the thirsty alone: Jaihoon

Intellectual labor should be a vital component of Social Service: Jaihoon (Talk at #Kannur Dt. #Dubai #KMCC #Leadership Camp)

Compliance and conformity are for the feeble minds and faint hearts: Jaihoon

Drift and dissent are the seeds of human intellectual progress: Jaihoon

Progress is where Dissent is: Jaihoon #Cambridge #dissent

The seed of most modern cultures are conceived in the minds of incredible individuals and institutions: Jaihoon

Anticipation is to Time what Housemaker’s hands are for Dough: Jaihoon

Monarchy and Christianity are intensely interwoven into the cultural identity of the Britain: Jaihoon #Britain

Prayers are our currency to buy stocks of dreams and ambitions: Jaihoon #prayers #dreams

Dreams are the candies we thankfully grab from the Magnanimous Fate-Smith: Jaihoon #dreams #God

Eyes refuse to bow when Curiosity adds fuel to the fire of Anticipation: Jaihoon #sleep

#Prayers command more Horsepower than any Human Invention: Jaihoon

#Consumerism preaches the gospel of immortal pleasures for this mortal world: Jaihoon

Muslims have to be not only environment-friendly, but neighborhood-compliant as well: Jaihoon

Worshipping the Lord does not have to mean intimidating His creations, be they of any #faith denomination, or no faith at all: Jaihoon

To believe well is to behave well, with #neighbors: Jaihoon

Politicians, not Faith, Feed on Conflicts: Jaihoon #Harmony #Tolerance

Girls are inherently used to combining, read as confusing, #Diamond and Heart with equal sincerity: Jaihoon

Every nation today almost has a Chinatown. It may be better said every #Chinatown has a nation around it: Jaihoon

Planned Journeys Inform. Unplanned ones Inspire: Jaihoon #Travel #journey

The tick of Time is the kick of life: Jaihoon #death #life

Life consumes the drink of Time sip by sip until the cup runs dry. Death is the unexpected residue at the bottom we bitterly consume:Jaihoon

Time is inseparably woven into humanity’s DNA material chasing his dreams and ambitions: Jaihoon #death

Part of the beauty of earthly life is its untold finitude: Jaihoon
The Straight Path to the Garden isn’t a smooth and silky ride always. It never will be: Jaihoon

Human life is precious. Too precious to be offered at the altar of heedlessness: Jaihoon #accident #Traffic

Sustaining a tradition in globalize world demand both brains and balls as well: Jaihoon

Is #History all about just horses but no doves, pigeons or butterflies?: Jaihoon

Does Past have to be painted by blood alone? Was force the only language of Past?: Jaihoon #history

Priest and politician are only the visible nails of the invisible hands of #Corporations: Jaihoon

#Corporations script and sculpt infinite number of #conflicts suited to their greed: Jaihoon

Well-behaved citizens are the real ambassadors of a land: Jaihoon

Investing in developing people’s etiquettes will invoke greater dividends in marketing a destination than billboards or event sponsorships

A country or culture is read more so by the vocal and body language of their people than by their monuments or events: Jaihoon #culture

Journeys Supercharge Eagerness: Jaihoon #Travel

Apparent Beauty ends in shallow eyes. Veiled beauty penetrates deep into the heart: Jaihoon #beauty #veil

Prayer is better than sleep. And Love is better than prayer. Hence, Love is better than sleep. – Jaihoon

Love and Sanity cannot co-exist in the same heart. #BelovedCalls Sallallahualaihiwasallam

Women are actually Stronger Men with the Womb

Islam is a Garden of diverse flowers. To insist it’s beauty from a single flower is lunacy at its best. #diversity #multiculture #faith

In the name of upholding morale of its ‘peacekeepers’, how can a regime suppress an entire people and their culture and then expect Peace?

