The days of Sun and Mon pass by,
But the kite of your memories still flies high

O coolness of my eyes!
O the warmth of my heart!

Even as I hide my pain absorbed
In the world of zeroes and ones
My heart aches all the more
To see of your compassionate smile

The heart translates its pain into tears,
Why? So that I realize all the more its pain

Wise ones say that distance in love is a fortune,
(And that) love grows more and more in such state

O the sweet warrior who cut the pride of my intellect
The sun of my victory shone as I lost to your love

The blood of His Mercy in me flowed
As you wounded me with your tender sword (of love)

Jaihoon has no more selfish claims to raise,
For all those he received to Him belongs praise

O love-filled pearl.
Give this empty shell a melodious rhyme
That which he can sing until you shall one day come

The days of Sun and Mon pass by,
But the kite of your memories still flies high

March 04, 2005. Inspired before Asr prayer


This poem describes our love for our loved ones as they go far from us, leaving behind a stock of memories. Even as the days in the week pass, our longing for them only rises higher. We may try to keep ourselves busy with various engagements, but their thought still haunt us. It is as if the heart is making use of the eyes bringing tears to explain its pain to us.
There is a poetic saying among common people that distance is beneficial for love. However, the ones suffering in such a state cannot submit to such a ‘common sense’. The beloved conquers the heart of the lover, not by stern words or use of force, but by sincere love and sacrifices. And such defeats are in fact the victory for the lover who is constantly reminded about the Mercy of Allah.

Days of Sun and Mon : Sundays and Mondays or the days of week.

world of zeroes and ones: World of Technology

Pride of Intellect: Reason when left unchecked becomes arrogant and unmindful of the emotional aspect of man disregarding his sentiments like love.