Jaihoon at Medina

In order to save the heart from death-blood, it is inevitable to unyoke from the comfort-shell of kinship and get soaked in tears of Beloved’s longing.

Left I behind my earthly home
Where lived my father and mom
Parted I from my Passionate Pair
Entrusting her with the lil ones I rear

Bid I farewell to the world
Trust where was rotten
Times many from the same hole
Were I snakebitten

Separation in love makes the Lover sick
But for the Rose, world entire is thorn-prick


For this Fish to swim
Flower to bloom
Bird to fly, and
Heart to sigh

It has to from all comfort-shell unyoke
And in the tears of Beloved’s love soak

Eyes need to liberate its tear-flood
To save the heart from death-blood

Cried I,

Ascend to Throne His
Ascension yours
Descend to feet yours
Ascension mine

Children when hurt to parents rush
Your love for me is times thousand much

Separated from you have my soul froze
Wrap me in your blanket, O ‘Wrapped one’

In this world nor next
None have I to call mine
In this world nor next
None for soul to befriend

My feet are wounded
With sins am I haunted

Turn me not back
For the purity I lack
Veil over veil did this Nightingale don
To sing at this Holy ‘Garden’

In the name of seeking Him
To His Beloved have I come’

As I unlocked my forlorn tale
A scent of hope did I inhale

Hope then turned into faith
Faith then grew in strength

But refused I still to believe
Like Zakaria asked I for a sign

And as walked I from garden afar
Dust and mist filled the warm air

Heavens up nodded with a smile
And drops of rain into my eyes fell

And danced I like a madman
In joy and tears did I moan
Uttered I words out of place
Lost had I rein over my sense

Madness of joy?
Or Madness of love?

Whatever may it be
Honey was it for this Bee

Life had got its prize
Soul could now be at peace

– Mujeeb Jaihoon
Rajab 26, Medina