Lovers repeat and rotate the same old tale of love masquadering with new symbols, just like the deceptive wine-seller— an eccentric poem by Jaihoon

The same old wine I sell
But different names I tell…

Two slaves of God once secretly conversed
What wish at their hearts had they rehearsed

One slave said,

“I care not for the life on the earth
I kept my wish for the life after death

The desire of my soul is naught but one
All I wish is nothing but a glimpse of Him

The drop finds joy in the Sea alone
For years have I worshipped Him not seen”

The other replied

“I too wish for your desire
Your words have set me on fire

But for another wish do I crave
Which in this world I hope to have (it)

Before I stand on Tur as Kalim
I wish to have a sight of Mim

Let my face radiate from that Full Moon
Whose light shines over the sun at mid-noon

All the sages who before him lived
Craved to be in his caravan led’

O reader!

Is it a wonder that Jaihoon is eager for that Face to be seen
Even the Lord invited him to come near His throne

Ah! Tale upon tale-
That same old tale I repeat

The same old wine I sell
But different names I tell

The nightingale will naturally return
Where the Rose is that makes him yearn

The atom shall revolve around the nucleus
Pulled by a force more than a hundred horses


The same old wine I sell
But different names I tell.

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam!

April 05 2005.