Human dignity has to be upheld. Whichever side of the conflict one may be. #war #KashmirResists #KashmirArmyKeSaath

Rebellious souls can seldom afford the luxury of socializing. #solitude

With everything going smart, it’s become hard to find anything ‘average’ these days. 🤔
The only known cure for Love-sickness is there is no cure at all. #JumaMubarak #Love

Too much of anything isn’t good for health. Not even religion. 😇

Till recently, ‘O Lord. Save me from others oppression’. Technology is forcing us to rephrase: ‘O Lord. Save others from my excesses’

Ya Mustafa. The dust of your courtyard may be the mascara in those glittering eyes of heaven’s hoors. Sallallahualaihiwasallam

Earthen Jar. Heavenly Wine. Life, then, would be sweeter than Death. #Life #Death #LifeafterDeath

Baking Bread is not less honorable than Earning it #SpiritualFeminism #EqualitybeyondEconomics #womensday

Madina electrifies the body. Madina illuminates the mind. Love for the unloved. Hope for oppressed. Ship of the sinking. Well for thirsty

Madina intoxicates the conscious and invigorates the unconscious. Sallallahualaihiwasallam

Visible Violence. Invisible Values. #Life

Culture is King. Military it’s Minion. #Culture #Military #Sharjah

Blood Begets Blood. Hate too. #Violence #TerroristAttack

Past, the Subject. Present its Successive Predicate. #History #Past

To Believe well is to Behave Well #Harmony #tolerance

Behind every successful man is a woman. Unsuccessful too. #PoliticalScandal

No one can stop the good destined for you. Not even yourself. #lessonoftheweek #Alhamdulillah

Orthodox Islam attempts to fix Irreligiosity. Sufi Islam cures the self righteous dangers of Religiosity.

To become unloved and unwanted is perhaps the greatest pain of this earthly life. #unloved

Truth does not always come wrapped in smilies and flowers. #reality #truth

The Hijab cloth-piece does greater da’wa than all preachers’ efforts put together. 😊 #hijabban

No one does free PR for all things Islam brand as much as the Islamophobes do. #Islamophobia

To Travel is a virtue. Stillness, hence, a Sin #travelwriting

Politics is the art of the impossible. And Art is the politics of deception. #INDIAELECTIONS

The perfect spouse is one who differs his or her wish for the preference of the Other. #Love

It’d be difficult for a God-conscious man to see or hear anything with other than the God-element in them.

Knowledge is a Ship. Pride, it’s dreaded Pirate. #Pride

Success is the Crop. Gratitude it’s Rain. #gratitude

The only ‘wage’ we owe to our Creator for His blessings is Gratitude. #gratitude

We are so used to getting tensed about the other two Tenses that we totally miss the Present one. #focusonthemoment

Joy is as much an enemy of Sleep as pain is. #Alhamdulillah #happy #sleepless

With Time, man is constrained. Without, he’d be confused. #timeless

If Culture is the king, Courtesy is his crown. #courtesycounts

#Travelban is barbaric both in idea and execution. This should be age for bridge-building, not wall-making. #MuslimBan #NoWallNoBan

Actual money is the residue left after deducting all the stress and strain of managing it. #WealthManagement #MoneyMatters

No greater Tutor than Death to understand Life. #death #life

Mercy is the Mother. Justice her child.

Gadgets were made to wipe tears off Time’s face. Instead, it made Time bleed even more. #time #timelessness

If Gratitude be a tree, Happiness is its inevitable fruit. #gratitude #Happiness

Gratitude shall be the first synonym of Existence. #gratitude

Advertising. The art of manufacturing discontent among the have-nots. #advertising #media

Love is that ruthless robber who will loot and rout your sleep & friends.

Take lovers’s words neither lightly nor literally. Laws of land don’t apply to the insane.

Nowhere does the fragrance of freedom smell as sweet as when within the walls of prison.

Only the wounded will know the joy of healing. Alhamdulillah.

Love can afford to have very few friends but may attract lot many enemies. #Love #Dervish