– Jaihoon

The same old wine I sell
But different names I tell…

Two slaves of God once secretly conversed
What wish at their hearts had they rehearsed

One slave said,

“I care not for the life on the earth
I kept my wish for the life after death

The desire of my soul is naught but one
All I wish is nothing but a glimpse of Him

The drop finds joy in the Sea alone
For years have I worshipped Him not seen”

The other replied

“I too wish for your desire
Your words have set me on fire

But for another wish do I crave
Which in this world I hope to have (it)

Before I stand on Tur as Kalim
I wish to have a sight of Mim

Let my face radiate from that Full Moon
Whose light shines over the sun at mid-noon

All the sages who before him lived
Craved to be in his caravan led’

O reader!

Is it a wonder that Jaihoon is eager for that Face to be seen
Even the Lord invited him to come near His throne

Ah! Tale upon tale-
That same old tale I repeat

The same old wine I sell
But different names I tell

The nightingale will naturally return
Where the Rose is that makes him yearn

The atom shall revolve around the nucleus
Pulled by a force more than a hundred horses


The same old wine I sell
But different names I tell.

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam!

April 05 2005. Inspired after a lecture


Seeing the Creator is the final desire of a believer which is fulfilled in Paradise. However, some of them also nurse an ambition to see His Beloved in this earthly world. And the Blessed One do appear to them in their dreams! It is reported in authentic hadiths that Satan cannot impersonate the form of Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Tur…Kalim: The Mount Tur where Prophet Moses (as) fainted as he had a reflection of the Ultimate Realty.

Mim: The first arabic letter of Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Even the Lord invited him: The incident of Al-miraj