One really can’t blame the modern man (and woman) for the numerous special occasions in a year. We have become so busy that we need a ‘Day’ to celebrate each of our relationships.

Our individual materialistic lifestyle dictates that we can spare no more than ‘a’ day for our dear and near ones. The sentiments, emotions, feelings- or whatever else- attached to such days is meant for that day alone. Thus nobody is to be blamed if the mother is not cared for after the Mother’s Day or if the father is not respected after Father’s Day or if friends are left out beyond the Friendship Day.

What prompted Jaihoon to think so was a question posed by a colleague during a busy and breathless office schedule. “So what are you giving her for Valentine’s day?”

I must admit that such a question was never anticipated from a 40+ lady absorbed in her office assignments. But the reply was as spontaneous and short as the question itself. “Everyday is a Valentine’s Day for me”

Human relationships are invisible and perpetual bonds established between hearts. And heart is free from seasons of the year. Lovers need not wait for the arrival of summer and winter to show their craze for the their loved ones.

It would be wrong to say that gifts have absolutely no impact on love. It may strengthen and broaden the fine thread that knit two tender hearts. Exchange of gifts are known to man since the days of Adam and Eve during the pre-earth days.

But such exchange requires no appointed day!

Everything in this world was created for man. The passing of day and night, the shifts in seasons, sea and land, sun and moon, months and years… are for man. Every day of the year is the day of man.

Only a foolish lover would wait for a Feb 14th to express the fire kindling inside his heart. He should realize that life on this earth is short and every moment is too precious to waste. His single-day expression of love would only help the gift vendors. The red roses would lose their scent within hours. But his heart would contain the fragrance of love forever.

It may not be out of place to suggest that he may donate the money spent on the fancy gifts to an orphan on the street and in return ask to pray for the stability and strength of his love. Who knows God might accept the cry of a slave bitten by the pangs of hunger!

Feb- 14 2005